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Older News

April 30, 2021

  • 2 new products for Gear – Frozen Peas for the Cool Packer and Balsamic Vinegar, for the Wine Maker.
  • 4 new Achievements!
    – Spring in Bloom, the achievement for early spring flowers, at your request. This one will count and reward you retroactively, since the time you won the contest and started harvesting the flowers and flower shrubs.
    – The Mother Lode, the achievement for mining (breaking any type of rock, inside and outside the mine).
    – Captain’s Log, the achievement for logging (forestry), for cutting down any tree or wild bush from Bellflower Meadow.
    – Foraging Around, the achievement for foraging and clearing grass.
  • 1 new plant to study and forage for, after you find its Botanical Plate. The plate can be found on your farm, and the wild edible can be found in Bellflower Meadow.
  • 2 new camp recipes for the Log Cabin. You will notice we chose kitchy (or beautiful, depending who you ask) plates for these dishes, that nicely match the Log Cabin vibe. They will appear after you study the new Botanical Plate.
  • improved harvesting for shrubs (now you can click on all their area, not just the base).
  • fixed Truck theme reverting to Easter on refresh.

Happy Farming!

April 10, 2021

  • added a new quest, required to unlock unlimited seeds for Early Spring Flowers (so these flowers can be just like your regular seeds, not fussy like the Glass Gem Corn). Available for contest winners, of course. Check how to plant shrubs here:
  • surprise feature! – while working on implementing the new shrubs, we thought it would be cool to do some edgings for the shrub beds, so you can decorate your farm even more. We released only 1 stone model now, available in the Decorations tab. More coming soon.
  • added the new game modifications required for flowers: 2 new filtering options in the Seeds tab, Shrubs and Flowers, that show up in your Barn as a possibility to filter by Flowers.
  • not yet implemented: shrubs in Greenhouses time reduction; Joe harvesting shrubs.
  • added a new Barn filtering option for starred plants in the “All” tab, ideal when you want to sell silver and gold star crops and fruits by putting them in Crazy Crates. Instead of having them in 4 places, or mixed up with everything else, you have them all in one place.

NOTE 1 – In the future, for more diversity, accuracy and fun, we will respect the real plant cycles, and make the Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Coffee perennial plants (in the game, called shrubs). We might also add another soil type for the Grapes, so they look like those nice vineyards from Napa Valley or Tuscany.

What’s the difference in the game between shrubs and crops? Crops are annual plants, meaning they grow only once, and shrubs are perennial plants, meaning they grow multiple times before you need to cut them down.

What are the advantages of shrubs? 

  • you will harvest shrubs multiple times, instead of only once, so harvesting and needing to replant is reduced.
  • possibility to customize your shrub beds with various bed edgings – see the Decorations tab.
  • your farm will look more diverse and more accurate to how a real farm looks like.

What are the disadvantages of shrubs?

  • the only “disadvantage” is you will have to decide what Plots to replace with Shrub Beds, as Shrub Beds are counted as Plots. Of course, you can leave your plots as they are and not plant any shrubs. 🙂 In this case, to complete the new quest and use the spring flowers, we suggest deleting 40 plots, planting the shrubs to complete the quest, deleting them, then putting the plots back.

NOTE 2 –  attention! – Lilac, for example, costs 355 coins, and a harvest is 103 coins, but you have 4 harvests in total before you will need to cut it down, so that is 412 coins, plus 1 Bush Wood (13 coins), bringing the plant to a total of 425 coins. So, although it may seem the harvested plant is less than what you buy from the Seeds tab, take into account that you harvest it multiple times.

April 4, 2021

  • Easter is here! Details about the event are available in this article:  We’ll update the article with more info in the following days.
  • be sure to check our Fan Page, where 5 Candy Sprinkles Jars 2021 and 100 Fertilizer (5×20) are available inside the text of our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the contest and plants!

Happy Easter from the CLM team! 🙂 

March 30, 2021

  • highly improved the game working in background, a feature that we hope will help you in Competitions.
  • added the Delivery Expert badge, that can be turned into a Delivery Genius badge to show off to your Neighbors, if you REALLY like doing Orders.

March 29, 2021

  • more performance improvements. You will find a new setting for graphics quality – Optimized and High. The differences are really small in terms of quality (we ourselves can hardly see the difference), but the Optimized version uses about half the video memory. We highly recommend you leave it on Optimized, and only players with medium or high performance computers that can keep 60 FPS easily use the High setting. Again, we still have a few more ideas regarding performance improvements, but now players with low performance graphic cards should not get the black/grey screen or “game not loading” issues related to this or Swiftshader.
  • Easter event will arrive a bit late this year, but will be here. We focused on the performance issues, so you can have a smooth experience playing the game, and it took a bit of time.
  • added Frank’s Exchange Office as a tab in your XP bar, if you have too much of some items and too few of others. Don’t ask us about the rate. It’s Frank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A few players wrote us about Joe requiring too much Energy, with all the new activities, that you have to wait for Energy, and that it’s hard to keep up with all the new stuff. We wish to address this issue:

     1. You ARE NOT required to do all tasks! The game is not designed in a way requiring you to do all tasks.
     2. The game is designed to give you more activities to choose from, to complete in the same amount of time as before (planting/harvesting, processing crops plus an extra activity with Joe (logging, mining, digging)).
     3. Increasing Joe’s Energy so that you complete all activities would be presumptive of us regarding your time. Some players wrote us complaining they don’t have time do do all the new activities. That is precisely the reason Joe’s Energy is kept at 60! If you had energy to complete all activities, it would take up a lot of your time, because you would feel compelled to do them all.
     4. Increasing Joe’s Energy would also ruin the balance of the game. We designed activities with Joe to give nice coin rewards, and adding more Energy would make things unbalanced. Many games that are unbalanced would lead you to do only the activity most rewarding, and that will lead to low amounts of fun while playing the game in no time.
     5. You don’t have to wait for Energy, as it’s not required. If you choose to do so, or if you want to progress faster, there’s not much we can do about it, of course. But, if you feel that waiting for Energy is not fun we would suggest you wait until your crops are ready, and then, with the Energy you have, choose to do an activity that seems most fun for you at that moment. This is the best way to use Joe, in our opinion.
     6. HOWEVER – we think we understand where the problem is: that no matter what you do with Joe, you never have a sense of completion like you have with crops. With crops, you can say “ok, all my crops are done, job finished!”. We have plans to address this issue. That is why we have Joe’s skills (the data is being logged thing). We will implement that as soon as we can.

March 23, 2021

  • massive performance improvements, due to some memory optimizations, especially when going between farm and Bellflower Meadow or visiting neighbors. To celebrate, we decided to give everybody 5 RC (popup will appear at your next reload). We’ll keep an eye for other possible places to improve the game’s performance.
  • fixed a 5364 bug related to chickens on automation.
  • fixed shop page reseting to first page when planting crops.

March 12, 2021

  • Maple Syrup is here! It is made in the Evaporator, the only Gear you can have in Bellflower Meadow. This is an important gameplay update, that partially closes the big trees gameplay hole. We couldn’t help and created a minigame to make the syrup. You can craft it yourself, for the chance of Silver and Gold Star Maple Syrup, or you can let it run on auto, to make regular one. With very detailed animations and sounds to accompany you during the 3 minutes it takes to make a bottle, we don’t think there’s anything quite like it out there.
    – be sure to go to our Fan Page for some free gifts, and if you like the new Gear, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE!
    – here is the guide for all there is to know about making Maple Syrup:
    – key info – to get all the required items for an operation with 9 taps (the minimum recommended), it will take you quite a while. But a daily profit of about 20.000 coins (if you make the gold syrup) for a 9 taps operation can be well worth it. If you go for an operation with 18 or 27 taps… well, you do the math! 🙂
    – this new feature is a beta release, so prices, times, etc. can change, based on your feedback.
  • added new decorations and reworked some of the old ones. You can flip some of them 4 ways (meaning you can see them from the back). To do so, just press Space while having them selected with the Move tool. You can also filter Decorations from the new subfiltering menu bottom of the Decorations tab (Flags, Tiles, Fences and Gates, etc).
  • added sorting by silver star in Recipes in the Kitchen popup, and added new Silver Star Pancakes, that you can make with Regular Maple Syrup (of all grades). Plus, Jerome now asks for Silver or Gold Star Maple Syrup. This adds a new twist to your syrup crafting, because you will have to aim for exactly the type of syrup required.
  •  various gameplay and usability changes and improvements, including a bug that wouldn’t let you rotate tiles and changing the times for the Smelter to acomodate the new gameplay.
  • Joe and Tyrone have signed the Armistice of 12 March 2021, deciding to put the Snowball Fight on pause until next winter. Hostilities will end in 3 days.

February 23, 2021

  • changed the popup title colors to something more subdued, so that your content is emphasized, not the UI. Plus, by removing the text effects, the game performance increases a bit.
  • fixed a bug where when transporting Glass Gem Corn from the farm to Bellflower Meadow would not update it in the Shop (it updated at refresh, though).

February 20, 2021

  • added a 2X order for Glass Gem Corn Display Stand (finally). It appears once every 7 days, just in time after you’ve completed one Stand.
  • shortened the animations for the truck between farms (twice faster now).
  • added shortcuts when hovering over the Map icon and inside the Trucking Menu, so you can go to Bellflower Meadow and back with just 1 click. The map is mainly for world building and checking if your crops are ready in BfM.
  • added preloader messages, that differ depending on where you’re going – to neighbors, Bellflower Meadow, the farm.
  • various fixes for graphical glitches when going fullscreen and exiting The Mines.

February 17, 2021

  • Barn improvements and optimizations
    – removed the Sell button on every item that was doing nothing but sending you to the Train, and added only one button bottom right of the Barn window.
    – added more space for the item names and improved their hover behavior, since many players suggested it.
    – made the Barn tabs more colorful, to improve visibility.
    – replaced the Sell for text with an icon, and kept the total quantity value for an item when you hover over the item price.
    – fixed various other small bugs and usability improvements related to the Barn.
  • fixed a Quests bug not updating the progress.

February 15, 2021

  • fixed Turkey cravings bubble having multiple icons.
  • fixed Peacock showing a lot of cravings bubbles when returning to the game window after a long period.
  • improved collect animations for Ice, Beeswax, Alpaca Wool, Walnuts. Now, they don’t fly like missiles, and for Beeswax and Ice, you also get a white text bottom right of your screen, when you get one, just in case the game window wasn’t showing the Beehives or Cool Packers.
  • fixed Log Cabin freezing on decorating quest.
  • fixed Train timetables opening multiple times.
  • in Train timetables, hovering over Next Order fruits and veggies now shows your quantity from Barn and Old Shack.
  • fixed Axe, Pickaxe not appearing when crafting is done (they appeared at refresh, though).
  • fixed Train smoke showing above the tunnel, when Train is in the tunnel.
  • fixed Engineering speedup not working.
  • fixed Alpaca showing smoke instead of wool when shearing, and Train showing wool instead of smoke when running. This also fixed a performance glitch.Note: we patched quite a few other performance glitches over the last few weeks, and we continue to investigate all possible performance drops, such as the one where the game slows down after a long period of playing (in some browsers, and only in some cases) — only fix for this for now is to restart the browser, not to refresh the game. Our thinking is something is stuck in a loop that keeps growing, since the initial performance of the game is very good. Also, we noticed sounds get distorted in some cases, and this also affects the performance, in some cases and only sometimes.

February 5, 2021

  • fixed not being able to click on the whole Truck area.
  • fixed a bug when the Lemonade Stand menu froze when navigating through the lemonade recipes.
  • improved the “Go To X…” little  buttons from Barn and Orders board to show more locations.
  • fixed Joe’s hat UI (user interface) freezing when adding to it (farmers without a backpack).
  • added Water Well, Engineering and others to be transparent when using the transparency toggler.

February 4, 2021

  • new tools menu – we rearranged the tools drawer, by the most-often used buttons in the game.
  • better interface to customize your Herbs Garden. Instead of a button popping up everywhere, now it only appears in a corner, away from your herbs. This also applies to all your customizable items – Kitchen Craft Shack, Cat and Dog houses, Truck.
  • we CODED THE HOUSES so you can add them to the Warehouse.
  • fixed the flags not appearing (again).
  • removed the beta banner from the header, and added it as an optional quest. You can hide the quest (orange circle with white arrow), and it will stay hidden for 5 game reloads. Then it will appear, so you don’t forget about this option. 
    – Also, since the beta period for BfM is over and all players with old farms have a pretty good idea about the new land, if you will buy land in BfM now, you won’t have the possibility to revert back.
    – Also, we added a popup to inform that the link to revert back for existing players with BFM will disappear in 7 days from the moment you see the popup. We strongly advise you not to revert back, because you will lose all your progress up until that point, plus the eventual Christmas prizes (goat, snowball fight, etc). The revert back feature was meant as trying BfM for a few days and decide, not to play with it for moths.
  • added oak seeds under a protected tree in BfM, so you don’t get to a dead end if you sold all seeds by mistake when also having all oak trees cut.
  • fixed refresh game button not working.

January 29, 2021

  • simplified how seeding/harvesting with Joe works:
    – replaced all the seeding/harvesting templates 50% you had with seeding/harvesting templates 100%. Not many people used those.
    – all seeding/harvesting templates 100% are now simply called seeding/harvesting templates.
    – Tyrone now offers the 100% ones instead of the 50% ones.
    We hope you’ll find seeding/harvesting with Joe much simpler to use now.
  • enhanced Joe’s backpack UI and made it to look like backpack, same color as the one you purchased. If you buy an upgrade, the popup will change the color accordingly. You will also find a handy navigation menu under any of Joe’s popup windows, to easily toggle through them if you’ve pressed a different button by mistake.
  • fixed saved plans not working/freezing, especially when plan names contained numbers.
  • fixed stove repair in Log Cabin.
  • fixed Trophy medals appearing on all places in Competitions popup.
  • fixed construction woodpile not showing next to the bridge when switching farms.
  • fixed BfM crops/trees ready info not showing after switching farms (hovering over the little tree in BfM map now works every time and opens the popup).

January 22, 2021

  • added more brackets in levels above 180 in Competitions, in increments of 5 levels (beta).
  • increased fruit trees limits. You now are allowed to plant more trees on your farm. Go to XP bar > Skill Points to see how many more you can plant.
  • increased “default” Farmer Skill Points you can redistribute from 5 to 8. Now, you can configure your farm even more!
  • changed the way Orchard Grass works and increased its daily growth from 5 to 8 during Competitions, so you can harvest 60 daily to give to Tyrone in exchange for Fuel.
  • you can now find the minerals to craft axes about 20% easier. Please note that a while ago we also significantly increased the rewards for the orders to Sarah, so using 100 or more Energy to find minerals to craft an axe is normal, and the reward is proportional if not more, compared to other activities you spend Joe’s energy on. Plus, we aim much more things to find while mining, so in the near future, those 100+ clicks on mining will give even better rewards.
  • bug fixes and improvements:
    – fixed a bug about not receiving Orchard Grass when helping Neighbors.
    – graphical enhancements and improvements.

January 18, 2021

It’s bug fixing week! We won’t add new features until we fix the bugs you reported, and implement some gameplay changes you suggested. Please also note that we’re overwhelmed with messages, we are trying to answer all of them as fast as we can, and we apologize if our answer to you will come in a longer than usual period.

  • fixed a 5307 out of sync when cutting big trees in BfM.
  • fixed Snowball Fight not working after visiting Neighbors.
  • Cat can now walk around the farm again.
  • fixed News page scrolling down by itself for some players.
  • fixed Log Cabin not appearing while under construction in BfM.
  • fixed chickens not eating all the corn.

NOTE 1: we will soon remove the banner above the game for players without BfM, and add it as an optional Quest in your quest sidebar.

NOTE 2: for players just trying out BfM, we will add a period of “test time”, then we will ask if they want to continue with BfM, or revert to the old farm. If the player chooses to continue (the best choice, in our opinion), they won’t be able to get back to the previously saved farm. Some players played for months with BfM, they completed the Winter Contest, got the Angora Goat, then clicked to get back to the saved farm from months ago, and lost the Angora Goat. We want to prevent such things in the future.

January 13, 2021

  • added the Snowball Fight. Click here to see how to play:
    – you earn 15 Snowballs/day by being a daily player.
    – purchased Snowballs (OPs tab) give better rewards than those earned.
    As usual, your feedback about the snowball fight is welcomed, and we develop and adjust it based on your feedback. 🙂
  • added quantity info for Old Shack/Barn/Backpack when hovering over ALL items, so you know, for example, how much minerals you have in your Barn when you’re in the Mines or in BfM. Also, for the minerals, hovering over the mineral picture in the Barn/Backpack/Old Shack shows how much each Axe requires.

January 4, 2021

  • added Angora Goat. You can make a Mohair Scarf in the Weaver, and in the future much more textile products, but in a different way. Important thing is to have all the natural and luxurious fibers first.
  • simplified the way the Chicken Coop and Goat Tower work, to be more intuitive and fix a few issues. This will allow us to have animals with different characteristics in the same coop or tower.
    Example, for a coop with 3 Leghorn Chickens:
    – before: 1 egg in 24 seconds, 3 eggs in 72 seconds.
    – after: 1 egg in 72 seconds, BUT you can feed them at the same time, so you will have 3 eggs in the same 72 seconds.
    As a bonus, the other chickens now make eggs faster, so you will have 3 eggs in 65 seconds (instead of 72), for example, for the Easter Egger.
  • fixed the random nature of how chickens laid eggs. Now, if you have 3 different chicken breeds in a coop, you will always get 3 different eggs. So, no more shuffling around chickens between coops in order to get the same type of egg.

Snowball fight between Tyrone and Joe, chimney with stockings in BfM for players who completed the collection twice and the Collection in the Collections tab coming after this update.

We wish to apologize for the late publishing of the animal prize – it took us way longer than expected, due to the complexity involved. Good news is, beside fixing the above mentioned quirks, the work is already done for a cool upcoming feature, that will put that old fence in Bellflower Meadow to good use.

December 29, 2020

  • fixed game freezing when harvesting from the Herbs Garden.
  • repaired easy clicking to fill out gear when zoomed out.
  • memory and performance optimizations.
  • fixed out of sync when harvesting/planting at the same time with Joe.

– we are working on the possibility to remove the rainbow paintbrush from the herbs garden, based on your messages.
– we might be a day late with the contest prizes (for players finishing the quests tomorrow), because we fixed some important bugs, and also we are rewriting how the Goat Tower and the Chicken Coop work, to fix some issues with them and to accomodate the new guest in the Goat Tower.

December 24, 2020

  • published the details about the surprise prize, snowball fights between Joe and Tyrone. There are also gifts in the links for the last 2 posts: Weaver Tickets, OP, Energy Bars, and Candies. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new snowball fight prize!
  • good news from Adobe, they will block Flash on browsers on January 12, so we will have even more time to polish the HTML5 version.
  • fixed a bug where the Christmas table didn’t appear. You will find it in your Warehouse.
  • improved the usability of the Herbs Garden Decor, so now the big arches are transparent when you toggle the visibility of tall trees to On (hide when pressing F coming soon). Plus, as usual with these new things, they always get better after a period of testing and improvements, based on your feedback. Same with Bellflower Meadow – it now feels like a road with dead ends, but now that we finished the contests and the bulk of the HTML5 conversion, we can finally start adding the things there we always planned to.

Happy Holidays from the CLM team! 🙂

December 22, 2020

  • Added Holidays contests. There’s also 1 Rain 100% and 5RC for you to claim on our Fan Page, since we had some issues with it since the last update. And don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new Holidays prizes, and for more gifts!
  • made the base for the Herbs Garden smaller, now it’s flush with the garden beds, plus other fixes you wrote us about. More improvements coming. Also, more posts on the Fan Page, with items helping you with the contests.

December 20, 2020

  • Launched Herbs Garden. You can add some of the herbs and spices grown there to upgrade some recipes, and elevate them to Silver Star status. There’s 140 Fertilizer and 100 Power for you to claim on our Fan Page, and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new plants and garden, and for more gifts!
    – more decoration possibilities (like the ones shown on our Fan Page post) for the Herbs Garden Decor coming soon! We didn’t have time to add them now because we’re working on the HTML5 version of the game and the Christmas contest and there’s a lot to do, so if you decide to purchase it, please note this.
    – prices for customizing the normal Herbs Garden sections are in Coins, RC, Green and Purple Vouchers, or a mix of any of these – there is everything for everybody. To customizea section, hover over the soil inside it (not the hole for the seeds) until the Customize button appears (the rainbow paintbrush). There are currently 8 garden edging models, and more will come.
    – there is a new filtering option in the Recipes tab in the Barn for Silver Star Recipes.
    – Joe can’t go inside the Herbs Garden to harvest, and animals can’t enter it either — yet.
    – new Achievement for the Herbs Garden – Herb Your Enthusiasm.
  • added the orders from Jerome from the Le Cuizin, so now you can deliver top quality stuff to both Restaurants. Well, one restaurant and a… catering venue.
  • color coded Orders cards, so it’s easier for you to identify the special ones from the normal ones. The selected card now has a yellow circle under the pin instead of the confusing color highlight.
  • recipes available to be upgraded to Silver Star display a silver star next to their picturein the Recipes book.
  • improved the Shop with filtering options for the Seeds tab, so you now have Seeds and Herbs, to easily select the herbs for planting in the Garden.
  • added navigation buttons inside the Recipes popup.

NOTE: we are still working to improve the HTML5 version, and the Christmas contest will arrive very soon (and is a bit late this year, with all the work on the HTML5 and the Herbs Garden). We’re tired of all this “under the hood” work on the engine, and we really wanted to give you some new things to do, as we really enjoy working on new stuff for the farm. So, hope you enjoy the Herbs Garden, and we can’t wait to see what designs you create, with the plants and the garden edging!

December 7, 2020

  • fixed another 2 cases where users couldn’t load the HTML5 version. Please try to permanently switch to this one.
  • fixed Gifts (again).
  • optimized Farm Chat.

NOTE: we noticed a few users are using really, REALLY poor graphic cards on their computers. HTML5 uses the graphics card more, while Flash used the processor more. The differences are, in Flash, the game ran bad on all computers, no matter their specs (about 20 FPS – Frames Per Second). In HTML5 (and the new engine, partially), the game uses the graphics card, as all games do. On a computer with average specs, this allows 60 FPS. So on these computers with older / very very slow graphic cards (2.6% of all players), the game might run as fast or slower than Flash version, because they practically have no graphics card, and Google detects the low performance of the graphics card and triggers a software version, Swiftshader (a virtual graphics card that uses the processor). This is how we detect the graphics card performance. We have a few laptops with the lowest specs we could find from a few years ago, not really meant for playing games, and we couldn’t trigger this Swiftshader. The game runs at about 30 FPS on them, with huge farms and all animations turned ON. By comparison, Flash runs at 18-20 FPS.  So the graphic cards of a few players are older/slower than this, and their processor is more powerful than their graphics card. For the vast majority, the game should run sensibly, or way better than Flash.

December 5, 2020

  • fixed a game performance bug and reset the CDN servers, so the HTML5 version should run excellent for everybody and it should have all latest game files, in order to load. Please make sure to clear your browser cache first, then refresh the game, if you have trouble with the game loading. If you have a slow internet connection, please allow a few minutes for the files to load into your browser cache. We did not optimize the Farm Chat yet, so if you use that, the game might run slow. Also, please make sure to keep the game tab active, because currently it doesn’t load if the tab is inactive.
  • now you can know for how much time your Zzz Neighbors have been inactive: more than 3 months or 6 months, so you can easily decide who to remove. Hover over them to see. You can always add them back later, when they start playing again (they will show up in the Friends tab in the Neighbors popup).
  • fixed a bug where when you used a Train ticket, the Train did not show up (it showed up at refresh, though).
  • removed the annoying Add to Warehouse popup confirmation and added a new animation, so you know what happens to the item being added to Warehouse, and improved some things to make decorating and reconfiguring your farm easier.

December 3, 2020

  • added a more descriptive HTML5 preloader, so if the game gets stuck when loading, you can message us about what says under the loading bar so we know where it’s stuck (“feeding chickens”, “planting the crops”, etc.). These of course mean totally different things, such as loading assets, unzipping code, generating the graphics, etc.
  • New, best in class Barn menu, with unparalleled filtering options and new features, so managing your inventory can be a breeze:
    – Silver and Gold Starred plants are moved in a sub-filtering dropdown menu (bottom left), in both Plants and Fruits tabs. Now it’s easier than ever to see when you’re below a certain amount in any category. Plus, we’ll have more silver and gold categories in the near future, so having them as a tab doesn’t make much sense now.
    – separated the Other tab into Forest and Minerals tabs.
    – the game now remembers separate filtering settings, depending on the Barn popup, to better suit your gameplay. For instance, when selling with the Train you might be only interested in Qty or Price; when checking the Plants in Barn you might only be interested in not dropping below a certain amount of plants; when in Bellflower Meadow you might be interested in only sorting by Recent, when loading into the Truck. Now the game remembers each of these situations, so you don’t have to switch between them.
  • Improved Achievements filtering, now when you sort by completion it sorts all Achievements by the ribbon color + number of produce you need to make, in descending order. Now, it’s easier than ever to decide what Achievement to earn next.
  • Achievements above your level will be shown at the end of the list, locked, so you don’t place hourglasses on a really high level one by mistake.
  • added duration to make when you hover over Gear products inside the selector pop-up window, and Automation buttons next to the window title.

November 27, 2020

  • massive performance improvements in HTML5. Optimized several aspects of the game. Still a few tricks up our sleeves to implement, but in our tests it already runs sensibly better than Flash, even on our weakest test computers. NOTE: We will look at why the game doesn’t load in HTML5 for a few players as soon as we finish with the game optimizations. Most probably it’s a files cache issue, or some glitch where a single item not loading blocks the whole loading process. So, since HTML5 now uses less resources and is faster, don’t worry, it’s not your computers. 🙂
  • Blue Dot improvements:
    – now the Blue Dot shows the nearest mushroom / loot / seed near Joe, not randomly as it did before, so you don’t annoyingly run around the farm in zig-zag any more.
    – now the Blue Dot has improved showing order in BfM: first shows the loot, so you don’t go over 50, then the plants / trees ready or empty plots, then the seeds.
    – when you click on it, now the arrow takes you to a medium zoom level, because if you play zoomed out, it’s hard to see where the arrow appears.
    – fixed Blue Dot in the mine, where it was completely broken.
  • other gameplay improvements:
    – Sarah axe orders will give much better XP and Coins. But starting from next ones, if you have one order from her now on your board.
    – now the Old Shack shows the items quantity when you hover over it.
    – when you hover over a Seed / Fruit in Shop or in Barnit shows you the quantity in both Barn and Old Shack, so it’s easier to manage multiple properties, and maintain a stock for those orders. 🙂
    – fixed a bug when collecting Walnuts from BfM and the Old Shack was full.
    – now Joe unloads his Backpack too, when you click to unload the Truck, so you don’t forget to unload things from BfM in the Barn, and then take them back to BfM.
    – the Trucking Menu now shows the loaded items quantity, and warns you if Tyrone is “a little” hungry.
    – fixed a bug where you could click on the empty Truck space next to the Orders, even if the Truck was away.

NOTE: all above improvements are HTML5 only, and all future ones will be HTML5 only.   There’s no point in updating Flash, for the obvious reason it will be gone in a month. 

November 25, 2020

  • bug fixes and performance improvements (HTML5): fixed gifting Neighbors, added Collections, Themes, added helping Neighbors in BfM, fixed bug when adding to Cooler in the Train, fixed Train sound continuing after departure, fixed bug where the game was not loading for some players with really old computers, fixed Cool Packer showing Carrots, fixed Jam’r giving an error when switching to another product, plus numerous other small fixes. Now the HTML5 version has all functions working.

November 19, 2020

  • HTML5 version is available for everybody to test (link at the bottom of the game). It has all main game functions implemented, so you can play hassle free. Still some font styles for window titles to implement, switching Themes and Activity. Of course, you can switch back to Flash at any time.
  • Better way of loading your Neighbors farms when visiting (HTML5 only): instead of loading the landscape, then all items on it, it now loads everything behind the clouds, then shows you their farm. This way, it doesn’t feel like an empty place slowly populating with objects, but feels like a farm. PLUS, this way the farm loads faster. Of course, Neighbors with huge farms naturally will take longer to load (you’ll see the clouds for a couple of seconds more than Neighbors with small farms).
  • During the Competitions onlyConan the donkey gets hungrier, seeing Tyrone pass by him, running around the town all day to deliver your orders. Therefore, Tyrone will accept 60 “Orchard” Grass daily, for a total of 20 fuel/day.

October 16, 2020

Hello dear farmers, just wanted to let you know we are aware of the issues experienced with the game in some browsers. We didn’t change anything in the game, we’re still checking, but most probably it’s something the browsers changed. Since Flash will be gone at the end of the year, we’re not expecting much support or interest from them to fix it as soon as they can.

That is why, we plan to add a HTML5 WIP (Work In Progress) link next week, so, worst case scenario until the HTML5 version is fully ready, you can at least plant, harvest, use the gear, feed the animals and sell your produce, without any unexpected surprises / game speed issues from the browsers. You will of course be able to switch back and forth between Flash and HTML5 versions.

Our current status is:
Working in HTML5:
– planting
– harvesting
– feeding animals
– using gear
– kitchen, craft shack
– train
– achievements
To be converted to HTML5:
– mines
– log cabin
– gifting
– neighbors
– font effects
– competitions
– orders
– activity
– visiting neighbors
– farm chat
– foraging, crops management, logging, skills, quests (Joe stuff)

HTML5 tools for games only recently have matured enough, to the point we could make the most informed decision on how to convert the game. We’re constantly creating scripts to automate this task and make the conversion even faster, to the point we will be ahead of schedule.

Until the conversion is ready, we will update the game with only small things (such as the Happy Egg Carrier in your Craft Shack). We’re not currently planning anything for Halloween (although we will put all previous Halloween stuff in the Shop), because we’re fully focused on getting the HTML5 game to you as fast as we can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this info! 🙂

October 9, 2020

  • Now, Neighbors can help you cut that pesky “Orchard” Grass and Wild Bushes! A setting will prompt you to choose if you allow them to do so.
    – you have 50 “Visit Energy”, allowing you to help 5 Neighbors, if they have Bellflower Meadow. Visit Energy IS NOT Joe’s energy!
    – you must click 10 times on any grass or bush. You get your reward when you click the 10th time. If you quit midway and get back to your farm, you will have to start over.
    – all grass and bushes gives 2 loot for you, and 8 for the Neighbor. You also get 15 XP for helping.
    – example: if many Neighbors choose to cut the same grass at the same time, each Neighbor gets 2 grass, and you get 8 grass, waiting for you when you refresh / travel between farms.
    – example: if you have 48 loot waiting to be picked up and a Neighbor helps you, it will allow the 8 grass above the 50 loot limit, so you will find 56 loot waiting for you at BfM reload.
    – example: If you have 50 loot wating, the Neighbors won’t be able to help you, so you better pick up your loot, if you want to get rid of those plants without consuming Joe’s energy.

September 11, 2020

  • Added a Best Neighbors tab in the Activity window, so you can keep track on the amounts of gifts received/sent to a certain Neighbor. List populates when a Neighbor sent you a gift. Counter starts from now. Counter registers when you send a gift, not when the Neighbor claims it. Counter registers when you help somebody building something too. Counter updates at game refresh.
  • you can now move Rustic Fences and Weathered Green Fences back to your farm and decorate your farm with them. Also, you can move other items – insecticide, pesticide, etc.

September 10, 2020

  • Beta invites for Bellflower Meadow are again available.
  • every farmer with land in Bellflower Meadow gets Sell from Barn Tickets, valid for 6 hours each, when activated. You’ll find them in the Vouchers tab.
  • now, when you hover over any required ingredients icon in the Gear selectors, you see ALL required materials in the text bubble.
  • added Zzz icon over the Neighbors inactive in the game for more than 10 days, so you can easily see who to send Gift requests to, and have the best chance to receive some back. Also, you won’t be able to visit these Neighbors, but you will have the possibility to “Wake them up”, and they receive a game request (as per Facebook available tools and recommendations). After they enter the game, you can visit them again.

September 8, 2020

  • now Tyrone doesn’t stop the Truck engine when coming to the farm or BM loaded, so you don’t forget the items in the Truck and go back with them. He even honks if you don’t click to unload.
  • fixed a 5109 bug related to eggs priority.
  • fixed a longtime 5159 bug when adding produce in the Train crates, if it was used by automation, and there was no more produce in Barn.
  • added a button to see what crops and trees are ready in BM — click on the little tree inside the Map popup window.
  • improved Orders and added the new items for them.
  • shortened the time it takes between your farm and BM.

September 6, 2020

  • added 3 new recipes: Marshmallows (made in your Farm Kitchen), Roasted Marshmallows (made by the Campfire) and Bacon, Egg and Potato Breakfast Skillet, made inside the Log Cabin, on the stove. There’s 2 Green Vouchers, 40 Power and 40 Energy for you to claim on our Fan Page, and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new recipes and the campfire, and for more gifts!
  • added possibility to start a Campfire in front of the Log Cabin.
  • added possibility to start a fire inside the Fireplace in the Log Cabin.
  • added the Breakfast Skillet in Joe’s energy menu.
  • now when you hover on Joe for a short time it shows you his Backpack quantity.

September 5, 2020

  • changed how Engineering works – now, instead of crafting an Axe for 36 hours, you research it only one time, then craft it in 30 minutes, for example. First axe and pickaxe of any type goes to equip Joe.
  • added possibility to craft superior Axes and Pickaxes that you can sell. This way, we close a gameplay loose thread, so you can do something with all the minerals you mine.
  • added a new Orders location, Sarah M & C – she will order some axes from you, and she will reward you with coins, Purple Vouchers (good for upgrading the Backpack), and Oxy Propane Tanks that she happens to have around her workshop, a useful coincidence.
  • fixed a bug in The Mines where you couldn’t break rocks.
  • increased prices for: Mountain Stone – was 4, is 9; Bush Wood – was 9, is 13; Fir Resin – was 3, is 19; Fir Cone – was 2, is 19; Beech Tree Seed – was 3, is 16; Acorn – was 15, is 17; Elm Tree Seed – was 4, is 14; Samara – was 10, is 15; Orchard Grass – was 1, is 19.
  • added separate Blue Dot for The Mines.

September 2, 2020

  • improved info popup when hovering over forest trees – added what axe is required for them and other small improvements.
  • now you can find Joe on map (hover over the Map icon and a button will appear).
  • you can now put fertilizer bags back into the WarehouseIF you haven’t used any fertilizer.
  • press Space to rotate decorations inside the Log Cabin while selecting Move now works.
  • fixed beehives, trees, fences disappearing when being moved inside the orchards.
  • fixed a bug regarding the beehives.
  • fixed game exiting fullscreen when leveling up, a bug that partially ruined the fun of leveling up.
  • now Energy bar refilling at level up displays correctly, not only at refresh.
  • now Rain 100% fully works in both your farm and Bellflower Meadow.

August 31, 2020

  • added possibility to choose where to visit your Neighbors with both farm and BM – after you click on their photo, a popup will ask you to choose where to visit them (only when they’re in BM), in case you need to collect from chests.
  • increased the loot for large rocks – if you upgrade the axe to level 2, one hit will give 2 stones; upgrade to axe level 3 – 3 stones. Also increased loot for the bushes by the same amount.
  • fixed level-up bug for rain, and every player with BM will get 2x Rain 100%. Tip:  You can use the rain from anywhere, and it will rain in both farms!!!
  • the main Clouds quest now is completed, and all clouds disapper if you both build the bridge and buy the Dewey Orchard.

During the following days, we’ll fix all things you wrote us about, and also will add back the beta invites for everybody, with the possibility to get back to the old farm at any time you like (although we guarantee you shouldn’t), AND with 2 Sell from Barn vouchers, valid for 6 hours each, that you can use at any time you wish, except Competitions week.

Happy farming!

August 24, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the exclusive Bellflower Meadow content (what you will miss by not adding this expansion): 

>> Click here! <<

August 17, 2020

  • added SunflowerRhubarb and Quinoa, plus 3 new achievements for them. There’s 120 Fertilizer for you to claim on our Fan Page, and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new crops, and for more gifts!
  • added possibility to visit neighbors when they’re in Bellflower Meadow. Whenever they go to BM, their frame in your Neighbors bar will be green, and you can visit them directly over there, so you can check out their progress and admire them, for the true trailblazers they are.
  • various bug fixes and improvements.

August 15, 2020

  • The time Joe takes to look at foraging items is now dependent on his foraging skill. So, he takes considerably less time to recognize if a mushroom is good or not if he has the full 10 points.

June 11, 2020

  • bug fixes and performance improvements.

May 18, 2020

  • improved some aspects of the Truck to test this required module ahead of the next update.
  • now when you click to accept keyboard controls in fullscreen, it deactivates the game in the background, so you don’t click on a crop by mistake.

April 28, 2020

  • performance improvements, especially for computers with older processors.
  • slight graphical improvements for landscapes.

April 25, 2020

  • doubled everything about Energy, (it’s exactly like before, just that all numbers are doubled), to accommodate some features in the update coming very soon, and for you to have time to get accustomed to it. Changes are as follows:
    — later edit – the table is for Energy only, not XP. You can give Joe Gazpacho, Potato Salad and Espresso for Energy, by clicking on the Energy bar. We leaked this by accident with the Easter contest, so it remained there.


  • new feature – Peek behind tall objects, available for you to activate in Settings. This works better on the farms with only a few items hidden behind tall objects, compared to the “Toggle visibility” button. You can easily forget “Toggle visibility” on and wonder what happened to the things on your farm, and you constantly have to turn it on or off. Peek behind tall objects works perfectly fine for crowded farms too, but in that case both ways have equally solid cases for usage.Just Hold F + Hover over the item you wish to look behind, and it will reveal what’s behind it, also deactivating it’s click area, until you hover out, or release the F key. When you activate it, “Toggle visibility” will be disabled, so it’s either one or the other. So now, you can put windmills and goat towers anywhere you want, not just at the back of your farm. It even works for tall corn. This feature is also handy for some things coming.As a bonus, when you find mushrooms with this feature, if the mushroom is behind a tree, you get double XP for it, because it’s considered truly found, not like when hiding all the trees. 😉 Of course, if you press Toggle visibility to spot the mushrooms first, then switch to this to click on them, it will only give you the normal XP. 🙂
  • Updated the Peach and Pine trees.

We also wish to apologize for the botched estimate on our fan page regarding when the beta will be available. As we said, we have all assets ready, so we truly believed 1 month was enough to finish everything up, but apparently implementing the ideas in a fun and intuitive way takes a lot more time than we estimated. We won’t venture again to give another estimate, but it’s really, really close.

Why these things are hard to estimate — let’s say you want to leave the house in the morning (wild thought, nowadays). You know how long it takes you to shower and get dressed, so you can easily estimate when you can be out on your way. But, if you can’t find the keys, you can’t really say you will leave in 5 minutes or 30, because you don’t know when you will find your keys.

In development, these “can’t find the keys” moments are frequent, unfortunately. And, although everything is ready assets wise, we don’t want to skip on quality when implementing the ideas, particularly when many are unique things not found in other games on Facebook. Often, in tests, when we finish a feature to better explain a thing so it will be intuitive for you when you play for the first time, it reveals another issue previously undiscovered, that we need to better explain. And, since we worked for so long on it, we want the experience to be great, even for the beta testers. So again, we’re sorry, but pretty soon we hope you’ll look upon us with different eyes.

Happy Farming, Stay Safe and see you really soon with good news!

February 4, 2020

  • performance improvements when opening Kitchen / Barn / Shop popups (there was a slight delay).
  • usability improvements for Lemonade Stand. You now can select what to automate from the detailed lemonade view and can see how many you have to unlock also from there.

January 30, 2020

  • game performance improvements and optimizations.
  • fixed Joe under the truck bug. Now he’s only a farmer, not also a mechanic.
  • added a notification system (red circles) on items that go to your Gifts tab in the Barn, so you see what you got.
  • fixed Cat and Dog skating around, now they walk normally. Also, if you want to control the Dog, just place Joe on his chair. This way you activate double-clicking for the dog.Happy Farming!

January 27, 2020

  • added detailed Stats. Click on your XP Bar > Stats tab. There you’ll see your  Records & Badges, Ranks and Farm Inventory.
  • now you can view how many plots to work until you earn a Seeding / HarvestingTemplate 100%. Hover over the 100% Tickets in Joe’s popup and the info text will appear.
  • fixed a bug where Automation wasn’t working when you switched to other product.
  • now when you trade the gifts for OP, it doesn’t disappear and jump to the next gift (it just gets transparent), so you don’t click to use something else by mistake, like Rain 100%.
  • now Mushrooms and Nettles each grow in their preferred areas.
  • now Mushrooms and Nettles don’t grow behind the UI anymore.
  • Mushrooms and nettles now earn XP when collected.
  • fixed a bug that said Joe is too far even if he was close to a Mushroom.
  • approx. 10 other bug fixes related to the new quests and other small game improvements.Happy Farming!

January 17, 2020

  • We fixed all major bugs for Joe (him not planting, getting stuck, etc.), so he should plant and harvest smoothly. To mark the occasion, you’ll find a gifts package on our fan page. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you enjoy the feature, and for more future gifts!
  • We will soon add a popup if Joe is in the middle of work and the game was refreshed. When you log back in, you will choose what to do – resume plan, cancel it or make Joe stay put. Until then, just remember that he will resume work automatically after you log in.
  • We added one final band of Lucky Grass, so players who maxed out their farms can see what it’s all about.Happy Farming!

January 16, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved Gold Star and Silver Star crops and fruits finding. Silver Star is still difficult to find and Gold Star harder (as they should be), but you should find the experience much better, or at least definitely not frustrating. We are awaiting your feedback! Also, please keep in mind that, as you maximize Joe’s harvesting skill, they will get easier to find. So, with his skill maximized, you should have no trouble filling the 3x – 4x orders from fancy restaurant Le Cuizin (coming very soon). Also we will adjust this after we update the special orders.
  • Expanding your farm is much more FUN now! Just click on the Lucky Grass after you expand the farm. 😉
  • Fixed the weird white flickering photo (technical drawing) when harvesting something. 
  • several other fixes including Bees getting confused when Joe harvested their Clover, etc.

Happy Farming!  

January 10, 2020

Several bug fixes and improvements:

  • blue dot now takes you to mushrooms (if there are any growing), but only after you finish harvesting and planting the fields! So first it shows what plots or trees you missed, and only then it takes you to the mushrooms.
  • now Joe remembers where he was while doing his job, if you refresh the game or visit neighbors, so you don’t waste any templates!
  • fixed second order card getting stuck with a red hue.
  • made the Continue button for the tornado scene appear after 6 seconds, not when the scene ended (useful for slower computers).
  • adjusted Gold and Silver Star trees drop rate so Joe finds them a lot faster, based on your feedback.
  • made the blue info text that goes up bigger and stays longer, so you can actually read it (in time, we started to use this method more often, but didn’t update how it works to match it’s new importance).
  • added a condition so that Joe skips the planting/harvesting queue if you also harvest or plant while he is doing the same thing, so you don’t get errors. Although, this would be redundant and you could tend to the animals or gear during this time. 🙂
  • improved the red circle notification system so it better shows when you earn a template.
  • increased distance between Truck, Joe’s chair and Orders Board
  • several UI and usability improvements for the new Quests and Joe’s interface.
  • several display bugs (Truck not showing up, Joe’s chair, Joe, etc.).

Happy Farming!  

December 24, 2019– All about the Candle Maker and Holiday Candles here:
– Please be aware that we increased the Beeswax drop rate so you can easily have enough for this contest!
– Visit our page for quite a LARGE FREE GIFTS PACKAGE to last you through the BETA launch for Joe. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE, if you like the new recipes! 🙂 Also IMPORTANT: Each recipe appears after Joe studies the respective Botanical Plate!

  1. Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed an issue where the game was not saving progress.
  • Fixed an issue where truck was not showing up.
  • Fixed an issue where new mushrooms that pop up didn’t trigger the yellow exclamation sign on the quest so you can see they’re out there.
  • Improved how the mushroom quest works so it’s easier to understand.
  • Adjusted mushrooms lifetime from 2 hours to 36 hours, so you have plenty of time to pick them up. Probably still not enough, but we’ll wait to see how often you’ll find them. With all Plates studied and all skills developed, you will find quite a lot more mushrooms and nettles, and a lot of them will turn out to be good.
  • Fixed ‘delete saved plan’ not working.
  • Fixed barn not working in the old engine (we advise you to upgrade to the new engine).
  • Added an Ask button in the product selector for the Candle Maker.
  • Fixed Joe not finding a path that triggered a freeze. At the moment, he can cross fences, but in the future he will not, so you will have to put gates in place (when we will add gates in the Shop).
  • Added a “stay put” mode for Joe. Click on the chair to make him stay put, then click again on the chair to make him stand up.
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

  2. Added 6 new recipes!  More info about them on our Fan Page.  Also, please understand that we are a bit overwhelmed by the extremely large number of messages you sent us, and we are trying to answer them all as fast as we can. Thank you! Happy Holidays!  

December 22, 2019

Two major updates:

  1. A new employee in your farmJoe, that can plant and harvest for you and will enable foraging for wild mushrooms and nettles. All about Joe and the new things you can do, here:
  2. The Winter Holidays Event, that will give you the chance to win another Alpaca for free! Oh, AND another Brown Alpaca, so you can have a herd of 3 Alpacas, if you won one last year. There is also a permanent new Gear, the Candle Maker, and a new Contest to collect (Make Holiday Candles). Don’t forget to check our fan page for some free Surprise Candle Molds!

November 15, 2019


Today’s update is only for players who are not interested in Competitions — to allow selling from the Barn during Competitions if “Don’t participate in competition” is checked in Settings. It has no effect on Ballast.

When you check the “Don’t participate in Competitions” option, a confirmation dialog will appear to warn you that you are about to start from scratch — meaning your Competition stats (Coins, XP, orders delivered) will be cleared, but your Ballast will remain the same.

● Now you can sell from Barn during Competitions if you check the “Don’t participate in Competitions” option from Settings — until it will be removed permanently when more land and other selling options are published, and Orders tweaked so you can sell your produce easier in multiple ways.

● If you check the Don’t participate in Competitions and want to participate again, you will start the competition from scratch!

● Fixed a bug which caused automation to stop working for certain animals and gear (machinery).

● Fixed a bug which stopped the planting queue and left seed bags on the plots.

November 4, 2019

● All you need to know about Glass Gem Corn here:

● Added possibility to buy 1 seed of Glass Gem Corn for 2RC if you used them all by accident (obviously, for contest winners only).

● Added sort by Quantity for Recipes and Crafts, so you know what you need to make for your Orders.

● Added confirmation dialog if you try to sell Glass Gem Corn seeds if you’re under 5 seeds.

● New crates: fixed all crates and fruits in funnels for Jam’r, Oil Press, Juicer, Pie Machine etc. Now they’re FINALLY to scale.

● Added quantity in Gear selectors when you hover over the products requiring multiple ingredients (smoothies, frappe).

October 31, 2019

● New recipe! A Halloween special, the culinary variant of Witches’ Brew, the Pea and Bacon Chowder. Available all year round and made in the cauldron.

● New craft! Rainbow in a Jar, to make good use of your new Glass Gem Corn seed.

● Halloween offers are live! 

  • New decoration (available in offers only), the Mummy Scarecrow (30 RC), with 3 different animations: threatening trespassers, losing bandages and crawling spider.
  • If you completed the Halloween Wreath contest, you now can put a second wreath on your Kitchen door, if you decide to complete the Scary Toys contest again. Must have the Kitchen Halloween theme in order to have the wreath on the door!

● Glass Gem Corn is now available for contest winners. How does it work?  
      – After you plant your first 20 seeds, when you harvest, you will have about 30 seeds in your Barn. Plant these and you will harvest more, and so on. This will plateau at about 300 seeds (depending on your farm), so you can use some seeds to craft Rainbow in a Jar in your Craft Shack.
      – With each DAILY harvest (after planting all your seeds or a majority), you will find 1-3 Unique Glass Gem Corn. First 7 of these will go to complete your Collection, then the next ones will go to your Barn so you can make Glass Gem Corn Display Stands.
      – Finding 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn seeds takes about 3 days, depending on how much you harvest. It works like finding Beeswax or collecting Ice from your Cool Packer, only you can find more Unique Corn in a day if you use lots and lots of rain or fertilizer to harvest many plots — which we do not recommend. Sticking to 1 daily harvest will yield the best ROI.
      – special 3X order for the Display Stand coming soon (we first want to see how many Unique Corn you find, so we can tweak accordingly (based also on your eventual feedback), so that you have the most fun experience possible).

● Several bug fixes, including a critical bug affecting performance during certain operations (like planting cucumbers) that made the game slower and slower while playing.

Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2019

● The Halloween Craft Shack Theme is now available for the Halloween Toys contest winners!

  • Click on the white pumpkin from your Halloween Craft Shack to switch between decorations.
  • Dial up or down the scariness of your Craft Shack – choose the first theme for just a touch of Halloween colors, or go all the way to the scariest – with plastic bones, wax skull candle and fake blood. No intruders will now dare to trespass on your farm.
  • Beware, there’s a giant green monster hidden in the closet!!! Or is it some clever robotics? Hmm…
  • 5 Halloween Toy Blueprints await you on our Fan Page.

● Various bug fixes, visual upgrades and performance improvements.

Happy farming!

October 22, 2019

● Autumn Event 2019 is on! For the complete guide, click here:

● Vintage events from 2015 and 2017 are available to collect as purchasable play-through content in the Collections tab, for players who missed them.

Happy farming and good luck!

October 6, 2019

● NEW FEATURE: Ever missed a plot when planting, or a tree when harvesting? Now, when you have all your plots with growing plants on them, and all your trees harvested, a little blue circle appears next to the Open Tools icon. This way, you know you didn’t miss any plot to plant or tree to harvest before you log off, and you can find your farm bursting with fresh produce, just ready to be harvested when you log back in! 🙂

<<< LATER EDIT >>> We switched how it works, so now it appears when you have a plot to seed, or a plant or tree to harvest. When you plant and harvest everything, it disappears.

● Replaced one normal crate in the regular Train with a Krazy Crate.

● Now completely filling a crate for the normal Train also gives Fuel at random (rare chance).

● Hovering over “Call Train” buttons in the Timetables popup now shows what you can earn extra (things that drop by chance).

● Added a button to call the Train from the Timetables popup when it’s ready (same as clicking on the clock).

October 4, 2019

● The Halloween decorations are back in Shop by popular demand.

● Fixed stage 3 of oranges that looked like stage 4 (final) of lemons.

September 27, 2019

Howdy, farmers!

Today’s update brings a legume that is properly eaten by squashing it on the back of your fork, a vegetable that was used to treat all kinds of diseases before finally deciding it’s best to be eaten, and a nut that makes every chocolate crunchy.

Please welcome Peas, Celery and Hazel Tree to your farm!

● 2 New Achievements: Give Peas a Chance and Celery Raise.

Want to check out the new stuff immediately? 60 Fertilizer awaits you on our Fan Page. Also, if you like the crops, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE!

Happy farming!

September 23, 2019

  • Usability improvements:
    – Added sorting for Achievements. You can now sort by Level, New, Unclaimed, Completion.
    – Barn, Kitchen, Craft Shack, Achievements, etc. now remember your sorting preferences.
    – Added profanity filter to nicknames. Please note that writing any offensive nickname may result in a permanent ban.
    – Added level limit to the hourglass button (let friends know…) so you don’t choose a higher level achievement by mistake.
    – Reordered lemonades by level. If you were unlocking a lemonade in slot 3 for example, it will be switched to the proper one.
  • IMPORTANT: we are NOT banning people with 2 accounts, or accounts simply because they are on the same IP. We are NOT here to remove your husband, nephew, grandson, etc. from the game. We hate policing and much prefer to focus to work on new content for you. We are only removing from Competitions (not banning from the game) accounts that try to circumvent Ballast, that’s it. Meaning, one Edition play with one account, then the next play with the other, so they as a player have 0 Ballast each Edition. So it’s a very, very narrow case. We do this by analyzing multiple gameplay factors. We don’t take these decisions based on messages we get (although they start investigations) and we don’t try to settle personal differences. We don’t take sides and our only concern is that something or somebody does not break our ToS and to keep a fun, safe and respectful towards others play environment.If you worry you’ll end up in the top-50 by accident (although we can clearly differentiate between normal gameplay and sustained efforts, so you shouldn’t worry) simply checking “Don’t participate in Competitions” permanently / at least 2 consecutive Editions on all but one account that you choose for Competitions would do the trick.To conclude, don’t alternate between accounts when playing in Competitions to avoid Ballast.Happy farming!

September 21, 2019

  • Nature’s Boost! Each time you level up, rain will come and grow all your crops and trees! So make sure to have all your plots planted and trees harvested before levelling up!
  • New award – Resilience Medal. Awarded if you placed in top 25 previous Edition, then this Edition you place in top 11-50. It is a prize for players who overcome Ballast and still get into the top.

September 19, 2019

  • CatDog and Peacock are back strolling, and they do it better than ever! We took the time they stayed put to teach them a few tricks: 
    – the cat attacks the dog when you send the dog after it, then runs away. Sometimes. Sometimes it just ignores the dog, as before.
    – the dog now comes running when you call it to a place.
    – the peacock runs away from the dog but sometimes it rattles it’s tail and it scares the dog away.
    – improved walking (less zig-zagging).
    – the dog and peacock cannot enter the Greenhouses, but the cat always finds a way to sneak inside. Cats are cats.
  • You can now rename the Peacock and the Alpaca.
  • 5 new recipes and an Oil Press product are here to make good use of the new crops!For starters, try the delicious Zucchini Carrot Fritters. Crispy with a healthy twist, they’re ready in a few minutes and pair ideally with a cool dollop of yogurt.Next we have a choice of 2 soups: the Watercress Soup with Poached Egg, bursting with a fresh and peppery flavor, or the crowd-pleaser and family favorite Minestrone – warm, comforting, and smells amazing while it’s cooking.Main course is a Potato, Watercress & Bacon Salad — a winner at any gathering, this salad is best served while the potatoes are still warm, so they absorb all the oil and have maximum flavor. Crispy bits of bacon and peppery watercress perfectly complement each other and bring more color and texture to the salad.Or you can just replace the whole meal with a PB&J Sandwich. This tasty American staple helps the two spreads to harmoniously get along like lifelong friends.Peanut Butter is made in the Oil Press (before you ask, in a farm, sometimes improvisation is an art form).50 Power awaits you on our Fan page. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE!
  • Bug fixes:
    – fixed a bug when moving things around the farm made them overlap resulting in errors.
    – fixed a bug when the northest crop was invisible although it was ready to harvest.Happy farming!

September 15, 2019

  • After listening to player feedback about how they use claiming the ribbons from their friends, we decided to make a few changes:– daily limit for claiming ribbons from friends is increased to 300 claims instead of 100.
    – expiry date for claiming ribbons from friends is removed.
    – daily requests are increased from 50 to 60.This should cover and exceed all reasonable use cases for even the most hardcore farmers. If you think it’s not, please write us a message exemplifying why not, because we REALLY like to hear them.Best argument for removing the expiry date is why a new player would add a friend with all ribbons earned if she/he cannot benefit from it because they are expired? We did not think of that. But that is why we are developing the game with you, right? 🙂When we initially implemented the ribbon rewards there were far fewer achievements than there are now. Therefore now, if a new player adds a few players with all ribbons earned, without daily claim limit, they can instantly have over 100.000 OPs and 46.000 XP for each. This is not a normal use case, this is (involuntarily) abusing the system and it’s a far cry from what social gaming is intended to be. So the daily limit stays.Happy farming!

September 14, 2019

  • 2 new packaged products! Chopped Spinach and Broccoli Florets. We also properly renamed the other packaged veggies.
  • New 2XP Pin! For details on how it works an how it can be activated, please see this article:
  • Claims for Ribbons (UPDATED: collecting from Neighbors, NOT your Ribbons that you save for Competitions) will now expire after 2 weeks (UPDATE: increased to 1 month) and are limited to 100 per day. We do not believe it’s normal to come after a year to find a list with hundreds of claims. Plus, clicking on lists with hundreds of claims is not an experience we had in mind when developing a farming game. Not to mention it can mess up gifting. Also, using link aggregator sites is strictly forbidden.

September 10, 2019

  • We have a brand new Help and News sections to share with you! They are also automatically Multilanguage (Google Translate), so our international farmers won’t have to copy & paste text each time we publish something new.
  • For now there are only a few articles, answering the most often-asked questions during the last week, but we’ll add a lot more these days, and will improve and update the articles often,  so be sure to check it regularly,  or any time you aren’t sure about a game feature. Of course, if you don’t find what you are looking for, please message us!

September 4, 2019

  • Gifting is not working due to Facebook (on their side). We are working with them to solve the issue. We will notify you with a popup when it will be fixed. Thank you for your patience!
  • Graphical and performance improvements.

August 31, 2019

  • If you win a Treasure Chest this Edition and you also won a Treasure Chest in the previous Edition (in spite of the ballast), your Trophy and Treasure Chest will have a gold medal (permanent on the Treasure Chest).
  • If you still got the podium you deserve the bragging rights, so, yeah.
  • Fixed Clover pollen (we put the exact same pollen grain from the old Clover) and added 2 extra clover flowers for the last stage, so you know when it’s done.

August 30, 2019

  • Changed all “troublemaker” seeds to make them more visible: Lettuce, Pumpkins, Carrots, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries.