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Glass Gem Corn


Since it’s a unique crop with a limited quantity, Glass Gem Corn appears in both your Shop and Barn. So when you plant, it will disappear from your Barn too, because it’s the same seed!

How do I use Glass Gem Corn?

After claiming your Glass Gem Corn seeds pack containing 20 seeds, you can start planting.

Each time you harvest this Corn you will get 2 types of corn:

1. Regular Glass Gem Corn – this will show in both your Barn and in the Shop.

2. Unique Glass Gem Corn – this will show in your Barn only and will be used for the Display Stand — IF you finished the 2019 Autumn collection.

  • First 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn will go directly to the Collections tab to complete your Collection and the Autumn Bounty Decor.
  • The next Unique Glass Gem Corn you find can be used to make Display Stands in your Craft Shack. They sell for an extremely good price. Best of all — you can make this stand all year round!

So, what happens after I start planting Glass Gem Corn?

After you plant your first 20 seeds, when you harvest, you will have about 30 seeds in your Barn.

Plant these and you will harvest more, and so on…

This planting and harvesting will plateau at about 300 seeds (depending on your farm), so you can use some seeds to craft Rainbow in a Jar in your Craft Shack. Again, you can’t reach more than around 300 Glass Gem Corn.

With each DAILY harvest (after planting all your seeds or a majority), you will find 1-3 Unique Glass Gem Corn.

First 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn will go to complete your Collection, after which the next ones will go to your Barn so you can make Glass Gem Corn Display Stands in your Craft Shack — IF you finished the 2019 Autumn collection.

Here’s an example of progression if you plant all your seeds, starting with the 20 you received. It is only an example, so don’t expect the same exact numbers, as they vary depending on the size of your farm:

  • 1st harvesting: 28
  • 2nd harvesting: 41
  • 3rd harvesting: 67
  • 4th harvesting: 101
  • 5th harvesting: 145
  • 6th harvesting: 201
  • 7th harvesting: 270
  • 8th harvesting: 325 (plateau reached)

Why is my Barn showing 0 Glass Gem Corn?

As we said, Glass Gem Corn is a unique crop because it appears in both your Barn (so you can use some seeds to make Rainbow Jars or simply for selling), and your Shop > Seeds tab (because you have to plant it).

Since you have a limited number of seeds, if you plant them all, whether they’re the 20 you start with, or plant 100, or plant 305, your Barn will show 0, as they appear in both your Barn and your Shop.

Here’s another example: if you have 220 Glass Gem Corn and plant only 70, your Barn and Shop will show 150 Glass Gem Corn.

How long does it take to find 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn?

Finding 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn seeds takes about 3 days, depending on how much you plant and harvest.

It works similarly to finding Beeswax or collecting Ice from your Cool Packer, only you can find more Unique Corn in a day if you use lots and lots of rain or fertilizer to harvest many plots — which we do not recommend.

Sticking to 1 daily harvest will yield the best ROI.

How long can I plant Glass Gem Corn for?

If you have earned the Glass Gem Corn, you can plant it whenever you want to. There are no time restrictions.

How long do I have to complete the Display Stand?

If you have completed the Autumn Event 2019 and have claimed your Glass Gem Corn prize, you can plant it anytime and finish the collection anytime.

If I have 300 Glass Gem Corn and sell/use 200, will the remaining 100 seeds multiply again?

Yes, it will multiply again: 100 will yield 140, 140 will get you 200, and so on…

My Glass Gem Corn is not going to my Craft Shack!

When using Glass Gem Corn in your Craft, make sure you look at what each craft requires, as Rainbow in a Jar is made using Glass Gem Corn, while the Display Stand uses Unique Glass Gem Corn:

  • Rainbow in a Jar: 2 Corn + 6 Glass Gem Corn
  • Glass Gem Corn Display Stand: 3 Oak Log + 1 Oak Lumber + 7 Unique Glass Gem Corn

I accidentally sold all my Glass Gem Corn. How do I buy more?

Now, if you try to sell all your Glass Gem Corn, you should get a confirmation dialogue.

But if you do sell it all, you can buy more from the Shop > Seeds tab.

The price will be 2 RC for 1 Glass Gem Corn seed — but obviously, only if you’ve finished the Autumn Event 2019.