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January 11, 2022

  • added the Christmas Lollipops collection to the Collections tab, for players who completed this contest.

  • fixed a bug where Neighbors appeared and disappeared. Was related to some invites not being answered in less than 24 hours.

January 2, 2022

  • updated the Game so that you can claim Conan if you got the 3 Donkeycoins to save him.

    How it works:
    – to find Conan around the farm, hover over the Map icon and click on Find Conan. He roams anywhere on the free land around the farm.
    – you can feed Conan 1 Carrot (this resets every 3 hours), and receive 100 XP. Once you select the Carrot, Conan will run after it, so you can guide him around the farm like this… in a way. You should feed him faster if you care for your ears, though. 🙂

    With this little donkey, you achieve more with the carrot than with the stick.

    – if you have the Smelter (thus Bellflower Meadow), you can put Donkey Shoes on Conan and have him wear them for good luck.
    – after 20 hours, you can click to startle him, so he can kick back and lose a shoe each time he’s startled. He only loses the back ones, so you’ll have to do this twice.
    – craft Lucky Donkey Shoe Souvenirs in the Craft Shack and sell them. There is no special order for them, and they will bring a NICE profit.

    Wishing you and your families happiness, health, and prosperity in 2022. All the best from the CLM team! Happy New Year! 🙂

December 22, 2021

  • The Holidays are here! Head over to our Fan Page, where you finally get to know the story of Conan the donkey, who his owner is, and why you are finally able to rescue him. A cool gift also awaits you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the contest!

    Click here to see the article about the contest.

    But, if I buy the donkey, I won’t get any more Fuel for the Orchard Grass, you say? Well, don’t worry about that. 😉

    Happy Holidays from the CLM team! 🙂

December 16, 2021

  • Updated the Activity > Best Neighbors tab to correspond with the Neighbor updates. The gifts received/sent counter should work much better too. The counters update once per day.

December 15, 2021

  • We fixed the bug with people receiving gifts from other players. It was there for a long time, but only now it was brought to light by the new Neighbors management. We didn’t change anything related to how Neighbors work, we just added new ways you can manage them. You could say new Neighbors popup is a victim of its own success, since it shows who the best players are, and they received lots of gifts. 🙂

    Also, you should accept all gifts you have in your list.

    A few clarifications on how Neighbors work:

    1. If you unfriend somebody on Facebook and you have them in your Neighbors bar, you will have to remove them from the Neighbors bar too. The game does not automatically remove them from both places. Why: many players want to be Neighbors, but not friends on Facebook (for good and obvious reasons), and over the years we saw many of these cases.

    2. If you remove somebody from your Neighbors Bar, you will be removed from their Neighbors Bar too. This will update when you refresh the game.
         a) if you’re not friends on Facebook, they will disappear forever.
         b) if you’re friends on Facebook, you will see them in the Facebook Friends tab.

    So, if you see Neighbors missing, it’s because they removed you from their Neighbors Bar AND Facebook.

December 14, 2021

  • New Gear: Pastry Oven! Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift awaits you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new pies, and for more gifts!
    7 new delicious pies are available to bake, with great new graphics.
    Pastry Ovens can be customized, with a total of 704 unique combinations to express your style!
    – redesigned old pies and moved them to the Pastry Oven. We will soon also move some pastries from the Kitchen to the Pastry Oven.
    changed prices for the old pies, due to them having more ingredients:
         – Apple Pie > Coins before: 185, Coins now: 371.
         – Blueberry Pie > Coins before: 205, Coins now: 751.
         – Pumpkin Pie > Coins before: 525, Coins now: 831.
         – Strawberry Pie > Coins before: 370, Coins now: 1199.
    Everybody who had stocks of these pies had their profit increase by a lot.
    – compared to other similar Gear (Lemonade Stand, Spice Shack, Kitchen), you can have 2 Pastry Ovens, and you can customize the looks of each one. It is not unlimited number like the Pie Machine, we know, but we believe advantages written below more than compensate for this, for players who had more than 2 Pie Machines. Plus, soon we will add double capacity Gear. Also, there are other technical considerents that we can’t go into detail about.

    Why did we remove the Pie Machine?

    Adding more recipes to the old Pie Machine wasn’t really possible, as it’s a Gear where you click to add each ingredient (honey, flour, fruit). We got lots of great messages regarding having new pies in the game, we looked over the recipes, and saw we can’t really add new recipes that would try to respect what ingredients go into a pie with the current Pie Machine, because there are more than 3 ingredients in these pies, like cream and butter. Anything with more than 3 ingredients needs to be a Gear like the Kitchen, Spice Shack or Ice Cream Cart.

    We basically have 2 types of Gear in the game:
    Simple Gear (1-3 ingredients) – Cheese Master, Juicer, where we can represent each ingredient easily when you click to add it.
    Complex Gear (more than 3 ingredients) – Kitchen, Spice Shack, Craft Shack, Ice Cream Cart, where there are too many ingredients to make placing each one somewhere on click possible. Plus, that would be a lot of extra clicks.

    – less OP consumed per pie: before – 4, now – 3.
    – faster baking time: before – 1m 15s, now – 1m.
    – more XP/Hour: before – 144, now – 240 > 360.
    – great profit overall, similar to the Spice Shack.

  • the Pie Machine is now obsolete and we advise you to sell it. It does not work anymore. We will remove it anyway soon, to optimize the game graphics and performance. Of course, you will get the same price you paid for it, 15,000 coins, plus any ingredient that was added to it back.
  • you can now remove Neighbors directly from the Neighbors popup. Hover any of them, and a red small circle will appear to the right of their name. Click on it to remove them from your Neighbors Bar.
  • we again improved collecting Maple Sap, so it works both like before, and like now: to deselect the Sap Tap/Sap Bucket and open the Backpack, simply double click on Joe. PLUS, now Joe  magnetically collects the Sap Taps and Sap Buckets.
  • the Christmas contest will arrive soon!

December 10, 2021

  • Neighbors features and improvements:
    added possibility to add up to 20 Neighbors to Favorites (bookmarks). Open the new Neighbors popup, then hover over any Neighbor, and a golden star will appear. Click on it to Add to Favorites. You can add up to 20 Neighbors to Favorites.
    moved all Zzz Neighbors that were inactive for more than 3 months to the Facebook Friends tab.
    – Neighbors that are inactive for less than 3 months remain in your Neighbors bar. This will increase your chances of getting gifts back, since now you will have only the active Neighbors in your first tab, so you can send requests to them.
    color coded each Neighbor category:
        – green – Facebook friends that you added to your Neighbors bar.
        – brown – Facebook friends that play the game, but are not your Neighbors.
        – light blue – Zzz Neighbors or Zzz Facebook friends that play the game.
    – you can finally sort your Neighbors by level, daily players, etc.
    Neighbors data is updated once a day. Sorting them is based on this data, so please take this into account.

    ATTENTION: if you have LOTS of Neighbors (over 100), it will take some time when you sort them. This is also the reason why we didn’t have this sorting before (needed to move the Zzz ones to another tab). If you have thousands of Neighbors, we have to get ALL of their data from Facebook in order to sort them, and this takes some time AND computing power, making the game slow. Many years ago it made sense to have lots of Neighbors, but now, not so much. That is why, it is better to have fewer (less than 100), but active players, that can gift you back. Naturally, playing is more fun with friends. 🙂 That is why, we will very soon add the possibility to add Neighbors without you having to befriend them on Facebook.

  • fixed a bug with the Snowball Fight not working on some browsers. Also we did some performance improvements to it. We added 60 snowballs to all players that have the Snowball Fight for the trouble with the bug.
  • fixed a 5159 bug where Joe was collecting a different number of Silver and Gold Star plants than instructed by the servers. Bug appeared when trying to add Silver and Gold plants to the Train crates, or used them in other places.
  • improved the way you install/remove Sap Taps and Sap Buckets on Maple Trees: now if you select a tap or bucket to install, it remains selected, so you can install on all trees without having to repeatedly click to open the Backpack. For 9 buckets, this will save you 16 useless clicks, and collecting and refilling is much more enjoyable.

December 1, 2021

  • NEW Weekly Events for Special Orders (beta):
    – each week, a Special Order will give an Extra Reward, upon completion.
    Extra Rewards can change daily.
    – there can be multiple Special Orders with events: this week, we begin with Charity Orders and Restaurant Silver Star Recipes.
    – the week time is global (the same for all players).
  • by popular demand, we added a new product for Distillery, Vodka, and changed the Ghost Plant Tincture to be made with Vodka, so players without Bellflower Meadow can make this recipe.

November 24, 2021

  • New Feature! Have even more control over your game, and choose what Special Orders to accept. Some players only want to complete simple Orders (white cards), or like completing some Special Orders, but not others (colored cards – green, purple, red, blue). Now, there is a button in your Orders popup that opens a window, where you can check or uncheck what Special Orders you want.
    – when unchecking a Special Order, if you have that order type on your board, then you will have to delete it manually.
    – if you uncheck all Special Orders, once you delete all colored cards, you will only get normal orders.
    – if you have deleted Orders (glass-hour), changes take effect after the glass-hour orders.
  • new Spice Shack product: Ghost Plant Tincture. You’ll find that it generates a nice profit, and if you complete the 2x order for it, even more so. Product appears only if you completed the Halloween contest.

November 14, 2021

  • added the Mocktails collection.
  • bug fixes:
    – cleaning up the Log Cabin is fixed.
    – breaking wood and stone chamber entrances in The Mines is fixed.

November 12, 2021

  • added the 5 plants from the Halloween contest prize. We apologize for the delay, having multiple plants in pots was way more complicated to implement than initially estimated. We also got set back a few days with the Facebook issue. Good news is, this will allow us some cool things to have in the future, that will allow you to create even more diverse farms.
    – each special contest (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) usually gives as the big prize a special animal or plant that practically is a game expansion that generates a lot of coins or XP, by itself or through 3x Orders. These Halloween plants are no different, and the profits you make are similar to other prizes, such as Alpacas or the Angora Goat.
    – you cannot use fertilizer on Black Bat Flower, Doll’s Eyes and Ghost Plant. However, they reap considerable profits. As a bonus, we gave you a box of 20 each, with a total worth of 83,260 coins.
    Black Bat Flower and Doll’s Eyes grow really fast during Autumn season (we will keep this season for an extra month starting now), then will grow a lot slower when out of season. Next year, we will activate the season starting September 1 and it will last for 3 months.
    – Ghost Plant grows really slow all year round, but gives considerable profit and XP. Unlike Peacock or Alpacas, where you have to collect every 3 hours and perhaps you don’t have time to log in multiple times per day, Ghost Plant grows in 36 hours, but gives similar rewards per hour, so you don’t have to work hard, and very easily maximize the profits.
    – you can use Rain 100% to grow all these new plants, except the Ghost Plant.
    – none of these plants grow faster in Greenhouses (at the moment), can have irrigation installed, or are harvested/seeded automatically by Joe, except Spider Lily.
    – all these plants count towards your Sea of Colors Achievement.
    – we are working on some products and orders for them.
    – prices, times and XP are subject to change, based on your use of them and feedback.
  • MAJOR breakthrough for the performance of the game: multi-texture support (BETA). When the game reloads, you will be asked to check a box to enable it.
    WARNING – it won’t work perfectly on older computers, or some computers with Google Swiftshader cards.
    – what does older computer mean? For example, any recent laptop, no matter how low-spec is, supports multi-texture.
    – if you see weird graphical glitches, like a tornado came on the farm and scrambled all images, just uncheck Multi-texture support from Settings.
    – for the vast majority of computers it should work perfectly, and you should see a clear improvement in the game’s performance.
    – what is multi-texture support? Multi-texture support is a technique to load multiple atlases (big photos with all the game’s graphics) all at once. This will allow us to add much more content to the game, without worrying what combination of things you put on your farm. Without multi-texture support, the processor calls an image from one atlas, then another image from another atlas, and alternates between them fast (these are called draw calls), and the game gets sluggish. With multi-texture support, these draw calls are in some cases 10 times fewer, and your game will run faster. You will also see improvements when visiting Neighbors.

November 5, 2021

  • we increased the contest deadline with 1 day and other similar counters. We also unfroze the daily reward counter (it was frozen so you don’t miss any day).
  • we added a popup to ask for your email address, to prevent similar issues not related to us, with the game not being accessible. This way, you will also be able to play on the standalone version of CLM, on our website, coming soon.
  • we’ve been working with Facebook to solve the issue, and the game is now working.
  • we will update the game very soon with a gift pack and the main contest prizes. We also took this standby time to improve the Ghost Plant implementation, and add a nice quest for it.
  • updated the Privacy Policy to state that we ask for your email, and what we use it for: login into your game on our website if you wish to do so, and for a future newsletter (it will be opt-in, meaning you will have to check that you want to receive it first – we don’t like Spam either-). All newsletters (once a month, most probably) will contain a Coupon Code that you can redeem for Gifts.

November 3, 2021

  • [update] – added a second Halloween Party Table and 2 chairs directly to the Cabin Basement, for farmers who completed the Mocktail Contest a second time. After you complete it, you will be able to claim it from the main contest popup. After you place it inside the Cabin, click on different areas on it, we think you’re going to like the surprise. 🙂
  • article about the Halloween Contest 2021 here:

  • added Halloween Deals.
    – the Flower Pots included in the Deals are EXTRA, beside the 10 Flower Pots you will receive if you complete the Halloween Event. This means you will have between 4 and 8 (depending on the Deal) extra pots, that do not count towards your Shrub/Plot limits. You can only plant Black Bat Flower and Doll’s Eyes in these pots.

  • bonus Raven Potions! Use Coupon Code HLW2021 for 5 extra Raven Potions, by clicking on XP Bar > Stats & Skills > Vouchers!
  • if you complete the Spooky Mocktails collection twice, you win another cocktail table that you can take inside the Log Cabin, along with 2 extra chairs, flippable 4 ways, as depicted in our Fan Page post.

November 1, 2021

  • small updates and improvements:
    – Halloween Lemonade Stand Theme is available to install, if you’ve found all 11 unique mocktails. The white ghost has small lights and is blinking on/off.
    – the main Halloween contest popup now skips the moonrise animation after first time you’re opening it each session.

October 30, 2021

  • Halloween is here! The big prize is a collection of 5 rare and spooky plants:
    Black Bat Flower, a tropical flower with black, wing-like flower petals and long “whiskers”.
    Doll’s Eyes – a normal looking plant with creepy looking fruit.
    You can grow these 2 plants in limited-number pots that do not count towards your limits. Also, they don’t grow intensively all-year round (WIP).
    Ghost Plant, a flower that grows in the dark. Can you guess where?
    Red Spider Lily, a beautiful but scary-looking flower that you can grow as a regular crop.
    Black Mondo Grass, a plant that you can grow as a decoration and you can multiply same as Glass Gem Corn. Does not count towards your limits.
    More info about the plants coming soon.

    You can also win a cool Halloween theme for your Lemonade Stand, and the Halloween Party Table will light up, and you will be able to choose a dark-golden tablecloth.

  • be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift awaits you in our first comment to our last post, particularly now that Gifts from the Big Site seem not to work flawlessly. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the contest, and for more gifts!

    Happy Halloween! 🎃

October 29, 2021

  • bug fixes and improvements:
    – now you can hide the attic when visiting your Neighbor’s Log Cabins.
    – fixed a bug where the catalog disappeared from Gifts.
    – fixed a bug where visiting Neighbor’s Log Cabins resulted in a black screen.
    – fixed a bug where quest did not complete when purchasing any furniture.
    – fixed a bug where catalog disappeared after being placed on a table.
    – fixed a bug where Joe’s menu didn’t show up.
    – rewarded 5 RC for the inconvenience of experiencing these bugs. We caught about 30 bugs before release, but it seems another 4-5 got loose.

October 28, 2021

  • NEW GAME FEATURE! The first edition of Cabin Decor is here, with 34 pages of furniture for your Log Cabin and 3 pages of exterior decorations, for the Cabin’s exterior, or even your farm! Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift awaits you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the furniture, and for more gifts!

    – you can now visit Neighbors directly to their Log Cabins, and check out how they decorated their cabins.
    – in Bellflower Meadow, now Joe remains in key areas around the farm, if you were around that place at refresh – in front of the mine, inside the Log Cabin, etc. So, no more needless traveling. You can even go from your Log Cabin to your Neighbors’ farms and back!
    – the grid inside the Log Cabin is 3x smaller. This means you can very accurately place furniture inside, exactly where you want.
    – you can even put vases or glasses on any table.
    – you can (FINALLY) add the Christmas Chimney decor to the Cabin Basement, along with pretty much all furniture inside. Cabin Basement is a “Warehouse” for your furniture that holds 100 items. Cabin Basement DOES NOT count towards your Old Shack limit, so you can buy as many furniture items as you like to finish decorating your cabin.
    – some furniture, such as the exterior one can be moved between Bellflower Meadow and your farm. To move, go outside to your Truck > Load > Other Stuff > Cabin Basement. We’ve placed a handy shortcut there.
    – you can add almost all furniture to the Cabin Basement, except the functional one (like the table you put the recipes on). For that, you have “skins”.
    – prices for furniture vary from cheap to outrageous, but where else are you going to spend those millions, other than creating a comfy home in the woods?
    – lots of other small improvements (User Interface when inside the Log Cabin, graphical updates, etc.).

    NOTE: You might find your furniture mixed up, with 2 objects occupying the same space. This is due to the new system that restructured the items. To untangle them, just select any of them and place it on any empty area.

PS: We are doing a Halloween contest this year, coming very, very soon. As usual in game development, the things we’re working on take more time than estimated, and the volume of work needed for the quality we want for you is plentiful.

Happy farming, and we can’t wait to see how you will decorate your cabins!! 🙂

September 9, 2021

  • Emergency Gifts – while the Big Site is not working properly you can claim this coupon code: CLM0EFB (with a zero instead of an O). The code will expire when gifts will be back. Update: code expired.

    The coupon code can be used by clicking on Level Bar and then navigate to Stats & Skills > Vouchers.

August 29, 2021

  • new Gear: Ice Cream Cart! Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift is awaiting you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the Ice Creams, and for more gifts!
  • 1 new Achievement: Inside Scoop.
  • doubled the Ice you get from the Cool Packers.

August 12, 2021

  • ROSES are here! Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift awaits you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the roses, and for more gifts!
  • 1 new Achievement: Sea of Colors.

WARNING: Rain will really affect your Blue Roses investment, if they’re on your farm unharvested. 😉 Be sure to check the blue info circles on the relevant items in the Barn.

August 11, 2021

  • now the Blue Dot ignores ripe Apple Trees until they make Rotten Apples, if you have the Rotten Apples warning checked in Settings, so you can see if you missed planting crops.
  • new funky Windmill animations.

August 4, 2021

  • new Building: Spice Shack!
    – mix herbs, spices and medicinal plants, to create the most amazingly flavored herb mixes, teas and various other organic products! Also, be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift awaits you in our first comment to our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new stuff, and for more gifts!
    – the profit for the mixes is… spicy, for now.
    – Spice Shack doesn’t use Power, it’s similar to the Lemonade Stand.
  • 1 new Achievement: Spice Up Your Life.

July 30, 2021

  • added a simplified setting for sounds, in the right toolbar: now you can turn them all off or on more easily, with a sigle button. It also remembers your previous volume setting for each one, when you turn them on (you can adjust the volume from Settings popup).
  • at your requests, we also added a separate setting to toggle transparency off or on for tall gear and buildings. Now you can toggle them on or off separately from the trees.

July 29, 2021

  • new products:
    Rice Flour and Quinoa Flour, available to grind in the Brick Mill. Finally, that mill is more useful.
    Lavender Sachet, a craft that uses that wonderfully scented Dried Lavender.
    Rotten Apples: one or two Rotten Apples can fall from any Apple Tree with ripe fruits, if you leave it unharvested for 8 hours. When you hover over any ripe Apple Tree, it will show you a countdown timer. We also added a setting in the Advanced tab, so you don’t harvest Apples by mistake. Rotten Apples can be obtained only after purchasing “The Swamps” plot of land in Bellflower Meadow. Rotten Apples are a treasure of overnight patience and strategy.
  • added “Recoup in X harvests” stat for Fruit Trees and Shrubs. This is the number of harvests until you break even. Go to Shop > Click to see details on any shrub or fruit tree. This stat should be useful if you want to increase your farming performance and efficiency.
  • added sort by Producer in the Barn. This is useful if you want to know for each Gear what you need to make, right from the Barn window.

July 24, 2021

  • new Gear: Sun Dryer! Use the power of the sun to concentrate and bring out the essential oils found inside the plants, for a MUCH stronger flavour! Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift is awaiting you inside the text of our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new stuff, and for more gifts!
  • 1 new Achievement: Eins, Zwei, Dry.

July 21, 2021

  • new, simplified Shop popup:
    – OPs and Speed-up tabs are now merged into a new tab called Specials, because they have similar content, and often you could open a category while searching something that was in the other similar category. We too did this many times while playing.
    – Gear, Buildings and Materials tabs are now merged into a single tab. You only need to open Gear and Buildings tabs when buying a new gear or production building, and so many categories were slowing the whole Shop popup down, while you opened the Seeds tab for example, a tab that you use very, very often. Plus, Gear and some (production) Buildings are kind of the same thing anyway, so now you get to see them in their unlock order, with the ‘decorative’ Buildings (the houses) and Materials at the end.
    – Expansions tab is moved inside the expansion signs on the farm. You open that popup, and click to see all expansions from there. It was useless anyway, after you got all expansions.
    – Ranch Cash and Coins are also merged into a single tab.
    – Specials and Gear tabs have sub-filtering options.
    – added a popup switcher menu at the bottom of the Shop and Barn tabs. Not sure about you, but again, we sometimes confuse them while in a hurry, and we thought this can be useful, if this happens to other players too.
  • fixed a Bar Limits bug for some players, where you couldn’t add Blue Ribbon points to increase the limits.

July 14, 2021

  • 2 New Herbs & Spices and 1 Crop! This update brings Chili Peppers, Garlic and Oats to your farm. Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift is awaiting you inside the text of our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new plants, and for more gifts!
  • bug fixes and improvements:
    fixed the chickens bug.
    – fixed templates notification showing a “ghost” template, when exchanging 3 templates for other template type.
    – fixed a display bug where when harvesting Grapes the grapevines were rotated.
    – fixed a bug where Joe stopped planting or harvesting, when he had hedges around Greenhouses or other obstacles.
    – fixed a bug where the distance between big trees (Elm, Maple, Fir, Beech) wouldn’t register and you could plant them closer than intended. Now they will be properly distanced further apart, according to each tree’s requirements.

July 13, 2021

  • added a guide to help you with the spacing when placing shrubs, if you want to get silver and gold stars. You can activate the guide from a new setting in the Settings menu. The guide detects if you move an empty shrub and shows the half plot zone all around, and if you have already a raspberry or blackberry on it, it shows only the spacings for that particular one. For Lilac and Magnolia, it doesn’t show any spacing, since you don’t need any.
  • fixed a bug where Charity orders shows the same order in the popup and the card on the farm board is empty.
  • fixed a bug where a new Order didn’t appear when the countdown reached 0, after you deleted the one before, triggered by visiting Neighbors.
  • various other bug fixes and improvements, including setting the right levels for some recipes and crafts.

July 8, 2021

  • NEW SURPRISE Feature! We thought we should reward hard working players who earned the prestigious Blue Ribbons. So, now you have the possibility to increase your Power, Fuel and Energy bars max regenerating capacity with points you earn from Blue Ribbons. You’ll find the new button to do so by clicking on any bars mentioned above. Choose wisely! 🙂

July 7, 2021

  • Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Coffee now grow as shrubs. Grapes are also shrubs (multiple harvests) now, but they are planted on grapevine beds, that you can plow from the Plow Tool drawer.
    – Grapevines can only be planted with a certain distance between them, so the sun can reach the grapes, for an excellent tasting wine. You cannot put other game items between the grapevine rows, except tiles and fences.
    IMPORTANT – some shrubs need spacing around them. If you want Joe to harvest and have a chance to get silver and gold stars, you will have to place the shrubs with some spacing, just for that particular plant. See the Bees Farm for examples on how to place Berries, Coffee and Grapes.

    1. Blueberries and Coffee need half a “plot” empty all around, for silver and gold starred fruits.
    2. Blackberries and Raspberries need half a “plot” empty on just one side, for silver and gold starred fruits. You can plant them in rows.
    See image here

    – if there are trees or any other object near that particular shrub, it will not have the chance to produce silver and gold starred fruits. If the other shrubs respect this spacing, they will be OK.
    – you can, of course, plant Blackberries and Raspberries on shrubs spaced for Blueberries and Coffee, and get starred fruits (in case you don’t want to change the shrub beds spacing). You will have to make some interesting and creative gameplay choices, and we can’t wait to see what you will do. 🙂
    – if you don’t want silver or gold starred fruits for these shrubs, then you can simply plant on the shrub beds you have now.
    – Lilac and Magnolias don’t need any spacing, same as before.
    – the time for shrubs won’t decrease if you place them in your Greenhouse.
    – it’s best to think of shrubs as an investment. If Grapes have 10 harvests, and you recuperate the investment in 7 harvests, then the rest is profit. Of course, if you process the first 7 harvested Grapes, your profit will overall be bigger. Also, shrubs are a nice way of not needing to replant each time. Grapes for example will save you 10 replants.
    – in the near future we will allow even more spaces to place your stuff around the farm area, for even more varied farm configurations. So, this extra spacing required for starred shrubs won’t be an issue, if it is now.


  • Joe can now harvest shrubs, and can find silver and gold star Lilac and Magnolias. He can also harvest grapes, but please don’t write us about the order he does it in, or the order he plants. He’s still learning about this plots/shrubs/grapevines stuff and he does the best he can. We’re waiting for him to assimilate this knowledge first, then try to teach him new stuff.
    – please note that for last harvest Joe only takes one pass at a plant (he does not harvest the last flower, then proceeds to cut the bush).
    – only Lilac and Magnolias give bush wood.
  • New Gear productsCranberry Juice, Sunflower Oil and Plum Rakia.
  • numerous bug fixes and improvements. Among them:
    – now the Peacock can grow a feather even if you forgot to collect the one before, so you don’t miss on the 3 hours for that.
    – the text input fields for nickname and crops manager behave better.
    – Lemonade Stand opens at the lemonade set on automation, and also displays more info about the lemonade it’s making.
    – now, in the “Choose Seed to Plant” popup, when you hover a plant you can see the Barn and Old Shack inventory, so you can more easily decide what to plant with Joe.

IMPORTANT: please note that prices for various produce might change in the future, to reflect new gameplay changes (might increase or decrease). This time, we managed to keep the prices for the grapes, berries and coffee the same, but in the future we can’t guarantee we will be able to do so, if we do other changes. The only way to make sure you don’t lose coins if the price decreases is by selling them with the Train. Of course, if you have hundreds of millions and only care about keeping a high stock, it’s just fine and you don’t need to do anything. 🙂

June 27, 2021

  • multiple Evaporator bug fixes and improvements, based on your reporting.
    – added an info button in the Artisan Mode popup, that opens an image to clearly explain how to get Silver and Gold Star Syrup.
    – added a free full refill for the Evaporator to test the improvements, and 5 RC as a bonus. Refill and claim popup will appear once your Evaporator is empty.
    – made some changes to the texts for the Evaporator popups to better clarify how it works.
    – several bug fixes.

June 2, 2021

  • 3 New Trees! This update brings Pear, Plum and Apricot Trees to your farm. They give 8, 5 and 6 fruits (or crates) each. Be sure to check our Fan Page, where a cool gift is awaiting you inside the text of our last post. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new trees!
  • replaced the old mills with some new ones, to be at the same scale with the Kitchen and other buildings. This was a needed visual update, but more importantly, the sails are done with a new, much smoother technique that saves both space for the new trees and performance. You’ll see the sails spin much smoother now.
  • redesigned the space around the game window to be easier to read, and to have a more serene mood befitting to our game.

May 6, 2021

  • now when you add produce to the Truck, you can see how many are full, because the lids are placed over them automatically. This is another way to check if you loaded the truck or not.
  • fixed green fertilizer showing up in Bellflower Meadow.
  • various small fixes and improvements.