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June 4, 2024

  • Plots to work supercharged! Now the 1-4-9 multitool harvests EVERYTHING in one go! Trees, Crops, Shrubs, Grapevines, Potted Plants and yes, even the Herbs. Planting also works for all categories. And don’t worry, the popup for Rotten Apples still works, so you won’t harvest Apples by mistake before they drop Rotten Apples.
  • updated the Competitions prizes so they reflect exactly what you will get, for the super special 100 Anniversary. (OMG, it’s 100 already!). The Statues won’t replace the Trophies, they’re EXTRA. AND, as a surprise, and because a farmer commented on the page that more Salt is needed, the Peacock Statues will give a few Salt and Pepper for 2 weeks for your Neighbors, if you win any of them! This way, we hope nobody will get spicy if they don’t win these 3 statues.
  • performance improvements: due to recently upgrading the game engine, we were able to find and optimize some memory issues that could cause grey/white screens for some players, and also improve some aspects of the game. The issues affected very few players, and now we are seeing them decreased by half. Generally, the game occupies 20% less in the browser’s video memory than it did before.
  • bug fixes:
    the quantity in the Barn doesn’t remain selected in black when hovering over the Barn item.
    fixed grass/sap taps/woods not showing in BfM when cleared by Joe.
    – daily reward pause counter now resets yearly – happy summer vacations!
    – fixed Barn item total value not showing the correct coins amount when hovering over them.
    – fixed Poplars not appearing in Bellflower Meadow.

May 25, 2024

  • new Crops and Achievements! Be sure to check our Fan Page for more details, and where a cool (and useful) gift also awaits you inside the post text, as a Coupon Code you can claim from inside the game. And, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE if you like the new Crops and Achievements, and for more gifts!
  • bug fixes:
    – feeding Ducks now counts towards Daily Tasks.
    – fixed out of sync when trying to place the picnic basket outside the farm.
    – fixed daily tasks synchronisation issue when reloading the game.
    – fixed game freeze when moving the Kitchen / Craft Shack while producing.
    – fixed out of sync when claiming Fertilizer prize from Competitions.
    – fixed Water Sawmill Bushes sometimes reappearing after being cut.
    – fixed Water Sawmill popup sometimes not opening.
    – fixed Charity Order sometimes not appearing when countdown finishes.
    – fixed out of sync when trying to place Trophies outside the farm.

April 25, 2024

  • new feature! Fast Travel with Joe to all areas of the map!
    – you access this new feature by clicking on the World Map icon. There is a new popup there, in addition to the old one (cycle through them from the bottom circles in the popup). From there, you choose where you want to go with Joe, click on the place, and you will be taken there!
    – Fast Travel requires extra energy compared to what you would normally use. So, you will have to balance convenience with Energy use. Depending on how far you travel, it will be either 1 Energy, or 2 Energy extra.
    – from the same menu, you can call the Truck to the farm, but you have to be in either Bellflower Meadow or your farm. You can now also call the Truck to Bellflower Meadow, when you are there!
  • changes for the menu that appears when you hover over the World Map button:
    – removed Call Tyrone (Truck), because you can call it directly from the new popup.
    added Find Tabby Cat button (appears only if you have a Tabby Cat).
    – removed Go to BfM, because you can go there through the new popup, and it was confusing there, because it lacked context.
    This way, the hover menu is only for finding Joe, Tabby Cat and Conan, simplifying the concept. Also, accidental clicks that would use up Fuel are avoided.
  • bug fixes:
    – fixed a bug where the old World Map popup could increase the browser memory if you open it many times.
    – fixed a bug where you would get an out of sync error when placing fences on the farm.
    – fixed a bug where you couldn’t turn some sounds on/off from the right menu.

April 18, 2024

  • added the possibility to automatically place Bacon in the Factories and Water Sawmill areas through the Skip button from the Quest popup, for players who don’t want to go to those areas to place Bacon.
  • improved the animations for the ducks and their behaviors. Now the ducks gather in flight formation and attack the fox to scare it away.
  • added the Enchanted Path Collection to the Collections tab, for those who completed this Contest.
  • added possibility to toggle through the pillars flowers for the big marble arch, for players who completed that Craft Shack Contest 2 or 3 times.
  • added a Special Order for the 4 products you make with duck feathers and down. It should be completed in about 3 days, with 3 feathers/down collects/day.
  • in the quest subtitle, it says “The fox would have found the nest anyway. By speeding up the process, you’ll get some products as a bonus!
    – by speeding up, we meant placing the Bacon, so that the fox is guided to your farm. We didn’t mean by clicking on the Skip for RC button, as we wouldn’t condition such thing on RC.
    – by some products as a bonus, we meant the duck feathers and down.
    We got a few messages enquiring about this. The quest text was added many days ago, when the whole duck idea wasn’t so clearly polished. So who are we to contradict you? 🙂 Here’s a Coupon Code with a few bonus products: DCKSPD7

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