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Autumn Event 2022

The Autumn Event appears as an icon at the top-right part of your game window, and is scheduled for 15 days.

Click on the icon to open the Autumn Event 2022 menu and place the table to start the contest.

If you have other items in front of your farm and don’t have space for the Autumn Table 2022, you can store them with the Add to Warehouse Tool, then open the contest again to place the table.

After that, check what you have to do in order to earn the big prize by clicking the Autumn Event 2022 icon again.

What’s the Prize?

The big prize for the Autumn Event 2022 is the Black Swan.

The Black Swan is a symbol of unexpected discoveries, pleasant surprises and challenging the impossible. Thought for centuries to be only a myth, this bird from the Land Down Under arrives on the river pond left of your farm as the big prize of this year’s Autumn Event.

To earn the Black Swan you have to complete all 3 Autumn events.

You can also earn a Halloween Root Cellar Exterior Theme if you finish the first Autumn Event where you have to make brine pickle recipes.

All contests have to be completed in main farm, not Bellflower Meadow.

1. Make Brine Pickle Recipes

Make Brine Mixed Pickles in your Canner and unlock all 8 jar models from this Collection!

You can find the Canner in the Shop > Gear tab for 35,920 coins.

To unlock a new Brine Mixed Pickles jar, make the required amount of the previous pickle jar. The game will then automatically move you to the next jar, for simplicity. You can check the required amount if you hover over the recipe.

Hover with your mouse cursor over the mixed pickles recipe. First one asks you to make 8.

To make 1 special Brine Mixed Pickles, you will need Pickle Recipe Cards.

You can either ask your friends for Pickle Recipe Cards by clicking the “Ask” button when you run out, you can click the 2 RC button under it, or you can get bundles of pickle recipe cards from the Shop > Specials tab.

Some Brine Mixed Pickle recipes require mushrooms. Please CLICK HERE for more info on foraging for mushrooms if you need help.

Complete the collection to win a Halloween Root Cellar Exterior Theme!

2. Harvest Crops

Harvest crops daily to collect Decorative Gourds!

A minimum of 349 Decorative Gourds are required to finish this part of the Autumn Event 2022.

Using Rain to instantly grow crops gives extra Decorative Gourds.

Click on the Decorative Gourds to pick them up.

The contest is created so that a normal player who plants their plots in the morning, for example, and harvests them in the evening, can find all Decorative Gourds if they play daily during the contest.

We reward additional daily harvests with some extra Decorative Gourds, as mentioned before, the use of Rain, regardless of how many times a player harvests per day.

When your “day” resets, you will get more Decorative Gourds on your next harvest. One “day” is 20 hours since you previously collected your first Decorative Gourd in the previous day — so it resets based on your own schedule.

3. Complete Autumn Quests

Complete autumn Quests to unlock Chrysanthemums!

Quests appear at the top-left of your screen. This is the first one.

After you complete each Autumn Daily Quest, you unlock either a new Chrysanthemum flower, or a bag of Fertilizer!

Click “Claim Flower” after the first day, then click “Unlock” to plant Chrysanthemum Pink.

Each of the 7 “days” of quests is made up of 3-4 smaller quests (usually in the well-known format: plant, harvest, collect, make). These smaller subquests are numbered if you open up the quest and look at the top-right, under the quest’s description.

You get a new “day of quests” 20 hours after starting your previous daily quests.