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Halloween Event 2021

The Halloween Event appears as an icon at the top-right part of your game window, and is scheduled for 14 days.

Click on the icon to open the Halloween Event 2021 menu and check what you have to do in order to earn the big prize.

What’s the Prize?

The big prize for the Halloween 2021 Event is a bundle of spooky plants that wouldn’t look out of place in Dracula’s garden: Red Spider Lily, Black Bat Flower, Ghost Plant, Doll’s Eyes, and Black Mondo Grass.

If you complete the Event, you will receive:
– 5 Terracotta Flower Pots
– 5 “Tech” Flower Pots
– Seed Packs containing seeds for all 5 plants.

Ghost Plant is planted on a special place along the Train Tracks, in the Tunnel.

Black Bat Flower (an orchid) and Doll’s Eyes are planted in pots only. You will have 10 pots in total to plant these flowers in and nicely decorate your farm.

Mondo Grass is planted as a decoration, and you multiply it same as Glass Gem Corn.

All contests have to be completed in main farm, not Bellflower Meadow.

To start the contest, place the Halloween Party Table in front of your farm.

If you have other decorations there, or a Lemonade Stand, you can store them with your Add to Warehouse Tool, then add the table.

1. Harvest Crops

Harvest crops daily to find Cocktail Garnishes!

A minimum of 455 Cocktail Garnishes are required to finish this part of the Halloween Event 2021.

Using Rain to instantly grow crops gives extra Cocktail Garnishes Beans.

Harvest your crops and click to collect the Cocktail Garnishes you find.

The contest is created so that a normal player who plants their plots in the morning, for example, and harvests them in the evening, can find all Cocktail Garnishes if they play daily during the contest.

We reward additional daily harvests with some extra Cocktail Garnishes, as mentioned before, the use of Rain, regardless of how many times a player harvests per day.

When your “day” resets, you will get more Cocktail Garnishes on your next harvest. One “day” is 20 hours since you previously collected your first Cocktail Garnish in the previous day — so it resets based on your own schedule.

2. Mix Spooky Mocktails

Discover all 11 Spooky Mocktails by making them in your Lemonade Stand and earn the Lemonade Stand Halloween Theme.

Use Raven Potion (a magic, special ingredient), Assorted Juices (drop loot from making any juice in the Juicer), Cocktail Garnishes, and Honey to mix Spooky Mocktails and complete this collection!

You can either ask your friends for Raven Potion by clicking the blue “Ask” button when you run out, or you can get it from the Shop > Specials tab.

You can ask for Raven Potion when you run out.
You can also find Raven Potion in the Specials tab.

Assorted Juices drop when you make any juice in your Juicer.

You can get up to 50 Assorted Juices per day, then the Juicer will stop giving them. After that, it resets the next day (20 hours since getting your first Assorted Juice the previous day), just like with Beeswax :).

You can get Cocktail Garnishes by harvesting your crops, as mentioned in step 1.

Once you complete the collection, you can keep the Halloween Cocktail Table. If you complete this contest twice, you can add one Halloween Cocktail Table to your Log Cabin.

IMPORTANT: As with all previous contests (stockings, cookies, sweaters etc), you won’t discover a new cocktail type with each new one you make. They are “discoverable” at certain thresholds So, keep on mixing until you find all 11 unique cocktail types.

3 Complete Autumn Quests

Complete all Autumn Quests to collect all 7 pumpkins along the road and Complete the Collection.

This is the first Easter quest of the first day.

Each of the 7 “days” of quests is made up of 3-4 smaller quests (usually in the well-known format: plant, harvest, collect, make). These smaller quests are numbered if you open up the quest and look at the top-right, under the quest’s description.

You get a new “day of quests” 20 hours after starting your previous daily quests.