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Easter Event 2024

The Easter Event 2024 is scheduled for 14 days and appears as an icon at the top right part of the game.

Click it and you will have to place the Enchanted Springtime Promenade in front of your farm — you will notice it’s in a new area above the lake, compared to previous Events.

After that, check what you have to do in order to earn the big prize by clicking the Easter Event icon again.

What are the Prizes?

Harvest crops daily to unlock 5 new Freesia varieties and a new Spring Flowers Bouquet in the Flower Shop.

Craft Easter Decor to win the Farmhouse Easter Theme and unlock a collection you can make all-year round and place the items as decorations on your farm.

Complete all 3 contests to earn the Grand Prize: two Mallard Ducks. These ducks are known for their sociable nature, mottled brown feathers that make them blend seamlessly with their surroundings, and adaptability, often nesting in grasses away from water.

We may update this article with more details and also based on your feedback and questions, so if you have questions related to the Event, please check back to this article later.

What do I have to do?

All 3 contests below have to be completed in main farm, not Bellflower Meadow.

1. Craft Easter Decor

Craft Easter Decor in your Craft Shack until you make 11 “perfect” items that are suited to be placed on the Enchanted Springtime Promenade.

When completed, this collection of 11 items, called Enchanted Promenade Collection will reward you the Farmhouse Easter Theme. The theme does not include the Farmhouse.

The collection will also be available permanently all-year round in your Craft Shack.

For the first time in CLM, once you complete the Collection, you can craft these items AND place them as decorations on your farm! To do so, hover over the item in the Barn and click Move, to permanently transfer them to your Warehouse.

After you place them on your farm, you can individually toggle the Easter decor on or off (by clicking on them), so they are well suited for year-round usage.

Once completed, the big Marble Arch will be decorated with flowers, both on your farm and in the collection popup.

Completing this collection will also unlock the marble decor from the Shop!

The marble decor (the one that is placed initially on the farm, consisting of 1 small marble arch, 1 big marble arch, the marble path that is half-crop think (a first in the game), and the big marble circle) will be unlocked and available to purchase once you complete this Contest (coming soon).

The big arch you will buy from the Shop won’t have flowers. The one from the Collection will be the only one.

How to craft the Easter Decor

The collection has a counter, so you know when the next Easter Decor will be unlocked. For example, if you make 8 of the first Easter Decor, the Decorative Wheelbarrow Crackers, it will be added to the table (it is considered you practiced making it until you created a perfect looking one). This will unlock the next decor, the Decorative Wagon.

Finishing the Easter Decor contest once is enough for it to count for the Easter Contest, to make the crafts after the event ends all year round, and to get the collection in your Achievements after the event ends. If you restart it a second time it’s up to you, but the first time will count, so don’t worry! 🙂

Now, let’s make these crafts in the Craft Shack! You can check the required amount for each craft if you hover with your mouse cursor over it.

Hover to see the required amount.

To make the Decor, you will need Deco Planter Kits.

You can either ask your friends for Deco Planter Kits by clicking the “Ask” button when you run out, or you can click the 2 RC button under it, or you can get bundles from the Shop > Specials tab.

I Don’t Have BfM, how do I get the materials?

If you don’t have Bellflower Meadow, you will find materials for the planters and other items from the Enchanted Path Collection as an ad in the Market Stand Newspaper! Info on Market Stand HERE.

2. Harvest Crops and Collect Easter Jelly Beans

Harvest crops daily and find Easter Jelly Beans that you can trade for OPs after the Event ends.

At certain numbers of Jelly Beans, 5 Freesia varieties will be available to unlock in your Shack so you can then plant them.

So, at certain progress intervals in the contest, the different Freesia colors are unlocked in your Shop and you can plant them.

A minimum of 349 Easter Jelly Beans are required to finish this part of the Easter Event 2024.

Using Rain to instantly grow crops gives extra Easter Jelly Beans.

The contest is created so that a normal player who plants their plots in the morning, for example, and harvests them in the evening, can find all Easter Jelly Beans if they play daily during contest.

We reward additional daily harvests with some extra Easter Jelly Beans and, as mentioned before, the use of Rain, regardless of how many times a player harvests per day.

When your “day” resets, you will get more Easter Jelly Beans on your next harvest. One “day” is 20 hours since you collected your first Easter Jelly Beans in the previous day — so it resets based on your own schedule.

Also, remember, the contest lasts for 14 days so don’t panic :).

3. Complete Easter Quests

Complete Easter Daily Quests to collect Easter Eggs!

This is the first quest in the first “day of quests”.

Each of the 7 “days” of quests is made up of 4 smaller quests (usually in the well-known format: plant, harvest, collect, make). These subquests are numbered if you open up the quest and look at the top-right, under the quest’s description.

Also, in case you need help, here’s how to plant Shrubs like Coffee.

In order for farmers who are at a lower level to complete the Event, we have temporarily lowered the ingredients levels to level 22. After the Event ends, the ingredients will revert to their initial level.

After you complete each Easter quest, 2 or 3 Easter Eggs will pop up AROUND your farm and you have to find and collect them using Joe — just as you would forage for mushrooms.

Click the green “Find Eggs 0/3” button, and start looking around your farm. When you spot an egg, guide Joe there to pick it up. Keep in mind they are not large eggs.

This is only an example to see how big the Easter Eggs are.

If you need help to find the Easter eggs, you can click the “Use Hint” button for the cost of 1 RC / hint. If you find the egg by yourself, 1 RC will be added to your RC total.

When you find the Eggs and click on them, they will be added to the Easter Eggs Hunt Contest popup.

Find the 2-3 eggs around your farm then check back to see when to expect your next day of quests to begin. You get a new “day of quests” 20 hours after starting your previous daily quests.

You have to find all 17 Easter Eggs to complete this part of the Easter Contest.

I haven’t hired Joe / Don’t have Joe

You need Joe in order to find the eggs in the Easter Eggs Hunt.

To hire Joe on your farm, you first have to complete your Orders Board and finish the quest where you have deliver some orders (“Earning A Reputation” quest).

Then you have to make Tyrone your neighbor — another quest will appear at the top-left.

After you complete these and reload your game, you will be able to hire Joe as well — this time you will get a notification at the right (where you the one that your train is ready) or you can check your mailbox directly. There you will have a letter from Joe saying he wants to work on your farm.