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How to plant Shrubs

Just as crops need plots, Shrubs need Shrub Beds.

ATTENTION: Shrub Beds are counted as Plots. If you don’t have any room to place more plots or you have reached your limit of plots, remove some plots with your Sell Tool.

To plant Shrubs, Please select your Shrub Bed Plow Tool.

Then, click somewhere on your farm where you have free space.

You can place Shrub Beds on your main farm and in BfM. If you only have your main farm (no BfM), you can plow only in the Ranch area of your farm (Southern part), not in your Yard area (Nothern part), just like with plots.

To plant, click on the Empty Shrub Bed, then select a shrub from the ever present ones in the Shop: Blueberries, Coffee, Blackberries, Raspberries, Lilac, Magnolia Fairy Cream, or Pomegranate.

Shrubs have an additional growth phase in which they’re maturing from seeds to Shrubs.

Shrubs can be harvested several times, since they are perennial plants.

For example, Blueberries take 4 hours to mature after which they can be harvested 5 times, once every 3 hours.

After your harvest Blueberries 5 times, you can cut down the shrub and plant a new one.

You can check the time needed to mature, harvest growth time and number of harvests for each Shrub in the Shop.

Silver Star and Gold Star

If you use Joe to harvest and want a chance to get silver and gold stars, you will have to place Shrubs with some spacing, just for that particular plant. Here is a guide:

Spacing #1 is required if you want starred Blueberries and Coffee.
Spacing #2 is needed for starred Blackberries and Raspberries.

For even better help, you can check the “Starred shrubs placement guide” option in your Settings.

The guide detects if you move an empty shrub and shows the half plot zone all around, and if you have already a raspberry or blackberry on it, it shows only the spacings for that particular plant.

The spacing area changes color as you move the Shrub:

  • green: it’s OK to plant
  • yellow: you can plant but you won’t get Silver and Gold star fruits
  • red: can’t plant
1st photo, yellow — can plant but won’t get silver and gold star fruits.
2nd photo, green — can plant and will get silver and gold star fruit