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How to plant Shrubs

Shrubs are available in CLM after you complete the Easter Event 2021.

You get 20 shrubs of each of Lilac and Magnolia Fairy Cream.

Just as crops need plots, Shrubs need Shrub Beds.

ATTENTION: Shrub Beds are counted as Plots. If you don’t have any room to place more plots, remove some Plots with your Sell Tool.

You can use the Sell Tool to sell plots.

To plant Shrubs, Please select your new Shrub Bed Plow Tool.

Then, click somewhere on your where you have free space.

You can plow Shrub Beds in your main farm and in BfM, on land you own. If you only have your main farm (no BfM), you can plow only in the Ranch area of your farm (Southern part), not in your Yard area (Nothern part), just like with plots.

To plant, click on the Empty Shrub Bed, then click on a shrub, Magnolia Fairy Cream or Lilac.

Shrubs can be harvested 4-6 times, since they are perennial plants. Lilac offers 4 harvests and Magnolia Fairy Cream has 6 harvests.

After harvesting a Shrub 4-6 times, you can cut it and plant a new Shrub.

Planting more Shrubs / Plant is developing

You unlock planting unlimited Shrubs by completing the quest “Becoming a Florist”.

After that, Shrubs will have an additional phase in which they’re developing from seeds to Shrubs — that takes 13 hours for Lilac, and 12 hours for Magnolia Fairy Cream.

Coins from Shrubs

ATTENTION: – Lilac, for example, costs 355 coins, and 1 harvest gives you 103 coins, but you have 4 harvests in total before you will need to cut it down, so that is 412 coins, plus 1 Bush Wood (13 coins), bringing the plant to a total of 425 coins. So, although it may seem the harvested plant is less than what you buy from the Seeds tab, take into account that you harvest it multiple times.