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How do I make the Animal Appetizers Set?

The Animal Appetizers Set can be made by all players who completed the Vegetable Carvings part of the Easter Event 2023.

To make the Animal Appetizers Set again, click the “Mastery, Collections & Achievements” icon in your toolbar > go to the “Collections” tab > click the “Animal Appetizers 2023” collection.

To see how many of each recipe you have to make, hover with your mouse cursor over the specific plate.

The highlighted plate is the Spring Ladybug Crackers recipe. You have to make 8 more to reveal the plate.

You can also check how many more recipes you have to make by hovering over the “Make” button or over the recipe in the Recipes Book menu.

When you make enough of a recipe, the “Reveal” button will appear. Click it. to reveal :).

When all 9 recipes are revealed you can click “Add to Barn” to make the Animal Appetizers Set and deliver the order.

The Summer Camp Appetizers special order appears every 4 days.

Why Can’t I Make a Specific Recipe?

For the Easter Event, all ingredients and Gear required to make the Animal Appetizers Set were temporarily lowered to level 26 in order to allow farmers at a lower level to make them, too. Now that the Event has ended, all ingredients and Gear were set back to their original levels. So, in order to make all recipes, you have to level up :).