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Special Orders

You can access the Special Orders menu from the top of your Orders Board.

Each week, one or more Special Order types will give an Extra Reward upon completion.

Extra Rewards can change daily.

In this photo it’s Axes Week (Sarah’s M&C) and Tincture Week (Ghost Plant).

Extra Rewards are shown at the right. In this case, it’s 3 Green Vouchers for delivering an Axes order for Sarah’s M&C, and 4 Train Tickets for delivering a Ghost Plant order.

What are the Rewards?

Extra Rewards can consist of: Fuel, Power, Salt, Pepper, Dye Kits, Green Vouchers, Purple Vouchers, Weaver Tickets, Train Tickets, Energy bars, and OPs.

Choose what Special Orders to receive

Some players only want to complete simple Orders (white order cards), or like completing some Special Orders, but not others (colored cards on your Orders Board – green, purple, red, blue).

Now you can check or uncheck what Special Orders you want.
– when unchecking a Special Order, if you have that order type on your board, then you will have to delete it manually.
– if you uncheck all Special Orders, once you delete all colored cards, you will only get normal orders.
– if you have deleted Orders (hourglass icon), changes take effect after the glass-hour orders.

Time in between Special Orders

Each Special Order type has its own time to regenerate. Here’s when to expect Special Orders based on when you got your last one on the Orders Board:

  • Charity Foundation — 6 hours initially, goes down to 4 hours, more info HERE.
  • Starred Recipes for Restaurant (Gustav) — 48 hours
  • Fancy Restaurant (Jerome, starred ingredients) — 48 hours
  • Sarah M&C — 48 hours
  • Glass Gem Corn Display Stand — 96 hours
  • Venetian Mask (Peacock) — 22 hours
  • Alpaca Sweaters — 22 hours
  • Ghost Plant — 36 hours
  • Summer Camp Appetizers — 96 hours
  • Summer Camp Silver Omelette — 24 hours

You can also hover each Special Order to get extra info, for example here’s more info for Alpaca Sweaters.