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Bellflower Meadow Walkthrough

– the land expansion of Country Life Meadows –

This walkthrough will guide you to easily and successfully complete all the tasks in Bellflower Meadow. If you’re stuck with Getting the New Land, CLICK HERE.

First, let’s make sure we get the basics right and give you some useful links:

Here’s how to move Loot from Joe’s Backpack to the Old Shack.

And here’s how to carry stuff with the truck from Bellflower Meadow to your farm and back.

For more on Green Vouchers, Charity Orders, Land Deeds, and Tree Permits, CLICK HERE.

Lastly, to learn more about the Blue Dot / Red Dot and how it works in BfM to help you find the loot Joe has to pick up, CLICK HERE.

Now, the walkthrough… If you’re stuck, it’s advisable to read only until the next step. πŸ˜‰


Main Storyline

Please note that in order to unlock certain features like upgrading your Axe or Pickaxe you have to advance in the game (complete ALL steps until #28 in the walkthrough, then continue from there).

Don’t worry about clearing the clouds just yet. To clear all clouds you have to complete ALL the steps below, up to #35, and purchase both orchards.

1. Explore the land around to find the missing tools.

To explore the land, guide Joe to where you want him to go by double-clicking on that area. When Joe goes under a cloud, he clears it to reveal the secrets hiding behind. The main quest in BfM is to explore all places and clear all clouds, so better start exploring!

You don’t have to get Joe to clear all the grass you see around now! Only clear the patches blocking your way, and the ones required by the quests.

Also, you are not required to break down the largest stones!

Move Joe around to start clearing clouds. Double-click on empty areas.

Keep moving Joe to find the axe & shovel (left image), then cut some grass (center image) to reveal the pickaxe & Old Shack (right image).

2. Clear up your new patch of land with the newly found tools, plow some plots, and plant the crops from the quest.

This is the land lot you bought from your main farm. What Joe clears (stones, bushes, wood etc.) from land you own goes directly to your Old Shack.

For all other areas, what Joe clears (stones, bushes, wood etc.) is loot and needs to be picked up using Joe and his hat/backpack.

If you’re wondering how to upgrade Joe’s hat/backpack, CLICK HERE.

Clear all 26 boulders, grass patches, bushes and flowers in your new land lot, then plow 10 plots and plant Clover on them.

3. Explore the land to the right (the road you came on) to find more Stone.

Follow the road the truck arrived on to find more stones and boulders. Cross the little wooden bridge and clear away the bushes and grass to unveil even more stones, larger boulders, a new foraging area, and a mysterious locked gate.

Walk back down the road to find more stones. Cross the bridge and clear the bushes to reveal a new foraging area and more boulders.

4. Repair the Stone Path.

Click on the broken path repeatedly, and Joe will use the stones you’ve gathered to fix it. Don’t forget to look for stones and boulders you can use along the way. You can also find more boulders around your Old Shack

Keep fixing the broken stone path until you reach the Old Water Well.

Tip: if you’re having trouble fixing the broken stone path, try clicking the button “Toggle visibility of trees and tall buildings” in your Settings bar at the right. If the button doesn’t work, please uncheck the option “Peek behind tall objects” in your Settings (for more info CLICK HERE).

In the photo at the right you can see how the two trees become invisible and now you can see what’s behind.

5. Use the Water Well and Water Pump.

Once Joe reaches this area, get him to use the Water Well and Water Pump.

Click on the Water Well and Water Pump to use them.

6. Explore the area North of the Water Tower

Use Joe to move North and clear more clouds. You will find a passing that uncovers more of BfM and a new foraging area.

Follow the arrow to find a passing (left image) where the fence is missing. Go further North to remove more clouds.

Keep exploring and you will find the new foraging area, then return to the Water Well.

The foraging area is circled above. You can see the truck at the bottom right of the image, for reference.

7. Now follow the path below the Water Well until you reach some (fallen rocks) blocking it. Clear the path.

You will have to take Joe to the Old Shack from time to time to empty his hat/backpack.

8. Go up the hill and find the Log Cabin

Click on the door to test if it’s locked, then click on the little piece of paper in the door to read the letter from George.

Side note: At this point you may also notice some Fir Cones under the Towering Grand Firs next to the cabin. Picking them up will unlock the quest Forestry β€” you can read more about it HERE.

9. Harvest crops on your plot of land in BfM until you find the missing key for the Log Cabin, which was stolen by the fox.

We recommend you add more plots with your Plow Tool because you will have to harvest quite a few crops. But don’t get discouraged, you will find the vintage key eventually.

Your Old Shack servers as temporary storage and it will get full, so carry your produce to your main farm with Tyrone’s truck. You can increase the Truck’s carrying capacity β€” CLICK HERE to see how.

When you do find the vintage key, click on it and it will go into your Old Shack > Other Stuff tab.

There it is, found it!

10. Move the key from your Old Shack > Other Stuff tab to Joe’s Backpack and guide Joe to the Log Cabin.

Side note: Make sure you didn’t accidentally move the key to your main farm (in Gifts) with the truck. If you did, you can carry it back via the truck (click your truck, click “Load”, then go to Gifts and select the key).

Vintage Key is in the Old Shack > Other Stuff tab. Make sure Joe is near the Old Shack, then click “Move”.

11. Buy the Log Cabin.

Once Joe is next to the Log Cabin, click the “For Sale” sign in front of it and read the letter.

There is an icon of a letter at the left of the buy Log Cabin window (center image). Click it to read the letter.

The Log Cabin sells for 175,000 coins and 2 Land Deeds.

To get Land Deeds, click on your farm’s name at the top > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Vouchers” subtab. Click on the 3 green vouchers button under the Land Deed to exchange 3 Green Vouchers for 1 Land Deed.

In the photo above the player has 1 Land Deed. To get more, click the button.

12. Click on the door to enter the Log Cabin.

Nothing special here, it’s just Joe entering the Log Cabin.

13. Take the trash out from inside the cabin to the trash container outside.

In the “The Big Clean Up” quest menu, click the green “Show me” button in and in will point to a piece of garbage (bottles, pieces of paper) or debris that has to be picked up and thrown out.

When Joe can’t pick any more trash/debris, guide him out the door, then to the trash container behind the Log Cabin. Click on the container to throw the trash.

Repeat this until you throw out all the trash β€” there’s some debris in the attic, too (shingles, bricks, broken wooden beams, etc.), so get Joe up those stairs.

You will also come across various inventory items like a garden hose, a tin bucket, a sap tap, and insecticide and pesticide bottles.

14. Put the house decor back in the boxes.

This is easy because the house decor (paintings, carpets, books etc.) stick to the mouse cursor.

Just click on a piece of house decor, then on the box.

You can also use the Hide Attic / Show Attic buttons and the Lock button at the bottom right in the Log Cabin.

Side Quest: Repair the Log Cabin (Carpenter Skills)

After you put the house decor back in the boxes, you will get a new quest, Carpenter Skills, that asks you to repair the Log Cabin.

This quest is not required to advance in the BfM storyline, so you can finish it when you want to. We recommend you skip this part for now and continue to step #15 below (get water from the river) β€” then return to this quest later πŸ™‚

To repair the cabin, you will need 20 Oak Lumber and 10 Pine Logs, which you will have to carry with Tyrone’s truck from your main farm (you can make the lumber in your Craft Shack). Remember to unload the truck when you return to BfM.

You also have to get 10 Fir Logs and 18 Elm Lumber. The easiest way to see where you can find these is to click on the woodpile in front of the cabin, then the green Help button.

This will indicate some Frasier Firs you can cut with a Tree Permit. If Tree Permits are greyed out, use Joe to pick up a Fir Cone from under the Towering Fir Trees next to the Log Cabin. This unlocks the Tree Permits and the quest β€œForestry (for more info on it and planting and cutting trees, CLICK HERE”.

To get Elm Logs and make the lumber, you will have to buy the first two available expansions with the pieces of the Fallen Giant English Elm, then cut the elm.

To add wood to the pile click the Add button. To see how many you have in your backpack or Old Shack, hover over the Add button with your mouse cursor.

The “Help” button is your friend. Hover with your mouse cursor over “Add” to see how many you have, then click to add.

15. Get water from the river.

Click on the bucket, then click on the door. Once outside, click on the river in front of the Log Cabin to fill the bucket.

16. Mop the Log Cabin.

Return to the Log Cabin and click on the mop, then dip it into the bucket filled with water. Then, move the mop all over the cabin until the quest is complete. Be sure not to mop in the same spot and don’t forget about the attic!

Spider webs take a little more scrubbing. You can also use the “Hide/Show Attic” button at the lower right.

17. Repair the broken furniture.

Click a few times on each item until it’s fixed. If you can’t spot what needs repairing, just click the “Show me” button in the quest window, as always.

18. Redecorate the Log Cabin.

Click on the box to get an item, then place it on the floor, wall, or on a shelf, depending on what household item it is.

Different items go in different places. Don’t forget you can also decorate your attic.

19. Try to make a Chimney fire.

Click on the wood pile to the right of the Chimney, then click on the Chimney to start the fire.

That didn’t go too well for Joe… πŸ™

20. Go outside and click repeatedly on the Chimney until you convince Joe to get up on the roof and fix it.

You have to click lots of times because Joe is afraid of heights, so he’ll try try some very advanced work avoidance tactics.

The quest becomes active when you first click on the Chimney β€” you will notice the blue Cancel button at the lower right. Then, keep clicking on the Chimney and Joe will eventually accept to go up on the roof and fix it.

Side Quest: Dream Log Home

This quest is not mandatory for the storyline (to advance in BfM.

After Joe fixes the Chimney, you will get the Cabin Decor nr. 1 catalog in the mailbox in your main farm. Load the catalog in the truck, take it to BfM, move it to Joe’s backpack and place it on a table in the Log Cabin. Then, order an item from the catalog.

21. Return inside the Log Cabin and pick up the Lever that was blocking the Chimney.

22. Go back to the Water Well and install the Garden Hose and Tin Bucket.

Open Joe’s backpack, click Use next to the Tin Bucket, then click on the Old Water Well. Next, click on the Garden Hose then click between the Water Pump and Water Trough.

The next quest will ask you to get some water using the bucket, pour it in the trough, then pump it into the Water Tower.

For all the info on how irrigation works in BfM CLICK HERE.

Side Quest: The Horse (Equestrian Endeavor)

This quest is not mandatory for the storyline (to advance in BfM), but for all the info about to the Horse CLICK HERE.

23. Go to the Metal Gate and install the Lever you found in the Chimney.

Click the “Use” button on the Lever in Joe’s backpack, then click on the cement block that’s next to the Metal Gate.

Make sure Joe is near the Metal Gate when you use the Lever.

If the Lever is not in Joe’s backpack, check your Old Shack > Other Stuff tab, or check the Gifts tab in your main farm (maybe it was taken there by accident).

24. Explore the area to the North of the Metal Gate.

Open the Mate Gate and head further up North of it with Joe to clear more clouds.

Keep clearing the clouds beyond the Metal Gate and you will find the Mine entrance.

25. Enter the Mine.

Enter the Mine and try exploring the Second Chamber. Yep, it looks pretty dark in there so you might need a Torch.

26. Make a Torch in the Craft Shack in your main farm.

Torches require Fir Resin. You can get Fir Resin by cutting down Frasier Firs with a Tree Permit in the Northern Area of BfM. You do no not have to upgrade your axe to cut Frasier Firs.

You can’t cut down any Frasier Fir you see β€” only the Frasier Firs that show a red Tree Permit icon when you hover with your mouse cursor over them.

When you hover with your mouse cursor over a Frasier Fir you can cut down, it will show an icon of a Tree Permit sign (left image).
You can find more Frasier Firs to cut down in the area (right image).

You can get Tree Permits by clicking on your farm’s name at the top > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Vouchers” subtab.

Click the 1 green voucher button under the Tree Permit to exchange 1 Green Vouchers for 1 Tree Permit.

If Tree Permits are greyed out, use Joe to pick up a Fir Cone from under the Towering Fir Trees next to the Log Cabin. This unlocks the Tree Permits and the quest “Forestry”.

Fir Resin also drops sometimes under the Towering Grand Fir Trees next to the Log Cabin, and in the Northern area. Fir Resin will start dropping only after you cut your first Frasier Fir using a Tree Permit.

You can find Fir Cones and Fir Resin under Towering Grand Firs next to the Log Cabin (left image) and in the Northern Area (right image).

When you have the Fir Resin and/or Fir Cones, go to your main farm and make a Torch in your Craft Shack.

The Woodlands Torch gives you 5 minutes of lighting in the Mine, while the Crafty Torch gives you 8 minutes of fire.

27. Return with the torches to the Mine in BfM, explore the second chamber and find all the metals and minerals.

Make sure you bring the torches from your main farm to BfM by using Tyrone’s truck β€” click on the truck > click “Load” > select the torches and click “Load” again.

After you arrive in BfM, unload the truck and move the Torches from the Old Shack to Joe’s backpack.

Now, get Joe to the enter the Mine again. After he enters, open Joe’s backpack and click the “Use” button next the Torch. You can reopen the backpack and click “Use” again if you have more than 1 Torch.

Now, clear the Mine Entrance.

You can check how much Torch time you have at the lower-left side.

Look at the lower-right side to see what Joe collects. Larger boulders (ones requiring 24 strikes) give more coal and iron, while smaller ones give you rare metals. Keep going until you find what’s required in the quest.

You can also see the Blue Dot at the lower right. Click it to find any Loot that has to be picked up in the Mine.

28. Go back to your farm to build a Smelter and buy an Engineering Shack.

Only after you find the metals and minerals required by the previous quest you will get the “Metallurgy” quest in your main farm that allows you to upgrade Joe’s tools.

Use the quest’s guidance to buy a Smelter and Engineering shack from the Shop > Gear tab.

Then, call Sarah and hire her to finish building the Smelter.

After buying a Smelter, call Sarah and get through the dialogue.

You can check the remaining construction time at the top by hovering with your mouse cursor over the Smelter, and speed up the building process by clicking on the RC button at the bottom.

29. Research what’s needed to upgrade Joe’s axe to a Wood Carving Axe

After Sarah finishes building the Smelter, you have one more part of the “Metallurgy” quest to finish: upgrade your axe.

Open your Engineering shack, click the magnifying glass over some gears icon under the Wood Carving Axe, then confirm your selection to start researching.

Tool upgrades require some research before you can make them.

Researching the Wood Carving Axe takes 10 hours. You can check the remaining time at the lower-right in the Engineering shack’s menu. You can speed up the process and skip the wait by clicking the RC button at the bottom.

After you research the axe, click on Craft and look at what’s needed: 1 Hard Steel Ingot, 1 Elm Hardwood Log, and 1 Oxy Propane Tank.

30. Make a Hard Steel Ingot

To make it, click on your Smelter’s product selector then choose the Hard Steel Ingot (the 2nd option from left to right).

When you hover over the Hard Steel Ingot you can see what it requires.

To forge 1 Hard Steel Ingot you will need:

  • 1 x Iron Ore Bucket β€” to make it, you will need 10 Iron Ore
  • 1 x Coal Bag β€” to make it, you will need 10 Coal
  • 1 x Metals Mix 1 β€” to make it, you will need: 1 Molybdenum Ore, 3 Chromium Ores, 2 Nickel Ores, 3 Vanadium Ores, and 2 Tungsten Ores.

WARNING: If you don’t have all the metals and minerals, go back to the Mine in BfM to get more.

To make the Iron Ore Bucket, Coal Bag, and Metals Mix 1, click on your Smelter’s product selector again, then click this icon.

Now, click the green “Make” button under the Iron Ore Bucket, Coal Bag, and Metals Mix 1.

After you make the three items, close the menu and click on your Smelter to add the Iron Ore Bucket, Coal Bag, and Metals Mix 1 to make the Hard Steel Ingot. In 20 minutes it will be ready for you to collect so don’t forget about it.

To skip the wait of 20 minutes, open the Smelter’s selector and click the small 1 RC icon.

31. Use the Hard Steel Ingot to upgrade your axe.

Return to your Engineering Shack and select the Wood Carving Axe again.

If you need Elm Hardwood Log, you can get some by buying the plot called Ancient Elm’s Lot in BfM (click the land sign) and cutting the Fallen Giant English Elm that’s there. Remember to carry the hardwood to your main farm with Tyrone’s truck.

Lastly, to buy an Oxy Propane Tank go to your Shop > Specials tab.

Now that you have everything required to upgrade, return to the Wood Carving Axe and click the green “Craft” button. It takes 30 minutes to craft the axe β€” you can wait or skip the wait for 2 RC.

Don’t forget to collect your Wood Carving Axe from the Engineering shack, then Joe will equip it.

32. Upgrade your Axe again to the 3rd one (Lumberjack Axe)

To upgrade to the 3rd axe (Lumberjack Axe), keep mining until you find the metals and minerals required for the Super Steel Ingot, and do what you did before to upgrade your axe. You will need your Lumberjack Axe to cut Towering Maple Trees and Elm Trees, the biggest ones. πŸ™‚

WARNING: The Lumberjack Axe (3rd axe) requires Oak Hardwood Logs, not Elm Hardwood Logs like the previous one (2nd axe).

To get Oak Hardwood Logs, go to BfM and cut Towering White Oak Trees. You can only cut the Towering White Oak Trees that display a Tree Permit icon when you hover with your mouse cursor over them. Bur Oaks won’t help.

You can see the Tree Permit icon showing for this Towering White Oak (left image).
You can find more Towering White Oak Trees in the Northern area (right image).

33. Return to BfM with a fully upgraded axe and start building the Bridge.

First, find a suitable spot near the river to start construction on the bridge. Then, click on the woodpile to see what’s needed.

When you gather the lumber and logs, click the “Add” button to add them to the woodpile.

You can get hardwoods by cutting trees in the last two growth stages: mature and towering. You can then use the hardwoods to make lumber in your Craft Shack in the main farm.

If you don’t have any trees to cut in BfM, replant some seeds and allow them to grow. It’s possible you have more seeds in the Barn > Fruits tab in your main farm.

Remember, the seeds to plant are:

  • Fir Cone to get a Grand Fir
  • Acorn to get a White Oak
  • Samara to get a Maple
  • Elm Tree Seed to get an English Elm Tree

Once you have the hardwoods, load them on the truck and go to your main farm to make hardwood lumber in the Craft Shack. When you’re done making the lumber, return to BfM and add it to the construction pile.

34. Hire Sarah to finish the Bridge.

Open the “Across the River” quest, click the green “Call Sarah” button, get through the dialogue, then hire her to finish building the bridge.

Check the remaining time above. You can speed up the process by clicking the RC button.

Side Quest: Making Maple Syrup (Sweet Amber)

When Sarah finishes building the Bridge you will get a new quest. This quest is not mandatory for the storyline, but to read all the info on how to make Maple Syrup and use the Evaporator, CLICK HERE.

35. Cross the Bridge and check what’s there.

After you cross the Bridge you will find a new type of tree: Beech Trees. You can cut only one Beech Tree (see image below, left) using a Tree Permit.

After that you can grow more Beech Trees by planting the seeds from the tree you cut, OR by looking under the Beech Trees in the image above (right) where you will sometimes find seeds.

After you explore the land across the river and buy the Dewey Orchard (the larger orchard, the one above the truck), all clouds will disappear to mark you’ve finished the main storyline in Bellflower Meadow!

Optional: After you upgrade both the axe and pickaxe to the 3rd ones, you will get a phone call from Sarah asking you if she can send some axes orders your way. These orders from Sarah’s M&C will show on your Orders Board and will come with extra XP, coins, but also Purple Vouchers and Oxy Propane Tanks.

That’s it! After you explore the land across the river and buy the Dewey Orchard (the larger orchard, the one above the truck), all clouds will disappear to mark you’ve finished the main storyline in Bellflower Meadow!

General Goals in BfM

Besides sticking to the storyline, there are some Goals to attain in BfM.

a. Buying More Land

Once you’ve purchased your first plot of land, keep doing Charity Orders to get more Green Vouchers. Use the Green Vouchers and Coins to buy plots of land. To buy a plot, click the land sign.

For some land lots (expansions), you will have to hover over the land for the land sign to show. The plots require 1 to 6 Land Deeds.

Once you buy land you can store fences with the Add to Old Shack Tool.

When you buy a land lot that has a gate, use the key you received in your Old Shack > Other Stuff tab to unlock it.

There are a total of 494 plots available, divided into 2 main areas. You can place a maximum of 16 Greenhouses on them.

Grandma Sue’s Garden β€” to get the discount for Grandma’s garden (one of the land lots you can buy), you have to do quests for 3 days. Click on the land sign again to check when the next quest will show up. In one of the quests you have to plant an olive tree β€” you can only do that in an orchard in BfM (see section c. Orchards below).

You can choose whether to spend 650,000 coins for Grandma Sue’s Garden or do quests for 3 days and get it for only 64,990 coins

b. Forestry

Once you’ve found your first Fir Cone, plant it in the Northern area and allow it to grow. Hover over the seed to see the total growth time to a towering stage (last growth phase), and time until next stage of growth.

Last 2 growth stages (mature and towering) for every tree give hardwoods.

You can use fertilizer to speed up the growing of trees. Rain will also help, but partially.

For a complete guide on how to Plant and Cut Trees in BfM, CLICK HERE.

c. Orchards

There are 2 orchards, The Swamps (accepts up to 21 trees), and the Dewey Orchard (accepts up to 27 trees) housing a maximum total of 48 trees.

Orchards only accept trees from your Shop > Trees menu, so you cannot carry trees from your main farm. Also, you cannot place wild trees (seeds) in your orchards.

Here’s a BfM farm with 16 Greenhouses and both Orchards purchased β€” on either side of the blue truck. You can see the bees buzzing.

Place your bees and fertilizer in your orchards so they don’t take up space you can use to plant crops, shrubs or grapevine.

Place the trees in your Orchards on Mulch Tree Rings because they retain water and make the fruits ripen faster. You can find a Mulch Bag in your Old Shack > Other Stuff tab.

d. Natural Barriers

After you upgrade Joe’s pickaxe to the 3rd one you will be able to start breaking larger natural barriers like rocks. This makes it easier for you to move Joe across BfM.

For example, clearing the rocks in the images below allows Joe to access the Log Cabin with more ease, and makes the trip between the Mine and Old Shack shorter.

That’s it!