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Irrigation in Bellflower Meadow

To learn how to move Sprinklers, Greenhouses etc. from your main farm to Bellflower Meadow, watch this video:

After you install Sprinklers on your plots in Bellflower Meadow, you have to enable irrigation by connecting the Old Water Well to the Water Tower.

How to enable irrigation

If you didn’t do this, please make sure you’ve reached step #11 in our Walkthrough, which is to get inside the Log Cabin. To read the Walkthrough, CLICK HERE.

Inside the Log Cabin you will find 2 items (tin bucket and a water hose) that allow you to get water from the Water Well and connect the Water Tower to the small water trough.

So, if you have the tin bucket and water hose, please make sure they are in Joe’s backpack. If they’re in your Old Shack, move them to Joe’s backpack.

Install bucket and hose

When Joe’s next to the Water Well, open his backpack and click “Use” next to the Tin Bucket, then on the Water Well to install it. Make sure Joe’s close as the “Use” button may not appear if you’re too far out.

Next, get Joe closer to the Water Tower, open his backpack and click “Use” next to the Garden Hose, then on the area between the Water Tower and the Water Trough.

Next click “Use” next to the Water Hose and click between the water trough and the Water Tower to install the hose.

Draw water from the well and pour it in the water trough

Now that you’ve connected the two, let’s draw some water from the well (just click on the tin bucket), then click on the water trough.

Each bucket adds 2 water to the water trough. You can do this 4 times, as the water trough holds a maximum of 8 water.

Pump the water to start irrigation

After you draw water, click on the Water Pump.

1 click on the Water Pump gets 1 water to the tower and extends irrigation by 30 minutes. So, if you pump all 8 water from the trough, you get a total of 4 hours of irrigation.

You can go up to a maximum of 24 hours of irrigation.

Water Crops in Bellflower Meadow

Until you enable irrigation, water crops (cranberries, rice, watercress) will take a little longer to be ready than in your main farm — although this is technically a bug, as you shouldn’t be allowed to plant cranberries or other crops on plots without irrigation.

Since you can plant water crops even without irrigation turned on (pumping water up to the tower), they will take a little longer 🙂