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How to make Maple Syrup

The quest to make Maple Syrup appears in Bellflower Meadow after you finish the quest to cross the bridge.

First, make Sap Taps and Sap Buckets in Engineering. You’ll find a new tab there called “Items”.

You will be required to research the item first. Sap Tap will take less time to research since you already have one, and you can reverse engineer it.

Confirm you want to research the Sap Tap and decide if you want to wait for 10 minutes or skip the wait for 1 RC.

Next, click to craft the Sap Tap and check what it asks for. You can make Steel Pipes and Steel Bars in your Smelter.

If you open the Smelter directly, click the arrow to the right to see more items.

While you’re at it, you can also make a Steel Sheet as you will need it later on to make a Sap Bucket.

Remember to collect the items from your Smelter after they’re done.

After you make 1 Steel Pipe, 1 Steel Bar, and 1 Steel Sheet and have 1 Oxy Propane Tank, return to your Engineering to craft the Sap Tap.

You will be asked if you want to open an Oxy Propane Tank (same as in a restaurant, where they have a bottle of wine opened, if you want only a glass of wine). You can use the Oxy Propane Tank we gifted on our fan page (

Sap Taps and Sap Buckets require 10/100 uses of Oxy Propane each. It will be enough for 5 Sap Taps and 5 Sap Buckets.

Click “Craft” and confirm you want to open the Oxy Propane Tank.

Decide if you want to wait 20 minutes or skip the wait with 1 RC.

Here you can see the uses on the Oxy Propane Tank going from 100 to 90.

Remember to collect your Sap Tap.

Now, repeat the process to make a Sap Bucket: research it, then craft it like you did with the Sap Tap.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! – try to make 5 of each Sap Taps and Sap Buckets because each 1 maple tree will require 1 Sap Tap and 1 Sap Bucket. If you make only buckets, for example, you won’t be able to collect sap and you will have to open another Oxy Propane Tank.

Move the 5 Sap Taps and 5 Sap Buckets to your Old Shack to complete the new quest in Bellflower Meadow.

How do I install a Sap Tap?

Once your Sap Taps and buckets are in Bellflower Meadow, move them to Joe’s backpack so you can install them on Towering Maple trees.

You can only install Sap Taps and Sap Buckets on TOWERING maple trees — last growth stage, not other stages.

Find 5 Towering Maple Trees to install them on. If you need help with planting larger trees, please take a look at the section “How do I plant more Maple, Elm or Beech seeds?” at the end of THIS ARTICLE (click for link).

First, install the Sap Taps, then install the Buckets on the taps. Installing a Sap Tap requires 5 Energy.

Click “Use” under Sap Tap, then click on a Towering Maple. After, you can see at the top how much sap is available.

Click “Use” under Sap Bucket, then on the same Towering Maple and check when the bucket will be full/

Each bucket needs 20 hours to fill. Each towering maple tree will drip sap for 75 hours, then the sap will dry up.

This gives you time to collect 3 buckets from each towering maple tree. – that’s 60 hours in total, and you will have 15 hours to spare in between, depending when you log into the game to collect the buckets and put them back on the trees.

Install/Reinstall the Sap tap

Importantif the bucket is full, the sap will start to overflow until the 75 hours end. If you want to stop the sap flowing, you will have to uninstall the Sap Tap, but that will cost Joe 1 Energy. Basically, if you have the Sap Tap installed, the sap will flow continuously whether you have a bucket installed or not.

When you reinstall the Sap Tap, it will remember how many hours of sap the tree has in it. To reinstall a Sap Tap, install and collect a Sap Bucket Joe will use 1 Energy.

You can cut the Towering Maple Tree after it dries up, since it will be useful only for wood. Then, you will need to plant other maple trees and the cycle will repeat.

Making Maple Syrup

Buy the Evaporator from the Gear tab in your Bellflower Meadow Shop. You won’t find it in your farm shop!

Place it onto a free space, anywhere where you can also plant a towering tree (next to the meadow with Bellflowers is easiest). It has a base composed of multiple elements, so plan accordingly. All elements MUST have a green base when placing them!

You will need 10 Beech Logs, 10 Elm Logs and 10 Fir Logs to make a bottle of Maple Syrup.

Click to add the wood and the buckets.

You will also need 9 Maple Sap. When you click to add the Maple Sap to the Evaporator, it will be transferred from your Sap Buckets into the tin buckets that came with the Evaporator (they have no holes), and you will get back the empty Sap Buckets, perfect to place them back onto the sap tap’s hook.

Auto Mode or Artisan Mode / Starred Maple Syrup

After you add all required resources, you will be asked if you want to supervise the process personally in Artisan Mode, or let it produce on Auto Mode.

If you let the Evaporator produce on Auto Mode, it will produce regular Maple Syrup. Sometimes you don’t need the better one.

If you want to craft it in Artisan Mode, by yourself, you will have the chance to make Silver and Gold Star Maple Syrup, in a mini-game similar to Joe and Tyrone’s Snowball Fight. The game will require you to click as soon as the white text appears on the popup board, with “Pour!” or “Transfer!”. The sooner you click, the better the quality, because you will transfer the sap at the right time.

We’ve coded each syrup tray so that it fills up and evaporate, then it’s transferred to the next tray that progressively fills up, until the last one fills up with thick, delicious Maple Syrup.

The mini-game requires about 30 clicks and lasts about 3 minutes.

When you see the text “Transfer!” or “Pour!”, click to transfer.

With very detailed animations and sounds to accompany you during the 3 minutes it takes to make a bottle, we don’t think there’s anything quite like it on the web, and we hope you’ll find this mini-game relaxing, particularly if you have the sound on. 🙂

How to get Silver Star and Gold Star Maple Syrup

What starred Maple Syrup you get depends on when you click to transfer the maple sap:

  • Gold Star = 2 points
  • Silver Star = 1 point
  • too soon (before “Transfer!”) or too late (bar passes silver star) = 0 points

After you click to pour your 30 Sap Buckets, your total indicates what maple syrup you get:

  • 0-24 points – regular maple syrup
  • 25-50 points – silver star Maple Syrup
  • 50-60 points – gold star Maple Syrup

As an interesting twist, Jerome will ask you for Silver and Gold Star Maple Syrup of all grades, so you will need to click at the right time (play intentionally slower) to make that specific quality – silver or gold, not just always click as fast as you can. Since it will ask for random grades, it might take you a while to gather one of each bottle and grade, to have for his orders.

When the evaporation ends after both modes, you will be required to click to taste the syrup and grade it.

A popup will appear with the various syrup parameters.

Then, a popup will appear with the result – if you produced regular, silver or gold maple syrup, and what grade it is.

At the left you can see some syrup parameters. At the right you can see your results.

Grades are based on when you collect the maple sap, just as in real life. So, in CLM, you will get them randomly.

As an added bonus, each time you discover a new grade, it will be added in the grading kit on the table. Once you gather all 4 grades, it will be added to your old shack, and you will be able to sell it for a nice profit.

After you grade the maple syrup, you will be asked to click to pour it from the evaporator into the empty maple leaf bottle.

Then, the bottle of Maple Syrup will be added on the table.

That’s it, and happy farming and crafting! Deciding where to place the required trees surely will be a challenging task, putting your planning skills to the test.