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The Horse

Horses are finally making their way to CLM!

There are 4 beautiful horse colors for you to choose from: Chestnut, Dapple Grey, Skewbald and Black.

Choose yours, and transform it into a Champion!

What does the Horse do?

  • You train the Horse to participate in Events to win Cups, Trophies and other rewards. Cups and Trophies will be added to your trophy shelf inside the main Stable popup window.
  • The Horse gives 1x Organic Fertilizer 20 daily, if both following conditions are met:
    1. you feed it Carrots, Silver or Gold Star Carrots, or Racing Feed Mix.
    2. command the Horse to gallop or trot and use 200 Energy.

You get Racing Feed Mix by participating in Competitions (top 50 get at least 1 bag of Racing Feed Mix a), or from our Fan Page.

  • earn XP for each successful Obstacle jump. The more precise the jump, the more XP you get. Also, you get XP when you feed it and give it some water.
  • develop the Horse’s abilities and earn Achievements.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Quests and Clearing The Area

To get the quest with The Horse and to be able to buy it, you must have finished the quest Sprinklers in the Wild, from Bellflower Meadow, after which you should get the quest Equestrian Endeavor.

The Horse Stable goes on a predetermined area in the Northern part of Bellflower Meadow. At the moment, it cannot be added to the Old Shack (Warehouse) after it’s placed on the map.

Obviously, as we mentioned when we launched Bellflower Meadow, the Horse cannot be moved to the farm due to performance reasons (processor usage, video memory, etc), and also due to not enough space on the farm. The horse is a BIG and majestic animal, it needs to roam free and exercise daily to be at its happiest.

Before buying and placing the Stable on the map, if there are any trees or Gear in the way, you will have to cut down or move them. To make placing the Stable a breeze, we made a helpful guide that points arrows towards all the trees that need clearing.

To see the tree-clearing guide, click on the quest Equestrian Endeavor to open it > click the green “Show me” button at the right of the first task > click on the Horse Stable to buy it — and the guide will show up.

Also, if your Evaporator is placed there, the guide will find you another suitable spot for it.

Click the “Show next tree” green button at the lower right to see the next tree you should cut.

Some trees will require a Tree Permit. You can exchange Green Vouchers for Tree Permits in your Vouchers menu — click on your farm’s name > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Vouchers” sub tab.

After you cut down all trees you will be able to buy the Horse Stable which will be placed automatically in its designated space, along with a Horse Arena suitable for Strength training. The Horse Stable costs 595,000 Coins.

To address concerns regarding less space to plant big trees, we have added a few more areas around Bellflower Meadow where you can plant big trees. You can also plant trees inside the Horse Arena, although not advisable for visibility reasons. Please also keep in mind that there will be more places in the game where you will be able to plant big trees.

2. Buy a Horse

Next, you have to buy a horse, so choose one 1 of the 4 colors available, then confirm your selection. Choose carefully! You can only buy 1 Horse, for the price of 479,500 Coins, and you cannot undo this action.

After you choose your Horse, click on the Stable to access the main menu.

Click where the red arrow points to rename your Horse.

From there you can access training your Horse to improve following attributes: Strength, Stamina, and Speed, or train it for Show Jumping.

You can also rename your Horse by clicking on the name in the popup window, or with the Name Pet Tool in your Tools menu.

3. Buy the Obstacles

Click on your Horse quest, then click “Show Me” next to the Obstacles part to get to the menu where you can buy them. You must buy all 9 to finish the task and the Equestrian Endeavor quest.

4. Hungry/Thirsty Horse

After you buy your Horse, you’ll find it is thirsty and hungry.

When your Horse is thirsty, pour a bucket of water in the trough next to the Water Well, then click on the trough, and your Horse will gallop there and drink it. Once your Horse finishes drinking the water, click on it, so it moves back to the Horse Arena.

To feed it something, click on the product selector on the trough next to the Stable and select a produce, then click on the trough to add it. Your horse will come there and start eating.

Your Horse will get hungry or thirsty about every 3 hours.

Horse Energy

Just like Joe, the other powerhouse on your farm, your Horse needs Energy (a different kind – ‘Horse Energy’) in order to perform actions. Click on your Stable to open the main menu, where you can check your Horse’s Energy. Notice the Energy icon for the Horse is in Green and Yellow.

Horse Energy regenerates faster when your Horse is not moving (Stay) vs. walking, and even faster when you put it inside its stable, where it feels more relaxed and secure (and also protected from that fox).

5. Strength Training

As mentioned previously, you can increase your Horse’s Strength, Stamina, and Speed by taking it out to exercise on the Horse Arena. For Strength training, click the blue “Train” button under the tab “Strength” or directly on your Horse.

Click the blue “Train” button to build up your Horse’s Strength.

Use the 4 Racing Feed Mix A you get from finishing the Equestrian Endeavor quest, and the 4 more you get from our Fan Page link to increase your Horse’s Strength faster.

You need to increase Strength to level 2 to finish the Quest Test Ride. To do this, select the Horse and then select Trot, until the quest button shows the quest is complete.

6. The Triple Bars Cup

After you’ve increased your Horse’s Strength to level 2, it’s time to participate in the Triple Bars Cup Show Jumping Event.

Part of the challenge of the Show Jumping Event is to find the correct 6 out of 9 Obstacles.

You will have to train your Horse for all 6 Obstacles, and from the Event Obstacles menu you can always double check to make sure you’re training your Horse for the correct Obstacle.

If you train your Horse for the wrong obstacle (you can, and are allowed to do that), you will have a disadvantage in the tally that determines the Triple Bars Cup winner.

So, let’s see how we train for Obstacles:

Click on your Horse Stable > click the “Events” tab at the lower right > click “The Triple Bars Cup” event to register.


Immediately after we launched this feature, don’t worry if you don’t find any contenders for the moment. It just means you’re one of the first to enter the Event! Contenders will be added as soon as they complete the quests.

You will be able to enter an Event an hour before the first day of the Event ends, enough time for you to complete the 20 jumps for the 2 obstacles.

After you register, click the “Event Obstacles” tab that appears, then click the arrow at the left to browse through all 6 Obstacles in the Event.

Let’s train for Obstacle A, for example. Click on your Horse Stable > click the “Horse Training” tab > click “Train” under Obstacle A.

If you have the necessary Stamina (4) and Energy (4), your Horse will set up for the jump. If you don’t have 4 Stamina and 4 Energy, train your Horse on the Stamina Arena (Geotextile) some more.


When you’re ready, click the blue “Start” button and your Horse will start running.

Click when the blue bar that moves horizontally is directly over the green area. The closer it is to the middle, the better the jump will be.

After your first jump, you cannot select another Obstacle, if you’ve chosen the wrong one by mistake. You should nevertheless finish the training on that wrong Obstacle, to choose the next Obstacle. Perhaps all other contenders chose a wrong one, who knows? 🙂

If you click at the precise moment when the blue bar is in the middle of the green area,
you will get an Outstanding Jump.

You can train for 2 Obstacles each day. After you’ve trained for the first 2 Obstacles, the Quest will register the first task.

The next 2 Obstacles will be available the next day, when the daily counter ends. Then, after the second day, the third and last one.

When the third day counter ends, you will be able to see the results and podium, get your rewards and finish the quest.

Prizes for the Horse jumping event consist of: OPs, train tickets, coins, harvesting templates, power, and energy bars. Racing Feed Mix is not a prize, you can only get it from Competitions.

Determining the winner

The ranking and winner will be determined taking into account several attributes such as no. ob Obstacles trained, total no. of failed jumps, and jumping precision (Outstanding Jumps are better).

Style Points are an “average” of the points you get for each jump. Outstanding: 10, Great: 8, Good:7, Decent: 5, Failed: 0.

A failed jump is counted as a half jump. For example, if you have 10 successful jumps and one failed, the total points are divided by 10.5.importance.

After this, you will be able to compete again.

That’s it!


  • You can also buy other Arena Footings for your Horse to increase its Stamina and Speed.
        – depending on the Footing, some stats increase faster.
        – gallop is not always the fastest option to increase a stat. For example, trotting is the best way to increase strength on the Strength track, not gallop.
        – you will have to observe what type of training – trot or gallop works best to increase various stats you desire to increase, depending also on what Arena Footing is selected. So, choosing the right Arena Footing to develop certain horse ATTRIBUTES is essential, if you don’t want to waste Energy.
You can buy more Footings (Micro Silica and Wax Synthetic) from the “Horse Training” tab.


  • 3 new Achievements will appear when you buy the Horse. To earn the Achievements you “spend” horse energy to trot or gallop and earn points.
  • Choose the appropriate track for each Achievement. The Achievement only counts points earned on the correct Arena Footing.
  • You earn the most points by spending the Horse’s energy in the most efficient way possible for that Arena. For example, to earn points for Stamina Achievement the fastest, train your Horse on the Micro Silica Arena, by making the Horse trot.


Strength, Stamina and Speed decrease daily by a small margin, regardless if you train the Horse or not. However, by training the Horse, you can easily get over this and increase the stats.

The higher the level your Horse is, the slower he will detrain and remain at a high level for longer.

If completely untrained, the stats will go from over 9 to 1 in about 1 month. It will basically get out of shape.

Stamina Training

Increasing your Horse’s Stamina also increases its maximum Energy, so when you return to the game the next day, you will find your Horse with more Energy.

Speed Training

At the moment, Speed training is not used for much, but it will prove useful when the Woodburn Derby will be available.

We will update this article based on your suggestions and feedback, so please check back whenever you have questions related to the horse.