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How do I get Green Vouchers? / Charity Orders

You get Green Vouchers by delivering Charity Orders that appear on your Orders Board.

Charity Orders have a Green Voucher icon instead of coins — like the other orders.

The Charity Order appears every 6 hours on your Orders Board. The time gets reduced to 4 hours after you upgrade your axe and pickaxe to level 3 and finish building the bridge in Bellflower Meadow.

When is my next Charity Order?

To check when your next Charity Order is due to appear on your Orders Board, please click on your farm’s name at the top. Then, select the “Stats & Skills” menu and the “Vouchers” sub-menu and you should see when to expect it.

If your order is already on your Orders Board, you will see this message.

If your Charity Order is not on your Orders Board when the time runs out, please reload your game and it should be there.

What do I use Green Vouchers for?

You use them to buy Land Deeds & Tree Permits from the Stats & Skills > Vouchers menu at the rate of:

  • 1 Land Deed = 3 x Green Vouchers
  • 1 Tree Permit = 1 x Green Voucher

The expansions, orchards, and Log Cabin you can buy in Bellflower Meadow require 1 to 6 Land Deeds, depending on which one you buy.

  • Land Deeds allow you to buy new plots of land and buildings in Bellflower Meadow.
  • Tree Permits allow you to cut certain trees in Bellflower Meadow. For more information on cutting trees with Tree Permits, please read our complete guide to Plant and Cut Trees in Bellflower Meadow (CLICK HERE).

You can also use Green Vouchers to buy Decorations from the Shop, Upgrade Joe’s Backpack (for more on that, CLICK HERE) and to buy a Trailer and Produce Crates for Tyrone’s truck from your Shop > Materials tab (more HERE).

Other ways to get Green Vouchers