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Toggle Visibility / Peek Behind Tall Objects

In Settings you have two options that allow you to look behind taller objects on your farm.

1. Toggle visibility of trees and tall buildings

This option in your Settings bar allows you to look behind trees and tall buildings by making them invisible.

By clicking it, you can hide trees and greenhouses to plant or harvest.

Look for foraging items like mushrooms or find seeds in BfM…

And also get help to finish some quests.

PLEASE NOTE: “Toggle visibility of trees and tall buildings” does not work while “Peek behind tall objects” is checked in your Game Settings.

2. Peek behind tall objects

To enable this option, click the “Settings” button, then make sure “Peek behind tall objects” is checked.

To use it, press and hold the “F” key on your keyboard and hover with your mouse pointer over any tall item and it will become transparent so you can look at what’s behind it.

When foraging for mushrooms, you get double the XP if the mushroom is behind a tree and you are using “Peek behind tall objects”.

You can also use the option to hide thorny bushes in BfM.

Or see what’s behind the Fishing Hut and pick up Sap Taps.