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Factories Area (Junkyard / Furniture Factory / Breezy Tulips)

Here you can find all the info on the new Factories Area, including:

  • Jolly Junkyard
  • Furniture Factory (Pigeon)
  • Breezy Tulips

West of your farm, on the road to Bellflower Meadow, through where Tyrone takes a shortcut to the Interstate to deliver your Orders, there are 2 abandoned factories.

To go there, take Joe where the road left of your farm exits the map and click on that area on the other side of the stone bridge.

Going to the Factories Area and back uses 3 Energy for each trip.

On the other side, use Joe to follow the trail and cross the train tracks to reveal the Factories Area and its three properties.

The Jolly Junkyard has plenty of land that is ideal for your Gear. If you buy both the Jolly Junkyard and Furniture Factory properties, you will have the possibility to have a Pigeon on your farm — if you complete all the quests related to them.

Jolly Junkyard

To buy the Junkyard, click the For Sale land sign in front. This will also make a quest appear at the top left.

Quick Tips and Info:

  • after you buy the Junkyard, enter and exit it with Joe using the gate next to the brick building.
  • How to get more Purple Vouchers > CLICK HERE
  • For players who only have the main farm (no BfM), here’s how to disable Competitions > CLICK HERE

The second part of the quest asks you to clean up the yard, factory office and repair the fence.

There are 125 items to clear/clean/fix, including broken gear, construction waste, oil and rust stains, grass, rocks, bushes, concrete slabs, posters on the brick building, so it will require some Energy. Use the green “Show me” button in the quest to highlight the Junk you have to clear, and use the option in your settings to Toggle the visibility of trees to see some of the items.

Clearing junk will give you some OPs.

After you clean up the yard, Tyrone will return to the factories area to inform Joe where to start building an underground Conveyor Belt (quest “Crates Underground!”) to transport produce between your farm and the factory so you can have a shared inventory.

Click on the marked area to see what’s required: 8 Converyor Belt Pieces, 30 Conveyor Belt Rollers, and 20 I Beams. You can ask your friends for these materials or buy them with RC.

After you get the materials, call Sarah and talk to her about building the tunnel — she will inform you it will require an SBM (Small Boring Machine), and will cost 70,000 Coins + 50 Beers, with the job taking 48 hours. You can wait for Sarah to finish the construction or speed it up using RC.

After Sarah finishes building the tunnel, finish the 3rd part of the quest — go to your farm and add 10 Gear to Warehouse, then get back to the Factories Area and add them inside the Factory yard.

Open your Warehouse, choose the Gear you want, click “Place” then click on an empty concrete area.
You can place Gear when the base is green.

You can also reduce the manufacturing time (coming soon) with a Concrete Floor Slab (2%), and a Gear Shad (3%) which you can buy from your Shop > Gear tab.

 Jolly Junkyard features:

  • shared Barn between your Factory and your farm (no transporting produce between places).
  • shared Gear limits between your Factory and your farm (you free up space on your farm by moving some or all Gear to the Factory).
  • Gears work up to 5% faster (coming very soon):
    – placing the Gear on cement slabs that reduce vibrations: 2% faster.
    – adding a Shed above the Gears, to protect produce from sun damage: 3% faster.
  • customizable fences and ‘corporate’ art – even if it’s a factory, it still needs some decor. With customizable elements, you can make the place your own (coming very soon).
  • customizable Gear Sheds (you can choose from wood, steel, brick and stone pillars and glass, metal, or shingle roofs, and you can mix and match them to your preference).
  • a way to change what a Gear on the Factory makes directly from your farm (coming very soon).
  • only some Gear can be ‘moved’ to this place, especially the ones that don’t have a roof.
  • to ‘move’ your Gear to the Factory, just add it to your Warehouse on your farm, then go to the Factory and add it on the lot there from your the (newly shared) Warehouse.
  • Property costs:
          – upfront: 650,000 Coins and 5 Purple Vouchers;
          – Sarah and SBM: 70,000 Coins and 50 Beers;
          – 8 Conveyor Belt Pieces, 30 Conveyor Belt Rollers, 20 I Beams.

Furniture Factory

To buy the Furniture Factory, click the For Sale sign below it.

After you buy it, click repeatedly to clean up all the junk. When you’re done with this, you will need some construction materials in order to finish restoring the Furniture factory: 45 Nails, 25 Pine Lumber, 10 Dye Kits.

You will also get the “House the Pigeon” quest in your main farm — you have to feed the Pigeon for 3 consecutive days and it will consider your farm its new home.

For this, buy a pigeon house and either a Dragon’s Den Bird Feeder or an Oasis Bird Feeder from your Shop > Decorations tab. You can hover over the bird feeder to check when to next feed the Pigeon.

The Pigeon will give you fertilizer once every 4 days.

After you feed the Pigeon 3 times, return to the Factories Area and you will finally be able to make some furniture.

Furniture Factory features:

  • uses lots of lumber, especially if you have plenty left over from producing Maple Syrup. each furniture piece takes hours to make but has similar profit/hour as the other Gear (or even better), and you will use only 2-3 OP/hour, compared to, for example, 200 OP/hour of a typical Gear.
  • Note: as you know, you use Power to transform Logs into Lumber, so you will rightfully conclude that making furniture uses a lot of Power. But the furniture is very profitable, and we also have another update in the works that will come soon and improve upon this.
  • Property costs
          – upfront: 1,095,000 Coins and 5 Purple Vouchers;
          – repair: 45 Nails, 25 Pine, 10 Dye Kits;
          – Pigeon House – 11,989 Coins;
          – Dragon’s Den or Little Oasis Bird Feeder: 27 RC.

Breezy Tulips

To buy Breezy Tulips, click the For Sale sign below it.

After you buy the land, click to collect the Tulips in all 8 slots, then decide what you want to put in those slots, either a Windmill (from your Warehouse > Gear tab or Shop), or Shrubs (with the Shrub Bed Plow Tool).

In this example we opted for a Mix of 3 Windmills and the rest shrub beds.

Breezy Tulips features:

  • 8 slots, and each slot can accommodate:
          – 1 Windmill, for a total of up to 8 Windmills, that count towards your Gear limit (you free up space on your farm by moving some Windmills to the Factory).
          – 3 Shrubs, for a total of up to 24 Shrubs, that count towards your Crops limit – (you free up space on your farm by moving some Shrubs to the Factory).
  • property costs:
          – upfront: 325,000 Coins and 10 Purple Vouchers.