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Purple Vouchers

Purple Vouchers allow you to get special items such as decorations from the Shop, a trailer and produce crates for the truck, get double XP for 6 hours (Swan Pin), upgrade Joe’s backpack, buy property in the Factories Area and more.

You can check how many Purple Vouchers you have by clicking on your farm’s name at the top-right > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Vouchers” sub-tab.

How do I get more Purple Vouchers?

  • drop chance when collecting all lemonades requiring Ice (very rare)
  • drop chance when completing crates for the normal Train (very rare)
  • Sarah M & C orders (if you did the Bellflower Meadow update, they appear after you upgrade your axe and pickaxe to level 3)
  • Frank’s Exchange — you can exchange other items for 1 Purple Vouchers, but don’t ask us about the rate. It’s Frank.
  • Check the rewards in Special Orders.
  • Complete Daily Tasks
This is how one of Sarah’s orders looks like.

Cheap Train does not give Purple Vouchers.

You will see the Purple Voucher icon in the popup menu of every lemonade requiring Ice.

You can access the Exchange tab by clicking on your farm’s name at the top > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Exchange” sub-tab.