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What is the Swan Pin? / Double XP

The Swan Pin, or Double XP Pin, allows you to earn twice the XP you normally earn from your farm activities, for a period of 6 hours.

It’s the perfect choice when needing a XP boost for levelling up or… other situations where you need to earn XP fast. 🙂

You can access the Swan Pin by clicking on your farm’s name at the top-right > “Stats & Skills” tab, “Vouchers” sub-tab.

It works for:

  • collecting from Crops
  • collecting from Trees
  • collecting from Gear
  • collecting from Kitchen
  • collecting from Craft Shack
  • completing Orders

It DOES NOT work for:

  • collecting Ribbon rewards or any other rewards.
  • Cheap Train
  • normal Train

How do I activate the Swan Pin?

The Swan Pin is activated using 7 Purple Vouchers – 5 for each corner of the star, and 2 for the swan.

To activate it, click on the Use button 7 times (5 for the star, 2 for the swan), and each voucher will be added to the pin.

In case you’re wondering how to get more Purple Vouchers, please CLICK HERE.