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Control Gear in Factories Area from My Farm

To Control the Gear in your Factories Area you first have to buy the Junkyard, clean and repair it, then hire Sarah to build the underground Conveyor Belt.

If you haven’t done this you can find a guide HERE.

At first, you’ll get a pop-up window informing you of the possibility to control the Gear in your Factories Area from your main farm.

Locate the Conveyor Belt Ramp next to the Train Station, click it, then take Joe to the Factories Area.

Click the door of the Factories Office to open it and check who’s CEO 🙂

Click on the desk in the office to buy a Remote Control Kit and install it.

Now you’re able to control the gear in your Factories Area from your farm.

Return to your farm and click on the Conveyor Belt Ramp next to the Train Station to check your Gear Remote Management menu. There you will find all the Gear that’s in your Factories Area.

To change the product that’s made click on it — let’s take Butter as an example. Click the icon for Butter, then select Cream, just like you would change it if you used your Dairy Expert normally.

Then, turn Automation ON. That’s it!

Of course, you can also go ballistic and turn ON all automation for the Factories Area 🙂


Remote management is achieved thanks to a Control Relay. Click the small blue part at the lower left to see its Health status.

When it gets to 0%, the Control Relay will stop functioning and you will have to buy another one from the same Gear Remote Management menu.