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Exclusive Content to Bellflower Meadow – What You Will Miss

“What were they thinking???”

Also known as “I want my farm back”, “I just wanted more land on my current farm”, and “all farms will look the same”.

First of all, what you will miss. We normally work in secrecy and reveal things when they’re ready, but now we’re forced to explain ourselves and reveal more content coming:

Exclusive to Bellflower Meadow (what you will miss):

  • Horses
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Fish and fishing
  • Clay Pit – extract clay to create unique vases back on your farm.
  • Forestry – plant seeds and grow entire forests of Elm, Maple, Beech, Fir and Oak trees that you can cut for nice profit.
  • Furniture Factory – use the trees to make furniture and cut them into lumber without using Power.
  • Mines – break rocks to find rare metals and gemstones.
  • Log Cabin Recipes – make exclusive recipes on the little stove inside the Log Cabin.
  • Maple Syrup
  • A Campfire where you can roast marshmallows.
  • New foraging plants unique to BM
  • possibility to store animals (coming soon)
  • 3 new foraging areas
  • 10 extra fuel / day, through Tyrone

Content on your farm dependent on Bellflower Meadow (what you will miss):

  • Pottery Atelier (needs Clay Pit), where you can create over 1000 models of vases and flower pots.
  • Jewelry Shack – create over 1000 models of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • possibility to place plots everywhere on your farm (endless decorating possibilities)

New content on your farm (what you will have no space for):

  • Herbs Garden (6 x 6 plots), that will elevate some of your recipes to the point where they rival Jerome’s.
  • Lots of new Buildings and Gear that are 3 x 3 plots minimum in size.

Overall, we estimate that these new buildings will occupy about the same space that was removed through the limits.

F.A.Q. – Important!

Why couldn’t you just add some more land next to my farm?! That’s all I wanted!


Adding more land next to your farm would crash the computer.

If the game engine and computers would allow us, we would add more land next to your farm, trust us, but that is technically impossible.

Why? Because it will melt some computers. The processor has to compute more than 80.000 objects on a player’s farm each time you pan the map. Adding more would render the game unusable. Players would just put more stuff on it. We believe that would be irresponsible on our part.

As proof the approach with lots of stuff on the farm is the wrong one, many players play the game with their animations turned off. How is that not a fail?

On some computers, the game crashes because there are too many objects in the game, even more than some big 3D games have.

The game was made in an era where the standard was no limits on anything. What was the result? A huge square packed to the teeth with stuff, and computers that run very slow or froze.

Why? Because the makers of these farming games, including us, did not do their jobs properly and did not adapt the gameplay to the computers’ limitations.

The best games out there adapt their gameplay to use the computer’s resources cleverly, to achieve a fun and fluid gameplay.

Then, let’s do a clone farm! That would surely leave the beloved farm intact! NO.

You specifically told us not to do clone farms. And you’re right, a clone farm would diminish the importance of your farm. And, what would be the difference between a clone farm and having 2 accounts, really?

Plus, we think it would be arrogant of us to ask you to double your play time at the flick of a switch.

We must correct these mistakes of the past and do our jobs properly, out of respect for you and for the game.

How did you come up with this Bellflower Meadow?

You asked us for 3 things: more land, an orchard, and a place to store the animals. And we did exactly that.

So, what was our solution? If more land on the current farm and a clone farm are not the answers, what to do???

Let’s just move some plots to a nearby land to make room for new stuff. And make there a place for the animals, and a couple of orchards.

Plus, some new features, for who wants them.

And, since we have limits, we can create double capacity Gear, so instead of you having 10 Mills, you just have 5, that produce the same, in the same amount of time. This way, you will have plenty of space, and the computer will run better.

Why do I have to pay lots of coins for small plots? I have paid for them once already!

The price for the new plots is exactly the same as the price for the land expansions on your main farm, on average. Plus, you do not pay for them again, you pay for the new free space on your farm, that is required for the new content!

Let’s say we would add the new land to your existing farm. It would cost some coins, and everybody would be ok with that. It’s exactly the same, only it’s not next to the farm, it’s in another place:

We also have to think about new and long-time players alike, and for new time players, it’s better to have BM, as they have 2 sets of cheap initial plots – one on their farm, other in BM.

I don’t want to do mining or cut trees! The new stuff is not for me! I just want to plant and harvest!

You can simply skip all other quests and just focus on buying the new land for planting and harvesting. This way, your game will run better, and you’ll have more space on your farm for big items, such as the Herbs Garden.

And, in time, who knows? You can always do some of those quests later. 🙂

The new land is small! Can’t put any plots or greenhouses there!

You can put 16 Greenhouses on the new land, and overall you’ll have more greenhouses that before.

Bellflower Meadow with all trees, 16 Greenhouses and Beehives, plus two orchards with room for 21 and 27 trees, respectively.

With these limits, all farms will look the same!

Quite the opposite. Limits are misunderstood – they’re not so that everybody has 3 Cows, 9 Weavers and 2 Cheese Masters. You can have any type of things you like. Plus, you can increase or decrease the limits based on your strategy, for even more variation.

Let’s face it — now all farms look the same, everybody has the same brown square with a hat. How is that unique?

Brown square with a hat

By comparison, for players who have BM, we’ve seen some amazing farm designs, and they’re getting better every day:

Old farm
New farm

Valid concerns and suggestions that we will fix:

  • we will simplify loading the truck (1 click) and make the animations even faster when traveling between farm and BM. Also, we know it’s a lot of back and forth in the beginning with only 100 crates, but if you buy a trailer and even a single crate, it gets a lot easier.
  • we will add faster Green Voucher orders (4 hours).
  • we will add a “sell from barn” permit to all farmers who got the BM expansion, that will allow you to sell directly from Barn, valid for 6 hours. This way, you can still get rid of your Barn stock at any time you want – no pressure.

To conclude, we couldn’t add more on the current farm for strictly technical reasons. This has nothing to do with the graphics card. The processor is the bottleneck. We used absolutely all tricks available on the engine to optimize the game and make it run better. To add more stuff would break the game.

Let us worry about how many things you need to have on your farm and where will they fit (because we know what’s coming soon), and you just enjoy farming!

You can, of course, just stick with only the farm, but when you will see new gear, animals and buildings… just don’t ask us where are you going to put all that… 🙂

Such new content should be a reason for joy, not for stress.

We hope we explained everything well, and we hope you understand that in reality there was only one solution for you to have more land, more gear, decorations or animals, and more fun things to do.

Happy farming!