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Harvesting with Joe in BfM

Yee-haw, Joe can now harvest in BfM to give you more of that precious silver and gold star produce.

How it works

Use Joe to harvest your farm, and you will get a free harvest in BfM — without it requiring an additional template or another 40 Energy.

It also works the other way around — if you use Joe to harvest in BfM using a template and energy, you will get a free harvest for your farm.

Let’s put it into practice:

First, you have to harvest your farm using Joe — you’ve done this before loads of times, you got this! 🙂

After that, go to BfM, open Joe’s Plant and Harvest menu, then click the green “Continue Harvest” button.

Take a look at the top of the next window (photo below) to make sure there’s enough free space in the Old Shack for the produce that Joe will harvest. If there is you can start harvesting.

Left: You can see produce estimated is 499. Right Available space in Old Shack is 352. Better move some stuff.

If there’s more produce to harvest than available space in the Old Shack, and you click the green “Harvest” button, you will receive a window prompting you to choose whether to move some of the produce to the truck immediately, or continue with the plan and move the produce later. We recommend moving the produce.

If you click “Continue plan” and don’t move some produce from the Old Shack before it fills up, Joe will stop when the Old Shack is full (reaches 1,000 capacity).

Make some room in your Old Shack, then you can get Joe to resume the harvesting plan by: opening his “Plant and Harvest” menu, when you return to BfM from your farm, or by reloading the game.

Also, if you try to harvest the same farm twice, whether the main farm of BfM, you will receive a reminder window informing you that you still have a free harvest available in the other farm.

Note: you can’t “stack” plans from the other farm, meaning if you harvest your main farm three times, you won’t get three “free harvests” in BfM. The benefits apply only if you use Joe to harvest alternatively: main farm using energy and a template then BfM for free, or BfM using energy and a template then main farm for free.