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Farmer Skill Points, Customize Max Capacity, Infinite Energy

In this article, you will find:

Locations of the new features

Max Capacity and Farmer Skill Points are located in the same place, and the Infinite Energy is accessed from Joe’s panel menu.

Where do I find the Farmer Skill Points and Customize your Max Capacity?

To get to the Max Capacity sub-tab (the old Farm Limits), click on:
Your farm’s name > Stats & Skills tab > Max Capacity.

Where do I find the Infinite Energy for Joe?

To get to the Infinite Energy buttons for Joe, click on Joe’s Skills panel button.

Farmer Skill Points

Farmer Skill Points are badges shaped like a cog wheel that you earn by doing certain activities in the game.

They are used for 2 things:

  1. Customizing your farm’s Max Capacity.
  2. Activate Joe’s Infinite Energy, for a few minutes.

Earning Farmer Skill Points (FSP)

To earn 1 Farmer Skill Point, you must fill up the Grain Gauge (pictured below) with 200 Skill Grains.

You earn Skill Grains by doing the following activities:

  1. completing normal Orders: 1 grain, up to a max of 5/day.
  2. send a Train with a minimum of 3 full crates: 1 grain, up to a maximum of 4 Trains/day.
  3. Daily Player: each 7th consecutive day with the badge – 20 grains.
  4. Speedy Farmer: each day with the badge – 10 grains.
  5. Charity Orders: 3 grains/order, up to a max of 2/day.
  6. fulfill requests in the Market: 1 grain/crate, up to a max of 2/day.

To check how many Skill Grains you have, hover with your mouse cursor over the Grain Gauge.

After you earn the grains by doing the above actions, you have to add them to the Grain Gauge. To do so, pull down on the bucket’s rope node:

The bucket holds a maximum of 50 Skill Grains, with an overflow to accommodate any first earning method that comes in (if you have 48 grains and the Daily Player’s 20 grains reward comes in, you will have 68 grains in the bucket). The rest will be pending. You can see the pending grains when you hover over the bucket’s rope node.

There is also a minimum of 5 grains that must be inside the bucket, in order to be able to empty the bucket into the funnel.

If you have 190 grains in the Grain Gauge and 50 grains in the bucket, you will add just 10 to the Grain Gauge. The rest will stay in the bucket until the Grain Gauge is emptied due to FSP being earned.

If the bucket is full (50 Skill Grains) and you don’t add the Skill Grains to the Grain Gauge, you won’t be able to earn any more grains, until you empty the bucket!

There is a notification system with red circles and popups to show you when grains are added, along with a new setting to turn off these notifications (Settings > Earn Skill Grains for FSP), if you don’t want to use Infinite Energy for Joe or customize the Max Capacity of your farm.

As a new player, you must buy at least 5 land Expansions in order to unlock earning Farmer Skill Points. This is because it’s related to adding the Farmer Skill Points to the Max Capacity Buffer, and the Max Capacity Buffer default limits are increased by buying land.

The initial target is to earn 1 FSP in about 7 days, and use it to do the activity you like to do the least, or you think uses the most Energy. We will adjust the ways of earning the skill grains according to what usage we see and your feedback.

Farmer Skill Points are available for people who don’t have Bellflower Meadow too, but they will be able to use them only for Joe’s Skills. It’s advisable to get Bellflower, because there is a lot of cool stuff there, and we will add more in the future. Also, we could do more interesting Events that take into account Bellflower. Now we only do Events that take place on the farm because we want everybody to be included, but if everybody gets Bellflower, we will do Events there too.

The FSP icon changes based on what title you have chosen for your Nickname.

Customize your Max Capacity

Customizing your Max Capacity means you modify the default capacity for Plant beds, Trees, Animals or Gear. The default capacity is decided by what land Expansion you purchased.

You could say that you specialize in a specific farming activity – growing crops, growing trees, processing plants with gear, or having more animals.

For example, if you love Crops and don’t like Trees, you need to:
1. slide the Trees slider to the left,
2. slide the Plant beds slider to the right.

See the image below as the example:

When you slide to the left for any category listed above (Plant beds, Trees, Animals or Gear), you add points to the Max Capacity Buffer.

The Max Capacity buffer has a total of 10 slots.

In the Max Capacity Buffer example below, there are:
– 3 points available to redistribute (blue ones).
– 5 free slots.
– 2 slots available to be unlocked, each requiring 1 Farmer Skill Point.

Each 1 Buffer Point is either one of the following:

  • 4 Plots
  • 2 Trees
  • 1 Animal
  • 1 Gear

Here’s another example, this time in video:

Infinite Energy for Joe

Infinite Energy… for a few minutes, for any single one of Joe’s skills you chose to activate it for: Harvesting, Foraging, Logging, Mining and Digging.

You activate Infinite Energy from Joe’s Skills popup. Click on any of the buttons pictured below that is green, it will preselect a prune juice bottle for the cursor, and it will take you to wherever Joe is on the farm. Click on Joe with the prune juice selected, and he will drink it, and suddenly become… invincible, for about 25 minutes. Each prune juice you give to Joe costs 1 Farmer Skill Point.

What’s so special about this prune juice? Nothing. In fact, it’s worse than homemade prune juice, but we suspect the recipe contains lots of caffeine and matcha extract. Joe likes it because it’s a brand owned and advertised by a famous youth influencer, and it’s all the rage now on the Woodburn University’s campus. Plus, is basically sold out everywhere.

To activate Infinite Energy, you must have that skill maxed out to 10 points.

What is the reason for Infinite Energy?

Many of you wrote us that there is a lot to do with Joe, and you never feel it’s enough Energy, no matter what you do. This is our solution, as a way to finally have that feeling of completion, from time to time.

Simply increasing the Energy would have been very easy, but it would make you feel that you are required to do all activities with Joe, and might start feeling like a chore. Our aim is to keep the game enjoyable and light-hearted, offering you different activities to choose from, so you can enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed.

So, if you Bellflower Meadow land is full of grass, activate Infinite Energy for Digging, and you’ll have 30 minutes to clear all that grass up and carry it to the Old Shack.

Or, if you want to cut all the Wild Bushes, activate Logging.

Infinite Energy times:
– Harvesting/Planting: 15 minutes.
– Foraging: 25 minutes.
– Logging: 20 minutes.
– Mining: 25 minutes.
– Digging: 30 minutes.

How did we come up with these times? We let Bellflower Meadow fill up, then counted how much it takes us to clear everything up. Then, we added a few minutes more, just in case we tested it on a speed run.

Logging has 20 minutes because the prices for Wood are calculated based on Joe’s normal Energy, not the Infinite one. Plus, you can grow as many trees as you like, and more would definitely make it a coins generator. In our test run, we cleared the Wild Bushes in 17 minutes.

Of course, we can’t wait to see how you will use this, and for your feedback!

NOTE: The Infinite Energy is only for that specific Skill. If you use Joe for other Skills during this time, he will use his normal Energy.

There is also a new Quest called Farmer Skill Points to guide you through, that will require foraging around the farm. If you don’t have the Foraging skill maxed out to 10 points, we will temporarily increase the skill up to 10, so you can finish the quest.

For the Farmer Skill Points quest, we have also added an extra Foraging Spree that shows up when you activate Joe’s Infinite Energy for the first time. This will happen only once, for this quest, so you have something to do — in case you had already received your foraging spree for the day. After that, the timing of the foraging spree is back to normal.

New Backpacks!

To complement this Infinite Energy feature, 2 new backpacks are available. Some of the old ones have been renamed, so the new available carrying capacities for Joe are:

  1. Joe’s Hat – 7 items
  2. School Backpack – 15 items
  3. Camping Backpack -30 items
  4. Day Trip Backpack – 45 items
  5. Expedition Backpack – 60 items – NEW!
  6. Alaska Backpack – 75 items – NEW!

Expedition Backpack is 39 RC, and the Alaska Backpack has a $6.99 Deal that also gives a few more items.