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 Actions available

Actions available in total, per day:

  • 10 Tricks
  • 10 Treats

For every Neighbor, you can perform 1 Action.

Actions reset each day.

Each Farmhouse has its own counter, for when the day resets. When the day resets, the Candies collected the day before become available for Trick-or-Treating.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose the OP available when the Event ends for all the Candies you collected.

Who can Participate / Trick and Treat meaning

  1. If you have a Farmhouse, you can both Trick AND Treat. Meaning, you can both collect Candy from Neighbors AND throw Toilet Paper on their Farmhouses.
  2. If you don’t have a Farmhouse, you can only Trick. Meaning, you can only throw Toilet Paper on their Farmhouses.

Where can I buy the Farmhouse?

You can buy the Farmhouse from the Shop > Decorations tab for 225,000 Coins.

As Farmhouse owner:

  1. if the Farmhouse is tricked with Toilet Paper: you get 25 OP for each Toilet Paper roll you pick up from the Farmhouse. Toilet Paper goes to your Gifts, where it can be traded for OP.

As Farmhouse visitor (trick-or-treater):

How the Candies are gifted is set by how many Candies the owner gathered in the previous day, or days, when the day counter resets:

  1. if the Farmhouse has more than 18 Candies when the day starts: you get 1/6 from the Candies total available at that Farmhouse. So, if the Neighbor has plenty of Candies, Jackpot!
  2. if the Farmhouse has less than 18 Candies when the day starts: you get 3 Candies.
  3. if the Farmhouse has less than 3 Candies left (Neighbors have collected all the Candy): you get to Trick that Neighbor, for 15 OP.
  4. you don’t know how many Candies a Farmhouse has, until you click on it. So, happy hunting, and good luck! 🙂
  5. each Candy you collect rewards 10 OP.

We will update or tweak this Game details, if needed.

As a bonus, we will extend the duration of the Trick-or-treat game from Halloween day only, to the next 7 days!

Anyway, you don’t really have to pay attention to how this Trick-or-treat game works. Just visit your Neighbors, click on their Farmhouses, and have fun!

Happy Halloween! 🙂