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Candle Maker & How to Make Holiday Candles

The Candle Maker is available in the Shop > Gear tab.

After you place the Candle Maker on your farm, please click on its product selector.

And you will be able to see all the candle types you can make.

How do I get Beeswax?

After introducing the Candle Maker, we have increased the number of Beeswax you get per day, from the 2-4 you previously received.

Now, you should get a maximum of around 30 Beeswax/day (remember, per day, not per harvest), depending on how much honey you collect. Your day resets every 20 hours based on your own schedule.

You should get around 10 Beeswax out of the first 40 Honey (approximately) you collect, and 20 out of the first 100 (approximately). After that, it’s a bit harder, but not too hard until the last few.

If you stop receiving Beeswax, don’t worry — it means your day hasn’t reset yet. Your “day” resets every 20 hours since collecting your first Beeswax of your previous “day”.


How do I get candle molds?

If you don’t have any candle molds, you can ask your friends for more by clicking on the blue “Ask” button in your Candle Maker selection menu.

You can also ask for more Surprise Candle Molds from by visiting the OPS tab in the Shop and Ask for more from that menu.

You can also find 5 free molds on the latest post on our game page:

Why does the Candle Maker make the same candles?

Just like in past events (cookies, sweaters, toys), you won’t find all 9 unique candles models out of the first 9 candles you make in your Candle Maker. New candle types are ‘discoverable’ when you reach certain thresholds.