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What are OPs? / Get More OPs

OPs (Operation Points or Automatic Operations) are a way to automate your farm. Through Automation, OPs allow you to automatically:

  • feed animals and collect their produce
  • load gear and collect goods
  • cook recipes in the Farm Kitchen
  • craft items in the Craft Shack
  • plant and harvest multiple crops at once

Your OPs are displayed in the Automation Panel — the menu icon with two gears in the lower-left part of your screen.

For animals and gear, 1 OP is used for every action, while the Farm Kitchen and Craft Shack use 7 OPs for each recipe or toy/handmade object (6 to add, 1 to collect).

The Lemonade Stand uses 3 OP to add and 1 OP to collect.

Click on the Automation Panel and you’ll notice ON/OFF buttons appearing on animals and gear. Select the animals and/or gear you want to automate.

How Do I Get More OPs?

Here’s how you can get more OPs: