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What is the Variation Bonus?

Prove you’re not just a one-trick pony when it comes to how varied the produce you make in your farm is!

Sam will reward you with 2 Power and 50 OP for each crate you fill with a different product.

Customers love receiving a variety of produce, so they gave Sam a plentiful supply of both OPs and Power to give you once you click to send the Train.

Available during Competitions only, the Variation Bonus can be accessed by clicking on the green panel with the white t-shirt on the left side of the Railcar popup.

Each crate filled with different things gives 1 point, and the total number of points you earned is shown on the T-shirt (7 in the photo).

Cooler and Krazy Crates also give 1 point each if completely filled.

The Variation Bonus is not available for the Cheap Train.