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How do I get more Power for my Farm Kitchen or Craft Shack?

Power allows you to make recipes in the Farm Kitchen, beautiful works of art in the Craft Shack, and certain recipes in the Log Cabin — if you’ve added Bellflower Meadow to your game.

The Power bar at the top-right part of your screen holds a maximum of 30 units that regenerate automatically.

You get 1 Power every 3 minutes.

There are lots of ways to get more Power:

  • Simply wait for it to regenerate.
  • Fill crates during Competitions week when Variation Bonus is activated.
  • Buy it with Ranch Cash from the Specials tab in the Shop or by clicking on the Power icon at the top-right.
  • Ask your friends for more Power.
  • Watch ads at the Vintage Projector.
  • From Daily Rewards.
  • Rank well in certain Competitions.
  • Check the rewards in Special Orders.
  • Check out the Bar Limits option to permanently increase your Power’s auto-regeneration limit
  • Participate in the Horse’s Show Jumping Event in BfM