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What are Train Tickets? / How do I get more Train Tickets?

Train Tickets allow you to order a second Railcar that can come with a Cooler so you can sell your Recipes.

You can check how many Train Tickets you have in the Train Timetables menu.

Also, Train Tickets can be “strategically deployed” during certain critical moments. But that will be for you to figure out. 😉

With 1 Train Ticket, you can either:

call the Train instantly when less than 3 hours have passed since sending your last train

order a second Railcar for when you will be able to call the train.

Getting the second Railcar is one-time use only, not a permanent upgrade.

How do I get Train Tickets?

  1. You earn 1 Train Ticket each time you fill up the Train’s Ticket Bonus Meter bar (5,000 points). You get:
  • fruits, crops – 3 points each
  • processed goods, recipes – 4 points each

2. Check the rewards in Special Orders.

3. Participate in the Horse’s Show Jumping Event in BfM

Can I buy Train Tickets?

No. Train tickets are not for sale, you can only earn them.