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How do I get more Fuel for my Truck?

Fuel is required for Tyrone’s Truck to complete orders and to travel to Bellflower Meadow and back. The Fuel bar is at the top-right part of your screen.

Hover with your mouse cursor over the Fuel icon to see when you will get your next Fuel.

You get 1 Fuel every 20 minutes and it regenerates to a maximum of 10/10.

Each order delivery/trip to and from Bellflower Meadow uses 1 Fuel.

There are lots of ways to get more Fuel:

  • Simply wait for it to regenerate.
  • Fill all crates in the normal Train (RED Railcar) for the Complete Shipment Bonus.
  • Buy it from the Specials tab in the Shop or by clicking on the Fuel Icon at the top-right.
  • Ask your friends for more Fuel.
  • Watch ads at the Vintage Projector.
  • Get it every day from Tyrone’s farm — but frist add him as your Neighbor by completing the Tyrone the… Neighbor quest!
  • Rank well in certain Competitions.
  • Get deals from Tyrone, (occasionally) after you feed him (click on truck, feed him something), deliver an order and collect the coins.
  • Exchange orchard grass for fuel (you have the Bellflower Meadow update, CLICK HERE for more info).
  • Check the rewards in Special Orders.
  • Check out the Bar Limits option to permanently increase your Fuel’s auto-regeneration limit.