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Sell from Barn: Why Is It Not Working?

Selling from Barn is not realistic and mainly a crutch for players who are new to the game.

If you can’t sell from your Barn it’s for one of two reasons:

1. You’ve added BfM to your game

When you buy the new land in Bellflower Meadow (certify your farm), selling from barn stops being an option because it’s not compatible with some features in the game. After you accept the BfM update, you can only sell with your truck, train, or from your Market Stand.

PS: When you add BfM, you get 2 Sell from Barn tickets that allow you to sell from your Barn for 6 hours each. You can’t use them in Competitions and there won’t be more Sell from Barn tickets. You can activate them by clicking on your Farm’s name at the top-right of the game > “Stats & Skills: tab > “Vouchers” subtab.

2. Competitions are on

During Competitions, selling from barn does not work so it doesn’t influence the Coins leaderboard.

If you’re not interested in Competitions and want to keep selling from your Barn, take a look how to quit Competitions > CLICK HERE — please note this will reset your scores for the current edition.