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How do I sell with the Train?

Provided you already have the train, here’s how it works.

Once your train arrives, click on the railcar to open it.

After you open your railcar, it should look something like this — with two mandatory crates, regular crates, and krazy crates. Here’s more on what each type of crate accepts.

First 2 Crates — these 2 crates must be filled if you want to get the complete shipment bonus. They have a small green number that indicates the required quantity (up to a maximum of 50) for the produce specified on the crate.

Regular Crate — accepts one product type (up to a maximum of 100), except recipes. For example, 100 strawberries, 100 teddy bears, 100 cheese, and so on.

Krazy Crate — this light green crate accepts multiple product types (up to a maximum of 100), except recipes. For example, you can put 20 tomatoes, 30 milk, 25 feather dusters, and 25 oranges inside. The Train comes with 2 krazy crates and only in Railcar 1.

Cooler — accepts all recipes of all types up to a maximum of 150. For example, you can put 40 gazpacho, 50 guacamole, and 60 pancakes inside. The cooler can be selected after you order a second railcar for your train.

To learn how to sell Recipes with the Train or how to get the Cooler, please CLICK HERE.

When you select a product and click “Add to Crate”, you get the coins instantly.

After you fill all the crates to the maximum, you get the Complete Shipment Bonus (XP, Coins, and Fuel) that you can see at the lower-left in the photo above.

You’re not required to have/add everything the train requires to the crates — unless you want the Complete Shipment Bonus. If you want to call a train and just put 28 Wheat inside one crate, for example, and nothing else, you can do that.

Tip: If you hover with your mouse over a closed crate, it indicates what you’ve put inside that crate.

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How do I add more crates to my Train?

The train initially comes with only 6 crates. Every 2 complete shipments you send, one more crate will be added.

Once the train comes with 9 empty crates (the maximum for 1 railcar), you will be able to order a second railcar.