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How do I get a Cooler / Sell Recipes with the Train?

Provided you have finished all the train-related quests (more abot them here), now you can order a Cooler for your second Railcar.

There are two ways to get a Train with a Cooler:

#1: Regular Train

The Cooler is only found in the second Railcar of your regular train. Order a Second Railcar (costs 1 Train Ticket) from your Train Timetables menu, then choose the “1 Cooler” option.

The second railcar is a one-time thing, meaning if you want the train to come with a second railcar again, you will have to use another train ticket.

You can add a maximum of 150 recipes inside 1 Cooler.

Here you have to select the Cooler — you can see a white circle around it to indicate “1 Cooler” is selected.

#2: Cheap Train

A Railcar with a Cooler comes every 3 Cheap Trains you call. If you need to sell Recipes, just send a few empty Cheap Trains until one with a Cooler arrives.