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Flower Shop

The Flower Shop can be bought from the Shop > Gear tab starting with level 53 for 59.950 coins.

The Flower Shop is a Beta feature, and we will tweak it and improve it based on your feedback. Some features related to it might not work properly.

2 new Quests will guide you through all of the Flower Shop features. There is no time limit, so you can take tour time.

You can customize each Flower Arrangement by mixing and matching it with vases of different colors and shapes. With 5 Primary flowers with any combination between them, 3 Optional plants, 6 Tables and 9 Backdrops, there are hundreds of combinations for you to create a flower arrangement that perfectly suits your mood.

How it works

  • 1 choose a Vase to put your flowers into.
  • choose the Primary flower.
  • 3 choose the Secondary flower (or flowers).
  • 4 you can add extra Wildflowers to your Flower Arrangement, for a touch of beauty, or… Dill, for a touch of… ingenuity.
Here we chose the Basic Taper as the Vase, Red Roses as Primary flowers,
and Snow in Summer and Buttercups as Secondary flowers.
  • 5 choose a backdrop and a table to make a Flower Diorama (optional).

After you select the Primary and Secondary flowers, click the “Dioramas” tab at the lower left, select a Table and a Backdrop Scenery, then create a Diorama.

Flower Dioramas are wooden boxes with transparent glass sides that house your Flowers and Vases. In real life they really exist. The flowers dry up, and they make beautiful wall or shelf decorations.

I can’t start using the Flower Shop

After you select a vase, hover with your mouse cursor over the first Primary Flower, Snowdrops, to see what the arrangement requires. If you haven’t unlocked some of the flowers, you can buy them from the Shop by either clicking on Snowdrops, or by opening the Shop directly.

Left: Hovering over “Snowdrops” reveals Crocus and Lily of the Valley are needed for the arrangement. Right: You can buy the missing seeds from the Shop.

After you buy a box of seeds, it will go to your Gifts — click Use to start planting and be aware that some plants are Shrubs. 🙂

How do I unlock a Primary Flower?

To unlock a Primary flower, you must make 20 Arrangements using the previous Primary flower (similar to the Lemonade Stand). If you have to make arrangements using Gold Fever Tulip, for example, but you only use it from the Secondary flowers, not the Primary, it will not count.

You can hover with your mouse cursor over the next Primary flower to see how many arrangements you still need to make before you move to the next one.

If you hover over Poppies, you can see you have to make
3 more arrangements using California Poppies.

Our plan is to make Arrangements with ALL flowers in the game as Primaries, so the number of unique combinations you will be able to create will be HUGE.

How do I save or sell Arrangements and Dioramas?

You can save up to 18 Arrangements or Dioramas. These Arrangements do not go into the Barn because there’s no way of managing a Barn with so many different items. You can sell the Arrangements and Dioramas directly from the popup window (shipped by instant courier to Jane).

Click “Save” to save an Arrangement or Diorama. To sell it, click the Saved item, then click “Sell”.

How can I view my Saved Arrangements and Sell Them?

To view saved arrangements, click the icon at the lower-right side of the window, then choose an arrangement and click “Sell”.

How do I customize my Flower Shop?

The Flower Shop is customizable with Orange Vouchers (CLICK HERE to see how to get them), just like the Market Stand. Click your Tools, then your Themes Tool and choose what section you want to customize. To unlock a slot, click the “Use” button next to the Orange Vouchers, then on the Lock.

How do I get Vases, Backdrop Silk Prints and Tables?

You get Vases, Backdrop Silk Prints and Tables from the Train Crates and Orders, once you unlock them with the Quests. Some of them can be bought with RC or Vouchers afterwards, once you get the first one from the Train or Orders.

Where can I find Buttercups, Snow in Summer, and Poppies?

The Flower Shop update brings 4 new Wildflowers to forage: Buttercups, Snow in Summer, Poppies and California Poppies. You can find them in all areas: Farm, Bellflower Meadow, Factories, and Sawmill. Joe is not required to study any Botanical Plates before finding them since they can’t be consumed, so they’re not a health risk.

Here’s when and where you can find each of the new Wildflowers:

  • Buttercups (level 53) — Factories, Sawmill
  • Snow in Summer (level 53) — BfM, Factories
  • California Poppies (level 58) — BfM, Factories, Sawmill
  • Poppies (level 89) — Farm, BfM, Factories, Sawmill