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Orange Vouchers

Orange Vouchers allow you to unlock more customization options for your Market Stand.

How do I get more Orange Vouchers?

You earn Orange Vouchers by just harvesting your crops in the main farm and Bellflower Meadow (yes, it counts). Shrubs, grapevines, and trees do not count.

Depending on the growth time of the crop you’re planting, there’s a specific number of crops required to earn 1 Orange Voucher. Longer growth crops earn more ‘points’. The table below contains all the info.

So, if you plant Potatoes, which grow in 18 hours, you need to harvest 500 plots to get 1 Orange Voucher, then harvest 520 more Potatoes for your second one, and harvest 540 more Potatoes for the third voucher.

You can mix what you grow, of course, and each crop will count towards your next voucher. For example, if you harvest 450 Potatoes (18 hours), and 300 Spinach (2 hours), you will get 1 Orange Voucher because 450/500 Potatoes give you 0.9 Orange Vouchers plus the 300/3000 Spinach which is 0.1 Orange Vouchers = 1 whole brand new Orange Voucher.

PS: It doesn’t matter if you plant crops in a Greenhouse or on irrigated plots, the initial growth time of the crop counts.

Check Orange Voucher Progress

You can check your next Orange Voucher progress in two ways:

  1. Click on your farm’s name at the top right of the game > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Vouchers” sub-tab and hover with your mouse cursor over the Orange Vouchers — a tooltip will appear displaying a percentage.
  2. Open the customize your Market Stand menu and hover with your mouse cursor over the Orange Vouchers at the bottom-right. A tooltip will appear showing the percentage.