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How do I switch Themes / Landscapes?

You can switch between Themes for Truck, Craft Shack, Kitchen, Cat Cottage and Dog Kennel, or switch from the default Summer Landscape to Autumn or Winter Landscapes as follows:

1: Click on the Themes Tool and the Themes menu will appear over your truck, kitchen, craft shack, cat cottage, and dog kennel respectively.

2: Click on the Theme or Landscape you wish to change. Please note that you must first purchase them and they are available in season only.

Global warming is upon us, so you can switch landscapes anytime, once you have purchased them.

Themes include:

  • Truck — Default Blue Truck Theme, Easter Truck Theme, Halloween Truck Theme, Holidays Truck Theme (Christmas)
  • Farm Kitchen — Kitchen Default Theme, Kitchen Easter Theme, Kitchen Halloween Theme, Kitchen Holidays Theme (Christmas)
  • Craft Shack — Craft Shack Default Theme, Craft Shack Holidays Theme (Christmas)
  • Cat Cottage — Cat Cottage Default Theme, Cat Cottage Halloween Theme, Cat Cottage Holidays Theme (Christmas)
  • Dog Kennel — Default Theme, Dog Kennel Holidays Theme (Christmas)

Landscapes: Summer (default landscape), Autumn & Winter