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Why should I use the Train instead of selling from the Barn?

Using the Train can get you several bonuses that were not possible with selling directly from the barn.

  • Using the Train allows you to earn extra Coins, XP and Fuel for each complete shipment you send.
  • Also, during Competitions only, the Variation Bonus is on, enabling you to earn extra Power and OPs. For more info, CLICK HERE.
  • The Cheap Train will also sometimes randomly give you Salt, Pepper, or Dye Kits when you completely fill a crate (up to 100). For more info, CLICK HERE.

Plus, the Train will allow you to develop various strategies, making selling your produce a (hopefully) more entertaining experience compared to the standard selling from the Barn.

The true masters of CLM strategies and prices will also be able to shine in the Coins Competition.