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What is the Cheap Train and what does it do?

As in real life, if you want to sell something fast, you will sell it below market price. So, Frank is more than happy to take the produce off your hand, but for a fee that equals 10% of the profit (you keep 90% of the profit!).

What does this mean?

For example, you sell 100 Corn for 7,800 coins instead of 8,000 coins.

Corn costs 60 coins/plot to plant and sells for 80 coins. So, to plant 100 plots of Corn, the price is 6,000 coins. Your normal profit for selling 100 Corn for 8,000 coins is 2,000 coins.

With the Cheap Train, you get 90% of the profit (which again, it’s 2,000 coins), so 1,800 Coins, and 7,800 in total. Frank gets the rest of 200 coins (10% of the profit) for facilitating the sale.

Cheap Train features

  • You call the Cheap Train for free (no tickets required).
  • It can be ordered at 5 minute intervals.
  • Your earnings from the Cheap Train DO NOT count for the Coins Competition!
  • A Railcar with a Cooler comes every 3 Cheap Trains. If you need to sell Recipes, just send a few empty Cheap Trains until one with a Cooler comes.
  • Does not give complete shipment bonuses and does not count towards earning Train Tickets.
  • Does not affect the standard Train (RED Railcar) in any way.
  • The Cheap Train will sometimes randomly give you Salt, Pepper or Dye Kits when you completely fill a crate.

How do I call the Cheap Train?

You call the Cheap Train ONLY from the Train Timetables popup.