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How do I get more Templates?

There are several ways you can get more templates:

  1. Plant and harvest manually — Seeding and Harvesting Templates are earned each 3 full plantings and harvestings that you do manually. So, if you plant your whole field 3 times, you will get a Seeding Template. If you harvest your whole field 3 times, you will get a Harvesting Template.
  2. Tyrone’s Deal – Tyrone will get these for you as a deal once he finds out you need them, for 3 RC each. To get an offer, first click on Tyrone’s truck, select “Feed Tyrone”, choose a recipe, then deliver an order and pick up the contents (coins and XP) from the truck. Tyrone should have an offer for you then.
  3. Frank’s Exchange Office — click on your XP bar at the top > “Stats & Skills” tab, “Exchange” sub-tab and Frank will have some deals for you in case you have too much of some items and too few of others. Don’t ask us about the Exchange rate. It’s Frank.
  4. Complete Daily Tasks
This is Frank’s Exchange Office.

5. Participate in the Horse’s Show Jumping Event in BfM

How can I check how many Templates I have?

Open up Joe’s Crops Management menu and look at the number below the plant and harvest templates.

How can I check how many more plots I have to plant/harvest to get a new template?

Hover with the mouse cursor over the seeding/harvesting template to see how many more plots you have to manually seed/harvest before you get your next free template.