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Foraging — Get Mushrooms, Nettles, Burdock Root

Foraging introduces a whole new dimension to the game, allowing you to interact with the area around your farm. And not just any activity, but the most ancient of human occupations – foraging for wild plants.

You and Joe make a perfect team when it comes to foraging. You spot the wild plants from your vantage point and get him closer. Then he identifies the plants, verifies they’re the right species and whether they’re good to pick or you’ve spotted them too late.

As you develop Joe’s foraging skills and make him study more plants, you will find more plants, and a bigger portion of the ones Joe inspects will turn out to be good.

When can I forage for Mushrooms?

To get to the point when Joe can study Mushrooms, he has to complete all the quests before the quest “Study Time!” in this article:

How do I forage for Mushrooms and Stinging Nettles?

Foraging for mushrooms and nettles is very simple:

1. Study the botanical plates that were lost after the storm for the respective plants first! Otherwise, mushrooms, nettles and burdock root won’t appear around your farm.

If you haven’t sent Joe to study the plates yet and need more help, please CLICK HERE for more info on how to do that.

2. Look around your farm for mushrooms and stinging nettles. For example here’s an idea of where to look in the Southern part of your main farm.

3. When you spot one, click on the mushroom to make Joe pick it up. Make sure Joe is not too far. If he is, bring him closer by double-clicking.

Click on the mushroom so the yellow contour is shown, then Joe will inspect it if it’s good to keep.

4. Joe will see if the foraged plants are good or not. If they are, they will be added to your Barn. If not, they will be discarded.

When do Mushrooms, Stinging Nettles, and Burdock Root appear?

Foraging items appear when you first log in for the day (20 hours since logging in the previous day) and remain ripe for 2 hours, then disappear.

Foraging plants appear in ‘growing sprees’, one every few seconds, for a total of about 1 minute. If the daily counter resets, a growing spree will appear about 2 minutes after you log in.

Tip to get Double XP

When foraging for mushrooms, you get double the XP if the mushroom is behind a tree and you are using “Peek behind tall objects” instead of “Toggle visibility of trees”.

If you need help in getting “Peek behind tall objects” to work, CLICK HERE and look at section 3.

I can’t find Burdock Root, where is it?

Burdock Root grows exclusively in BfM in several areas: around your Old Shack, near the water tower, next to the outhouse near the mine entrance, and so on. If it still doesn’t grow in your BfM, please make sure Joe has studied the Burdock Root botanical plate.

You can use Burdock Root to make a few recipes on the stove in the Log Cabin.

Botanical Plates and Plants in the Western Areas

After Joe finds the 9 Botanical Plates in main farm, 5 more will appear in the Western areas (Factories and Sawmill).

One plate in the Factories area will be harder to reach as it’s on a ledge. But don’t worry, you can get to it from the Alpaca Hill in main farm — and return the same way.

Here’s where to find the new plants, after you have Joe study the plates:

  • Factories — Chamomile, Wild Leeks
  • Sawmill — Jerusalem Artichoke (above river), Miner’s Lettuce (above river), Fiddlehead Ferns (below river)


With the Flower Shop (level 53), 4 new plants will appear that you can add to arrangements. Here’s when and where you can find each of the new plants:

  • Buttercups (level 53) — Factories, Sawmill
  • Snow in Summer (level 53) — BfM, Factories
  • California Poppies (level 58) — BfM, Factories, Sawmill
  • Poppies (level 89) — Farm, BfM, Factories, Sawmill

Foraging Skill

When Joe’s Foraging skill increases, he will find more foraging plants, and more of the ones he inspects will be good to keep.

Note: finding 1 nettle doesn’t mean Joe’s “Foraging” skill will increase by 1. It’s only when you reach certain thresholds (find a certain number) that your level increases. Also, higher levels are progressively harder to reach.