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Energy / How do I get more Energy?

What is Energy?

Joe needs Energy to perform certain tasks. You can check your Energy bar at the left of your farm’s name at the top.

Energy regenerates at the rate of 1 Energy every 1 minute up to a maximum of 60/60.

How do I get more Energy?

Besides waiting for Energy to regenerate, you can add more by clicking on your Energy bar.

You can get either get more Energy by purchasing it with RC.

Or you add more by feeding Joe something: Gazpacho, Potato Salad or Espresso.

Depending on what you decide to feed him, please check how many times you can feed him and when you will be able to do it again.

If you’re in Bellflower Meadow and want to feed Joe, make sure you have Gazpacho, Potato Salad, or Espresso in your Old Shack (by carrying it from your main farm with the truck).