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What is the Orders Board and how does it work?

After you finish reconditioning the truck and the outdoor bookshelf (orders board), you will receive a letter in the mailbox from the local Supermarket asking you to deliver some farm products. 

To see the details of an order, click on the Orders Board (located in the South part of your farm), then on an order. Each order comes with a reward consisting of XP points and Coins. If you don’t have an item from the list in your Barn, hover over the specific product and you will be able to go to the gear, animal, or building that makes it, or plant/harvest it — if available. 

If you try to deliver an incomplete order, you will see a popup window saying Not Enough Resources. There, you can buy all the missing products using RC.

You can also choose to cancel an order by clicking the Cancel Order button (the button with a red bin). When you cancel an order, you will be on standby for 20 minutes, or pay 1 RC, until a new order appears. 

When you have all the items on the list, click on the Deliver Order button (the button with a blue truck) and Tyrone will drive the truck to the destination and return with some Coins and XP. Click on the truck to get the Coins and XP or deliver another order and they will be automatically added to your total.

To deliver orders, you also need Fuel — the oil drop icon in the top-right corner of the game.

Each order you deliver uses 1 Fuel.

This resource automatically regenerates at the rate of 1 Fuel every 20 minutes, up to the maximum of 10 Fuel.

If you’re low on Fuel, click on the Fuel bar to ask your friends for more, buy some using RC, watch some ads in the Vintage Projector… or just wait for a while.

In the beginning, you can only see one order at a time. By delivering more orders, you will earn more orders slots (up to 9) when you reach certain milestones (not related to the Deliver the Goods achievement). 

In time, as you deliver more orders, your reputation will increase and you will start receiving requests from other customers in the area such.

These include the Supermarket, the Restaurant, the Summer Camp, the Town Zoo, the Coffee Shop, The Farmers’ Market, and the Port Authority.