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Kerry Cow and Ayam Chicken

The Kerry Cow and Ayam Chicken were prizes for completing the Halloween 2023 event.

What’s special about these animals is that they can give silver produce.

When the animals want orchardgrass you will see this bubble appear.

Kerry Cow and Silver Star Milk

The Kerry Cow want orchardgrass sometimes, not all the time. Once every 1-3 days (random) the cow will show a blue bubble and it will eat 3-12 orchardgrass (random). After it’s full, it won’t give out Silver Star Milk and it will go back to eating clover until it’s hungry for orchardgrass again.

PS: We’re referring to the orchardgrass in the Sawmill area, not the one in BfM that you can exchange for Fuel. 🙂

Ayam Chicken and Silver Star Eggs

The Ayam Chicken is a little more complicated. We tried feeding orchardgrass only to the Ayam Chicken, but the other Chickens from the Coop always come and eat orchardgrass too. Guess you can’t train Chickens.
– SO, if you want to save your orchardgrass for the Ayam only, place it in a Coop of its own.
– HOWEVER, Chickens being Chickens meaning they’re totally unpredictable except when crossing the road, we noticed that the other chicken breeds apart from Ayam reward Silver Quality Eggs too, but very rarely. Like: don’t get your hopes up rarely.
Based on these two possibilities, you decide what strategy works best for you.
Also, please note that Automation only gives orchardgrass to the animals asking for it only when you are on your farm, at the moment.

Welsh Sheep

The Welsh Sheep works like the Kerry Cow to give Silver Star Black Wool.