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Black Mondo Grass

How do I get Black Mondo Grass?

Black Mondo Grass is only available if you finished the Halloween contest 2021.

What’s special about Black Mondo Grass?

Since it’s a unique crop with a limited quantity, Black Mondo Grass appears in both your Shop and Barn. So, if you plant it all, it will disappear from your Barn too, because it’s the same seed!

Also, Black Mondo Grass multiplies (like Glass Gem Corn) up to around 50-55.

So, if you plant 20, you will harvest around 30 and so on until you reach the plateau.

This grass isn’t highly profitable but more of a decorative plant, especially for Halloween, or for anybody who wants a touch of black on their farms.

How do I plant Black Mondo Grass?

To plant Black Mondo Grass go to your Shop > Seeds tab and make sure you select “All” or “Other” from the selector at the bottom-left.

Click the green “Plant” button, then plant it anywhere on your farm where you have some free space – not on crop plots, shrub beds, or grapevine beds.

As a somewhat random fact, it has a size of 0.75 plots.

Black Mondo Grass is ready in 24 hours.

I accidentally sold all my Black Mondo Grass. How do I buy more?

If you sold all your Black Mondo Grass you can buy more from your Shop > Seeds tab.

The price will be 2 RC for 1 Black Mondo Grass. Of course, you will be able to multiply it again and gradually reach the maximum of around 50-55.

How long can I plant Black Mondo Grass for?

If you’ve earned Black Mondo Grass you can plant it whenever you want to. There are no time restrictions.