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What is the Greenhouse and how do I build it?

What if there was a way to reduce growth time for crops by 25%?

The Greenhouse is available in the Shop’s Gear tab starting from Level 10 and costs 15,000 coins.

Place the Greenhouse kit on an empty area on your farm and click on it. Don’t place it directly over crops; it won’t work as it’s not finished yet.

In order to finish building the Greenhouse, you will need 25 Pipe Stacks and 25 Glass Panes.

You can ask your friends for the Pipe Stacks and Glass Panes or buy the materials using Ranch Cash.

To reduce growth time even more (by another 25%), build a Water Well and install Sprinklers on the plots inside your Greenhouse.

After completing your Greenhouse, you will be able to plow, plant and harvest after clicking on its glass panes.

The Greenhouse is roomy and reduces growth time for 24 crops.

Here we are adding some more plots to the Greenhouse with the Plow Tool.

To open or close all of your Greenhouses, please click on your Automation Panel (the icon with two gears) in the lower-left part of your screen and select the option you desire.

Place a Greenhouse on your farm from your Warehouse

If you take your Greenhouse out of your Warehouse, make sure you have enough room to place it — if you choose to place it over the 6×4 plots in can house, leave at least 1/4 of a plot in each direction.