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How do I get Weaver Tickets?

We introduced Weaver Tickets in the game so you can make Premium Alpaca Sweaters in your Weaver and get more XP and Coins 🙂

Alpacas were available as prizes for the 2018 and 2019 Winter contests.

There are 3 ways to get Weaver Tickets:

1. Weaver Tickets are available in the Specials tab in the Shop.

2. Check the rewards in Special Orders.

3. You are also able to haggle over Weaver Tickets with Tyrone about twice a day (so, 8-9 hours apart). He’ll have a few tickets to sell to his friends when returning from an order delivery.

Tyrone has to be fed in order to return with offers after delivering orders. These offers can be for Fuel, Power, OPs, or Weaver Tickets. Therefore, if you feed Tyrone (click on the Truck and select a food), he will return with offers after order deliveries.

After you feed Tyrone and do a first order delivery, he will return with an offer for OPs, Power or Fuel.

After you do a second delivery, he will return with an offer for Weaver Tickets — but make sure to pick up the coins after the second delivery for the Weaver Tickets popup to appear 🙂

So, to recap:

1) Click on Tyrone’s truck and select the option “Daily Menu”, then select what you want to feed him from the list of recipes.

2) Complete an order delivery and he will return with an offer for Fuel, Power, or templates.

After feeding Tyrone and doing an order delivery, he returned with a special deal for Fuel.

3) Complete a second order and he will return with an offer for Weaver Tickets (make sure you click on the truck to collect your coins for the pop-up window to appear).

This is how an opportunity to get Weaver Tickets looks like.

Then, the haggling can begin 🙂

Here we tried giving him some beer.

Tyrone didn’t want beer for his friends, so we had to make a second offer.
Let’s see if he’ll take the cheese.
He accepted the cheese and gave us the 3 Weaver Tickets 🙂