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Someone is advancing rapidly in Competitions!

Players have various strategies for Competitions and are way, way more resourceful than we are in coming up with new ways of earning more coins and XP, and sending more orders.

From what we’ve observed, players save up for weeks and usually deploy their resources on a particular edition. When competing, top players tend to:

  • send lots of trains to get the train complete bonus and variation bonus (this means saving train tickets and making profitable products and expensive recipes for when they add the cooler)
  • send lots of order deliveries (and save Fuel for it, particularly on Tyrone’s farm with the orchard grass deal)
  • use the Swan Pin (double XP for 6 hours, more info HERE)
  • wait to claim their ribbons during Competitions

We can assure you we have systems in place to ensure Competitions are fair, all that is earned is earned according to the rules, and the game is not tampered with in any way (even when Competitions are not going on, the game reloads when quantities in the game do not match with the ones on our severs, for example).