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How do I participate in Competitions?

To participate in Competitions, you simply have to play the game as you normally would and your efforts/stats will count towards the respective Competition: how much XP you make, how much Coins you earn, and how many Orders you send.

When you enter Competitions, you are automatically assigned to your corresponding level bracket. To participate in the XP and Coins Competitions, you have to reach level 5. For the Orders Competition, you need to reach level 21.

Also, if you want to participate in Competitions, make sure that this option in your Farmer Profile is NOT CHECKED, like in the image below.

To get to the menu, click your XP/name bar at the top > click the “Farmer Profile” tab > make sure “Don’t participate in Competitions” is NOT checked.

Competitions Schedule

Competitions have a 1 week on, two weeks off schedule.

You can access Competitions from the “Competitions” tab above your Neighbors bar.

I still can’t participate in Competitions

There’s one more case why you may not be able to participate in Competitions — if you bought the Factories Area, but not BfM. Here’s why:

Main farm + BfM + Factories Area = you can participate in Competitions

Main farm + Factories Area = you cannot participate in Competitions due to the advantage of no limits in main farm + the extra Gear that you can place in the Factories Area

My Score is not updating in Competitions

If “Don’t participate in Competitions” is not checked and your score in not updating in Competitions, please check your Ballast.