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What is Ballast?

Ballast is a way of introducing dynamic difficulty in Competitions: harder for players in the top-30, and easier for those outside the top.

It is applied from one Edition to the next, so it’s not permanent.

  • If you don’y want to play with ballast, you can simply skip one Edition and start next one with no ballast.
  • if you want to play and win every Edition, you must be careful not to blow your competitors out of the water, so you have a smaller ballast.

If you finish in the top-30, you will start the next Competition with a “ballast” (term used in balooning to control altitude), or handicap (term used in golf). That is the number shown when you hover over the baloon with a bag icon.

If you are a top player, it will be harder to win the next Edition of Competitions — but certainly not impossible! For all other players, the chances of winning next edition will be improved.

My score is not updating in Competitions / is still 0!

You must first clear your Ballast (if you have one), then your score will start updating. You will also get a bonus from the sand sack and the cloud when clearing it.

To see your Ballast, simply hover over the balloon bottom right corner of your Competitions window — whether you have one for XP, Coins, or Orders.

The Balloon at the lower right shows you your Ballast. Remember to also pick the category between XP, Coins, and Orders.

How is Ballast calculated?

Ballast is calculated like this: it’s 70% of the difference between your place (if you’re in the top-30, and the last place (30). Here’s a chart that better illustrates this:

If you move up one or more level brackets during the 2 week pause between Competitions, you will still have the Ballast you ended the Competitions with.