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How do I upgrade Joe’s Axe and Pickaxe?

In the beginning of Bellflower Meadow, Joe finds a Camping Axe and a Geology Pickaxe, but these tools aren’t powerful enough to cut the biggest trees and rocks.

To get to upgrade the tools, you have to advance in the game and complete more quests in BfM. Don’t worry about clearing all clouds, that will happen after you upgrade your tools.

In order, the main tasks you have to finish are:

  • fix the stone path to reveal the water well
  • keep exploring your surroundings until you find the log cabin
  • harvest crops until you find the key for the log cabin (will take a while), then buy it
  • complete some quests in the log cabin
  • find a tool in the cabin that will unlock the Northern part and the mine, then enter it
  • make torches using fir resin or fir cones in the Craft Shack (in main farm) then explore the mine to find metals and minerals
  • return to main farm for the Metallurgy quest that allows you to upgrade the tools

In our full BfM guide (CLICK HERE TO OPEN) you can find more detailed step by step instructions, with photos, for all of the steps above.

Keep in mind that the possibility to upgrade your axe starts with step number 28 on the list in the Walkthrough, so you can scroll until you get there, but you have to complete ALL previous steps to get there.

We recommend you upgrade your axe first because you can use it to cut the bigger trees quicker. To cut the biggest trees like elm trees and maple trees, you will have to upgrade your axe again, to the 3rd one.