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How do I get a Tree Permit? How do I get to Town Hall?

Tree Permits allow Joe to cut SOME of the trees in BfM.

How do I get a Tree Permit?

To get a Tree Permit, click on your farm’s name at the top > Stats & Skills tab > Vouchers sub-tab.

There, you can exchange 1 Green Voucher for 1 Tree Permit by clicking the button with “1 green voucher” icon on it.

Click the button with the 1 GV sign. Above it you can see how many Tree Permits you have (0 in this photo).

How do I cut trees that require a Tree Permit?

You can only cut the trees that show a red Tree Permit sign over them when you hover with your mouse cursor. You may notice there are some suitable Frasier Firs in the Northern Area of Bellflower Meadows.

Here’s an idea of where to find some of the trees you can cut.

After you upgrade Joe’s axe, he will be able to cut towering trees, the tallest ones, using Tree Permits.

Besides cutting Frasier Firs with Tree Permits, you can also get Fir Resin by cutting Towering Grand Fir trees with an upgraded axe.